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Plants and Gardening...

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Zyon Rockler, May 8, 2011.

  1. Zyon Rockler

    Zyon Rockler Guest

    I was just wondering if the devs could put together a system for gardeners so that the gardens come out prettier and more organized.

    For example: If there were a farm field, all the plots around it could have an open value. When you click on the plot, there is an option of what types of plants can be planted. So, say, there's 20 x 20, now because this is a farm only food crops would be available. So, if I plant wheat, then all the other crops connected would have to be wheat, then once the wheat was harvested, the plots would set back to zero value and you could pick grapes, for example.

    If you had a row of 4 and somebody planted a bush in #1 it could automatically assign a bush only for #4, leaving the 2 in the middle open. So, if someone were to plant another bush, it would turn the empty plot into a bush only.

    So, that different garden tiles could be connected causing a more uniform type of beauty. For example: If a tree gets planted, then that might turn other plots into no tree zones or if a rose bush is planted, it might only allow rose bushes but of course the rose bushes could be different colors.

    So, now you have farming tiles and garden beds that are organized. Also, anyone should be able to take care of the plants. They should be able to fertilize and water. This way, the community could take care of a garden or a farm.

    You should not be able to over water or over fertilize. The only problem should be, is if the public plant is not watered. This way people can't kill other people's plants and the community is able to take care of them.

    For example: You could plant a tree that would take a 4 x 4 area but it would start out very small. The name of the person who planted it would go onto it. The person could take care of it for years making sure that it had water and maybe fertilizer but then maybe something would happen where they were no longer able to but the community would be able to take care of this tree. So, trees could essentially live for hundreds of years as well as, some plant types.

    I also, would like to see, the ability to do this to your own plants in the plant system. I get tired of replanting. I would rather lose several days and have an age placed on the plant so that you would need to get the seed once and then just keep it alive, so that your plants could live for many years and all plants could have a chance at a seed or some type of unique resource, then it could be based more on age.

    The way it is now, I only plant when I need something because it's a hassle to replant 50 or 200 plants but with a system like this, I think I might choose to have maybe 50 or 60 plants out where everyone could see them, so they could see the age on the plants. The way it is now, really doesn't matter if I do the plants or not but if I had plants that were 5 or 10 years old, then my interest in keeping them alive would be much greater and I think it would bring alot of people to gardening.