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Pirate or SEA RP Survey

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Pirate Blackfoot, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. OOC: I have been wanting to do this survey since July.

    Since the Highseas release, the big interest took off in the form of Fishing. But with the introduction of various vessels, the opportunity has alway been there for using Highseas as an RP adventure in SEA Battles, sea Adventures, Sea Trade Routes, etc.

    I would like to take the time to really find out who all might be interested in having or creating RP fleets or guilds or just wanting to join or play along with those that already have exsisting groups in the highseas. I know there are people that would be interested in playing along in this adventure and have no idea of who all is out there. Below are some of the groups that already have a setup to RP with on the highseas, (shipping Trade Routes, Pirating, Anti-Pirating), but are there others that would like to get in on the action.?

    Having a group or groups out there on the highseas is alot of fun. Alot of time has already been put into putting together these groups and would like to extend a hand to others that are looking for such groups. There are navy groups, Pirate groups, smugglers, just plain Renegade groups (free marauding fleets), and Trade Shipping Groups (those that transport goods between townships the old fashion way).

    So what I would like to know is , :

    1). do you have a group people can search for and if you do , please list.

    2). What do you think of having groups to play an RP role and would you be interested in playing along if offered?

    3). Is there really an interest in having more Rp'ing sea-going fleets and would you be interested in particiapting?

    4). Do you think its a waste of time to even have such groups and would rather see highseas evolve into more fishing then pirating or generating sea trading.

    This is just an overview curiousity survey of what people think as far as doing more with the highseas adventure besides fishing. There is so much that can be done with highseas in the way of using the seas during that time period and trying to get a feel of what people really think.

    I appreciate any comments to this matter as we are in the process of trying to extend whats already out there. .....


    Some of the groups that already play and exsist are:

    United Sosarin Navy (USN), Crimson Pirates (CP), Skelton Key Shipping,(SKS), Nidaros Trading Company (NTC), and a few others that slips my mind.

    NOTE: For those that would like to get into one of the pirate groups and do some pirating, The Crimson Pirates are always looking and you can PM me (Pirate Blackfoot) if interested. I also have contacts for some of the others, depending in your interest.
  2. Gowron

    Gowron Guest

    I'm surprised nobody has answered. Actually quite disappointed, as I have heard several folks express one form of interest or another.

    RBG, CG, and USN are into this. Other guilds from the USA alliance may be as well.

    Plans are in the works to establish trade routes and to conduct commerce to see if the pirates are bold enough to intercept.

    I decided to refrain from posting a response, mainly on the grounds that we were already mentioned, but if this "primes the pump", well, so be it.
  3. QueenZen

    QueenZen Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 28, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Well I was still am sorta into it all ie pirateering or pirates or ship to ship battles in my own non com ways.

    Course for a non combatant like myself, what I would really like to see is MORE SALTPETER easier found or mined up or bought in more than one place npc place that is... to enable lots easier ways for those whom would love to provide the AMMO, to enable us to make all the stuff that requires saltpeter and black powder, to assist in those whom do or would love to engage in ship to ship sea battles. Kinda difficult to try to help this or that *side* when ya can't make enough gunpowder to help em out so to speak.

    Of course when the VILE Crimson Pirates roleplayed attacking my fel New Magincia home, I recustomised it to look utterly destroyed. :)

    Unfortunately I could not GET hardly anyone to even step foot in all guardzoney felucca New Magincia, to even see the recustomised...destroyed by pirates home that I did.

    Not sure how well ship to ship combats even work in say *trammel* they should work fine in felucca IF ya can get folks to even GO there ! :( Unfortunately everyone remotely involved in anything high seasy is in TRAMMEL only ...sad waste of New Magincia fel side which had/still has so much potential, esp. being all guardzoney ! Meh don't get me started !!!!!

    Since it is even emptier there now, fel side, that island would make a perfect entire pirated/piraty island, if folks took all them empty plots up, whom were into sea battles !

    Heck I would even go back there, my plot is still empty along with so many others now too, if folks just USED that all guardzoney fel
    New Magincia island, instead of ignoring it ! :(
    Such a waste sadly of a lovely island fel side !

    I hung it up..sadly, all of New Magincia even the felucca one is all in town for most part guardzoney... after mos. of having the house there, and all ya get or even see, in months of owning a PUBLIC home there, is a grand total of 16 visitors, in a open public house
    in all guardzoney fel side, New Magincia ! :( meh !!:(:sad4:

    They also had hoped to do ship to ship battles on Siege also *all felucca* problem there was saltpeter, it takes soooo much to make enough stuff to actually fire ye cannons on other ships to begin with, they need to make saltpeter even easier or more cheaper, or something to enable less grinding to make the AMMO to conduct sea battles sea wars !! *or to help make the stuff to assist or help supplying enough ammo, for anyone's fav. side in the battles.

