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Play This Game!

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by DuttyD, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. DuttyD

    DuttyD Guest

    Im just another veteran newb who quit, or rather took a break from UO- because in reality who can QUIT UO? not me... anyway

    The game is called "Help me finish building my character, because I love you.

    I thought before I left UO that my character was nearly done. I will let you judge.

    I will list my skills, and equipment I have to work with.

    FYI I want a character who can either solo- or at least "tank" a lot of damage from high end mobs and Peerless.

    120 Bushido
    120 Swords
    120 Parry
    100 Anatomy
    95 Healing
    65 Chiv
    Maybe some more soulstoned but forgot :p

    Suit I was working with-
    Mace and Shield
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    Fey Leggings
    Primer on Arms
    Crimson Cincture
    Bracelet - 7int, 15 hci, 14 dci, 6lmc, 12 fire resist.
    Gorget- 7lmc, 5/20/5/23/9
    Sleeves- 8lmc, 13/24/7/20/18

    Missing pieces, Ring, Weapons and/or shield(s).

    This suit yields -
    30% HLD
    45% Damage Inc
    +11 STR
    +10 DEX
    +10 Mana
    +3 Mana Regen
    +15 Int
    36% LMC
    +16 HP Increase
    +4 HP Regen
    34% DCI
    15% HCI

    Resists- 58 / 70 / 63 / 60 / 70

    So that is what I have to work with. Does parrying work with Bushido?

    Thanks to anyone who even takes time looking at this.
    And as always, any and all replies are appreciated!
  2. Parrying works spectacularly with bushido just make sure you dont try to use a shield. You only listed 620 skill points I assume 100 in tactics. Some people like necro for the vamp form or wraith form now instead of healing. I haven't decided yet personally.
  3. If you plan on soloing or tanking Peerless, you're going to have to drop Healing and pick up GM Necro so you can cast Vamp form. You could also go with a wraith form, but you'd also have to drop Anatomy to add GM Spirit Speak. You'll also need to drop Chiv down to 60 to have room for points unless you want to drop 5 in Tactics, which is what I did in order to have more reliable Cons Wep and Divine Fury castings. For gear you're pretty much set up except you'll want a bit more DCI and a lot more HCI. I'd suggest a ring with HCI/DCI/DI/Phys Resist. You need Physical much higher than it is now. One thing you could do if you have the skill and the soulstones is to swap a couple of skills out and put Magery and GM Inscription on your character and cast Magic Reflect and Reactive Armor, which would give you +5 to all resists except Physical, which would help with your Cold & Poison resists.

    Then you'll want a weapon that has DI, 20+ SSI, SL and ML. I'd suggest trying to obtain a Radiant Scimitar, Rune Blade, and Ornate axe that all have these properties. Each is useful in different situations.

    I don't see anywhere that you mention what your Dex is at, but you'll want to get to 150.