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Pinky Pepperpow's on a road trip!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Pinky Pepperpow, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Hi guyz! Pinky aka Judy here! So I've packed my house and am on my way to my new home in sunny (and hot) Phoenix. It's going to be quite a change from below 0 temps in the winter to swimming in an outdoor pool in January.

    I've been on the road since Tues (June 3) and have rested my little weary bones in the lovely cities of Kansas City, MO; El Reno, OK; Santa Rosa, NM and tonight I'm in Holbrook, AZ. I will arrive at my destination tomorrow afternoon.

    The frist 4 days were not so great for traveling. The midwest storm system just seemed to be a magnet over every interstate I traveled. Had to pull over a few times and let the tornado's pass. Once I crossed the OK/Texas border it was smooth sailin'.

    I'm traveling with 4 pooches (in an SUV) and they're behaving like show dogs..LOL, trust me they're NOT that well behaved normally. I don't know who needs more stops, the dogs or me. I'm livin' on coffee and junk food YEAH BABY!

    Although I have free wireless at my hotels, some of the connections are for the shizzle and I'm a little pooped when I get settled in for the night, so needless to say haven't done much toonin'. Not to mention I'm a spazz on the laptop.

    Just thought I'd take a moment to give ya'll an update before I log on.

    So if anyone's up and want's to party in TT I'll be there...gonna help some noobs in the CBHQ!

    Squishy Pinky Hugs,
  2. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
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    ha, now I know how to blame ;)

    glad you're trip is going well overall!
  3. go to bed trish...lol!!!!
  4. Pinky arrives at her new home today and MAN am I glad!! Kinda lost without you gf!!!! Josh took pity on me and took me in a couple mints last night!! I miss you on TT SOOOOOO much but at least we have been able to talk on the phone a couple times!! I told her she needed to turn around and come back home though cuz we realized that now we will be 3 hours different in time. If she keeps me up til 3 am or later now, what will happen when it is 3 am here and only 12 there????? I'm scared!! There have been times we have still been playing when my hubby gets up for work (not to mention the times she told me to sneak upstairs just before his alarm went off!! lol).........now we will still be playing when he gets home!!!! Good thing we arent addicted Judy!! We are so bad.:lol:
  5. hahahaha! love the allnighters...reminds me of my yute (youth)! My stuff arrives tomorrow morning....I can't tell you how hard it's been not to have *my stuff* around me....it's been about a month since I started packing up everything. Did I mention my desktop took a dive 2 nights before I left. UGH! Recovery disks were already packed...hopefully I was anal about labeling boxes and can find those quickly. Not liking to do much on laptop other than check email and surf around.