    In order for ship battles to be at all we need more ways /easier ways that is for possibly other folks too, to become involved, to maybe make massive quantities of AMMO [for folks] whom would like to do these ship to ship battles affordably and easier supplies of massive amts of saltpeter to make all that ammo one needs to really fight well in tryin to destroy other folks' ships.

    BTW vile pirates, I found out *least on Siege* one can place a 9/10 x 14 house plot right next to [the Ocllo arena] on the waterfront, in case yall want another island outpost, maybe yall can also try to OWN that lil spot too, it is NOT in a guardzoned though..for them chickeny ones. I owned it on Siege though NO GUARDS and I loved that spot ! :)
  4. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Spread rather thin right now but we had planned to incorporate Patrol and shipping routes like were doing with the Village Patrol Guard but we're just not at that point yet to launch.

    We made a simple Sea chart for our SKS RP use awhile ago but until we we get the first part down and solid were holding off. To be supportive of everyones efforts we will be continuing to launch SKS Vessels into Felucca and Trammel waters for people to randomly find and claim decent to awesome prizes.

    Loot the shipping slip from the hold and turn it in to claim "your" Cargo
    Loot the shipping slip from the hold and state you would like to return the cargo to its owner.

    Each slip will have a good prize and a lame prize, just depends on which choice you make, but either way you get a prize. Trammel boats will be public and felucca boats you will have to boom boom pow.

  5. QueenZen

    QueenZen Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 28, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Well yall are welcome to park ye ships TRAMMEL side ahem,
    at me lil Moonglow lighthouse house.
    I had it on my Tabito Coy, ie 4th but youngest acct.
    but brought 3rd acct. which is quite older,
    back to Chesapeake
    so it is now 'reowned' by another one
    of my older kin
    whom CAN own,
    a dolphin rug !

    See where that one skull is sw corner of isle of Moonglow,
    by yon lil wheatfield,
    that be where the 'RivenMyst' light house is, now.

    Meh trammel
    but least I can sail to new high seas dock
    from there and
    not get 'lost at sea' !

    Atm, it is full of visitors daily,
    visitors, hunting killer jackolanterns !

    Anyhow, it is public, so them wishin to
    sail down to the high seas dock,
    can set sail from my lil patio there
    @ s. moonglow lil wheatfield.

    Ahem ps well just don't park ye ships, too close ie in MY way. :)
    I set sail off my lawn via my big ship, there daily
    cuz I have to restock daily cuz...
    I sell fish @ my Zento shop,
    to them that fool with doing fish quests !
  6. Queen Zen, I always look forward to you at least responding to the subjects of the Pirateing / highseas adventure episodes we are trying to create and setup. Thanks. And oh ! Gareth, great work on maps and stuff for this. Looks great.

    Anyway, Queen Zen. You have hit the nail square on the head with a hammer in reference to *SALTPETER*. If that is a main issue and set back for some not playing highseas, then I think it's time to raise enough voice to the Devs or whom ever, to re-evaluate the conditions on which to aquire that commodity. Luckily I have enough to last me for some encounters, but if this pirating ordeal and shipping of goods takes off and shapes up like it seems to be, then saltpeter readibilty has to be re-evaluated. It must be made so that players can get their hands on it a little better then what is currently avalable. If the prices stay high, well supply and demand commands that. But at least make it so that players can go to fishing monger ports and have someone there like before, to purchase it. Ya, it was at the sea market, but not everyone can or could get there. So we need a strong voice to the right people to make it more avalable to those that really want to play Highseas adventure reguardless of what side they play.

    Not sure how to get this started, but maybe an e-mail will alot of sigs to mesanna might be a start. :)

    I also agree with what Gowron had said big time. This survey was to see who all would be interested in playing a "shipping Merchant", Pirate, Renegade Marauder, or what ever. There is alot of talk about people being interested in doing this and I get PM's all the time on this. So why isn't there any more responses to this issue. Maybe all those interested don't read or respond on Stratics. But there must be those that know of people interested that can post for them. Highseas in this capacity is wide open to un-told ends. Why aren't more taking advantage of it? Word on the streets are strong, but would like to see it on this post also, if possible. A show of interest and strength is what we are looking for and hoping to get.

    NOTE: Under a truce of the White Flag, representatives of the CRIMSON PIRATES will make a guest appearance at the next HoC meeting, October 23rd. So if you have any kind of interest in any highseas stuff, please try to make it there at 9pm est.

    (7) months now we have put alot of effort into trying to make this a reality, so please try and find those that might be interested. You can PM me any time and I will get back to you....Thanks form the realm of Pirates.....:)
  7. QueenZen

    QueenZen Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 28, 2000
    Likes Received:
    I would surely sign a petition to have either ALL the fishing docks have someone selling saltpeter in decent quantities again, or sign to have em do SOMETHING besides making the making of all the ammo required for true ship battles, not to be so overwhelmingly tied up with needing this needing that, use of this crafterskill use of that one just to make the goodies required for folks to just blow the smithereens out of each others ships for the potential fun High Seas Adventuring offered, yet they about suffocated it in ammo and stuff needed to make enough ammo to FIGHT ship to ship.

    Not like I would engage in ship to ship battles myself but on the *supply line side* I know from doing TRYING to do it myself, using practically every chr. I have with all their skills needed..toss in failures to make, more black powder lost or salt peter eaten up on some *failure to make* till ya pull your hair out and scream..so ya go mine up some more or buy it at the ONE single puny npc that sells it ..and try try again...and ya still do not get enough, fuse cords, matches, black powder, heavy pwd charges that ya know as a *wanna be supplier* for the POTENTIAL high seas can be, ya fallin short WE ALL ARE, cuz GAHHHHHHHHH saltpeter is too much of an issue..or even when ya get what ya think is a nice amt. a few K or so, fail fail even high skills, and ya have lost salt peter, black powder, and get to go mine or buy MORE !

    All ya wanna do is be able to provide enough ammo for those wantin to ship to ship battle for all the potential High Seas surely COULD BECOME ! :(:pirate::pirate:
  8. Gowron

    Gowron Guest

    I would also add that mining for saltpeter can truly be such a drag.

    I would sign a petition to add more saltpeter vendors while keeping the option to mine it.

    The sea market should also have vendors buying and selling wood, iron ingots, cloth, and all the consumables it takes to fire cannons at fairly reasonable prices.

    Since the sea market also has a good number of spots to moor a ship, it would be an excellent place to hire shipyard maintenance in lieu of providing building materials....not a bad gold sink.

    The game mechanics are excellent to support war at sea scenarios, but the outfitting and repairing of ships make it somewhat restrictive.

    Overall, I'm up for a good sea fight. Bring it!
  9. Ok. we have heard back from a few. I am hoping that a few more are behind us in this. What I would like to do now then, is to start an on-sight thread, petitioning UO, (Mesanna,the devs, EM's, etc), to do something about the increase in vendors to sell saltpeter and maybe even what Gowron had suggested (lumber, cloth, and the ingrediaants to make ammo.

    So , look for the title of "Petition to Increase Saltpeter Vendors" if you think it would be a good idea.

    Or, do you think it would have more of an impact for everyone to message the devs on Stratics.

    Or: have each one that wants the change to e-mail Mesanna directly or the EMs explaining the request of the players that we all want an increase in that area.

    Please give me feed back on this so that we know what direction to take.

    All points are definately valid. So we should act on it to see where it will take us.

    Let me know. or someone else can start it and I will follow. either way.........thanks
  10. QueenZen

    QueenZen Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 28, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Well whatever ye decide to do, or we decide all of us here, in order for any changes you we all of us would have to appeal for ALL shards and EA UO HighSeas customer base to have said changes well, changed.

    It can not be a one shard thing. It is an issue I know also on Siege where it is even sadder, all fel ruleset and salt peter costs 3x as much and Tandy down at the sea dock only bothers to stock 20, then her timer is off, she does not even re up the total every 15 mins. nay, some times she stalls for 45 mins. to go from 20 saltpeter to 40 !!

    I also do mine up saltpeter, btw what is the secret word to get UNDER Ocllo here ? :) I know I mine up far more saltpeter *under Ocllo* on Siege than the shroom cave here, so maybe our under Ocllo would be similar, dunno, but I don't remember the word to get UNDER it on Chesapeake nor which lil npc house to use to get under Ocllo, like I do on Siege. *aye tis fatal to go under Ocllo on any shards, no guards are down there, but we NEED more saltpeter ! *

    They can't really do sea battles there, like they would like to on all fel ruleset Siege, either. I am sure other shards have same issues with lack of saltpeter, the dragged out ways to make most of the ammo. I mean seriously 10 match cords to make ONE match ? 6 saltpeter not even a nice number like 5, to try to make one black pwdr. etc. etc. toss in the *failure rates* !

    Yes we must appeal some how for changes, all across the board for all shards customers whom bought HS booster, so that the the wonderous potential of High Seas Adventuring becomes well... an *adventure* not suffocated in lack of saltpeter and crafting mining drugery, FREE IT UP let sea battles finally get to take place ! !

    As for emailing [folks in charge] *giggles* I barely email my own kids, I seldom if ever email UO folks in charge. . dun like emails, facebooks and all that stuff, perhaps im too old school. OOC and IC even. :)

    But I shall support thee whatever ways ye wish to go sire Pirate, cuz I wanna see you and others like you and those defending against ye all, to actually get to DO this & with those wantin to help supply line of ammo, to do so with less agony or lack of ammos ! :)
  11. Appreciate the come back response. Agreed. There are alot that want to play the highseas, but ammo is the issue for seas battling. We'll see if we can rustle some feathers by maybe doing a strong thread. But before I start this or anything, I have a question......Do you think the EM's, Devs, and Mesanna read Stratics? and...Do you think by what is written in the thread, they would either take it into consideratation or be good enough to forward or mention the concerns to the right peolpe there at UO/EA?

    I have no problems e-mailing the EM's or anyone else. I do this as an interested player that wants to enjoy the game as much as possible, not a drama critic, trouble maker, or whiner. (I usually drop games that have to much of that)...:) Like you maybe, I am old school and just want to enjoy playing a game with little or no hasstle. ....:)

    I'll await responses to these questions, then proceed to start the ball rolling and see what road or "sea-lane" it might take us down. If we can pull it off and cut the bows of our ships through the waves, it will benefit all shards , like you mentioned, and make the possibility of highseas becoming bigger then what it is, and for what it was intended for.

    Thanks again
  12. Lady CaT

    Lady CaT Sage
    Stratics Veteran Supporter

    Mar 24, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Pirates of the Seas of Chespeake,

    Of course the merchants are going to restrict their supplies of salt peter to maurauding pirates! The less saltpeter on the market the less merchant ships on the bottom of the sea!

    Rather than praying to your gods for mercy or rubbing your luck totems in hopes of locating those rich deposits of saltpeter. Perhaps you should deal with those more knowledgeable in the saltpeter trade? For a small price of course. *smiles* I'm sure you have some bounty to trade or doubloons to offer.

    If you wish assistance. You can leave word at my mage tower behind the Yew Empath Abbey in Trammel.

    May chaos be with you,

    The Dark Sorceress Lady CaT
  13. Avast me lady of the Dark Arts. (and Pirates just love the dark arts).....:devil: So me dark art'n friend, are ye saying we should part with some of this here booty we have aquired from our lately departed "Davey Jones" visitors?. Something might be arranged if'n ye thinks ye want to deal with the likes of us. Ye never know me Lass that maybe we might want to restock our cannons and while we're at it, maybe enjoy taking ye along for a cruise or two. Arrrrrr......

    If'n ye thinks we can cut a deal, we might just have to take ye up on see'n what ye have to offer. But mark me words young lass, any trickery to hand us over to them there Scallywagging authorities will bring up the wrath of the Krakken and the cold waves of the mighty Posiedon himself. But if'n ye are straight as an arrow and sharp as a cutlass, then maybe we can see what'n ye has to offer.

    Crimson Pirates play no games and are determined to get what they need. So be awatch'n for a signal or a visitor to see what ye has.:arr:
  14. Lady CaT

    Lady CaT Sage
    Stratics Veteran Supporter

    Mar 24, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Young Lass?! *laughs* You amuse me Captain!
    I have sent word to the Drow deep in the underground. They have what you seek!
    Be warned! There are some things in this realm that even the Kraken does not like.

    *gestures as black tendrils of smoke rise from her brazier*
  15. Me shipmates tell me that if you look anything like your picture with that evil expression, then the *black smoke* coming from ye cauldron can only mean one thing.....approach carefully. "The Krakken afraid m'Lady?" Never in the gales of wind have I ever seen the Krakken afraid. What power does m'Lady have in the evil place of yours? Me shipmates don't scare easily m'Lady, but warn me to tread with care. The *Drow* ye say. The Captain before me had a run in with the Drow and now co commands the depths of the sea along sidfe Davey Jones. Now ye be telling me that you want this this here crew to venture into the darkest depths of the underground to see about this here supplies ye be telling me about. I am being warned against it but Cap'n of the Crimson Pirates backs down from none.

    So me fine Lady, I will put at anchor me ship and make arrangements to find out more about these here supplies and maybe even this here power ye mentioned to take down or the submission of the Krakken.

    I be tak'n me leave of you m'Lady and shall prepare the crew of the Crimson Pirates to set sail. "Arrrrrrrrrr...... set the main sails and hoist the anchor" .

    Till then m'Lady when our paths shall cross..................