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(Player Run Event/Storyline)The Missing Mage

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by katherinepgoh, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. [Continued from The Mysterious List]
    The Moonglow Herald

    Article by Ida Foundem

    Early this morning the guards were summoned to Moonglow’s Finest Alchemy in response to one of the alchemist’s apprentices raising the alarm of robbery. The shop had been ransacked, with most easily carried valuables stolen from the now ruined shop’s locked strongbox, and there were signs of damage to the building.

    We caught up with one of the apprentices, who gladly talked to us about what he was questioned about by the Town Guard.

    “Well, Master Lavintus wasn’t ever a really open man, or a nice fellow even. Kept to himself, kind of eccentric. He was a great alchemist though, that’s for sure. But lately, in the past week or so, he’d gotten really odd. Y’know, acting suspicious, like he was up to something. Then he sent out that advertisement with the nonsense, and we were worried he’d lost his marbles, gone off his rocker, y’know? We were going to talk to him about it, but every time we tried he got this worried look like he was hiding something. Then on Tuesday, this lass comes in, and they get to talking, and he shushes her, making them talk quiet. I overheard him say something about gold, and her saying something about doubts. He handed her something in exchange for some kinda box…I don’t know what to tell you. All I know is it seemed shady. And now he ain’t here for work, and everything worth something is gone. There ain’t much left to puzzle out, y’kno’?”

    The guards have released an issuance of statement that one Master Lavintus of Moonglow and a lady whom came and saw him on Tuesday, described as wearing a white dress and a wizards hat, are wanted for questioning. Witnesses report that her name seemed to be ‘Century’. Anyone with information should submit it to the Town Guard either as a written statement or in person. A strange note with items and locations was found in Lavintus’ ledger, a transcript is affixed below.

    Toxic Venom Sac
    Parasitic Plant
    Deadly Poison Potion
    Greater Cure Potion
    Slith Tongue
    Silver Serpent Venom
    Seared Fire Ant Goo
    Nox Crystal
    Tribal Berry
    Oil Flask
    Empty Venom Vial
    Congealed Slug Acid
    Orange Petal

    Kinship Tavern
    Kent’s Last Pint
    Jolly Roger Inn
    Galehaven Tavern
    Knight’s Rest Inn
    Benedict’s Lab

    [OOC: To speak with the guards regarding the investigation, facts of the case, or ways you can help, please either PM me or ICQ me! New Puzzle and New Quest within 1-3 days!]
  2. LyraDarkstar

    LyraDarkstar Guest

    Lyra knew immediately who the girl was when she heard the description.

    "Damn that child! I knew she was up to something. All those promises about reform and best efforts. Bah!"

    "Well I cannot protect her from this... she will have to turn herself over to the authorities. I will take her to Moonglow upon the morning"
  3. [OOC: Apologies, but i've come down with a bad case of strep throat, and am unable to continue the story at this point; Postponed till later in the week. My apologies again.]
  4. Podolak

    Podolak Crazed Zealot
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 18, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I couldn't participate in the first leg due to the flu...so I can only wish you a a speedy recovery and look forward to your return and resuming this wonderful event.
  5. The Moonglow Town Guard is requesting all concerned citizens who are able to please assist us as we follow a trail left behind by the vanished Lavintus, Sunday December Sixth. We will be following the trail from Moonglows Finest Alchemy to whereever it shall lead us. Stand ready to assist in whatever ways necessary, at approximately 7 o'clock by the eastern night sky. Thank you.
  6. http://i45.***********/2meetyt.jpg
    Antonius had luckily gotten the help of several concerned citizens, most among them seemed to be members of the Guardians of Honor, but there were some present without their colors. They'd followed a long and confusing trail that took them from Moonglow, to Papua, to Serpent's hold, and finally to the Yewish Prison area. They'd been ambushed a few times, first by water elementals, and later by orcs and undead. The only clues they'd found were a few smashed potion bottles, and some magery and necro reagents, and a letter upon a monstrous lich that had beset upon them. The lich was the color of pitchest black, as if he was a creature of the void.

    Antonius had written the report six times, and thrown it away several others. He wondered if he should report the incident to the Royal Guard, but with how pressed they'd been lately, and after Robert's disappearance, he felt it wiser not to. He looked over the strange letter they'd found clutched in the evil liches hands once more.

    You may also need extra money to barter and deal. If presented with valuables, accept any jewelry. If problems are brought on for this, you're accountable for terms. And write your nephew; his talents are growing, rarely will he disappoint. Write Back!

    After questioning the woman named Centuri, he'd been told that Lavintus was gathering the things for an unnamed, unknown person. He wasn't sure if the woman was telling the truth, but she seemed too scared to be lying. The only real question was whether Lavintus had told her the truth, or if he had made it up to provide a false trail. He'd also found out Lavintus had no nephews. So what did the letter mean? Was Lavintus even who he said he was? How long had this ruse been going on? Were there other parties involved? There were even more questions to be answered now than before. At least before this had seemed like a robbery with a few odd notes...now it seemed to be some sort of conspiracy. Antonius just hoped they'd find out what was going on before it got worse...

    [OOC: Thank you all for coming who did, including IF, Rotep, Cadia, Nora Fletcher, Casandra Ervalt, Lyra Darkstar, Darian, and Vimnock. The Letter as you may have figured out may have a hidden meaning...A reward to the first person to figure it out!]
  7. Centuri T

    Centuri T Guest

    Centrui read the latest reports on this incident.

    *mumbles* "I wasn't afraid"

    As she read the letter over and over again looking for clues she became more and more convinced that the letter itself was in some kind of code.

    "Kalai is going to be mad at me for using up more scrolls trying to figure this out.."

    She pulled out some blank scrolls and a quill and went to work on dechipering the letter.
  8. *bump* [OOC: The Letter is another puzzle, for those who are interested in trying to solve such things. Time to complete; a week and a half]
  9. Podolak

    Podolak Crazed Zealot
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 18, 2008
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    I am going to sticky this until Gildar can get it on the Stratics main page.
  10. He'd checked the note several times, but after sleeping over it he finally thought he'd found something. It seemed that some of the words were written first, with other words filled in between. The only problem was he couldn't figure out which words were written first, and which filled in later. But he was sure it had to mean something...

    [OOC: This is your hint for solving this puzzle; If it doesnt help anyone to solve it, then the story will progress but not in the same fashion.]
  11. Antonius was roused from his bed by one of the junior guards and handed the note. He read it sleepily, but upon finishing it he was awake.

    To Antonius of Moonglow,

    I figured out the letter we found upon the black lich's corpse! I had copied it, and I started folding it into all sorts of shapes and different folds, and I saw a pattern. It was in a code that every third word meant something. A little bit of wording had to be changed to make sense with grammar, but the message is clear.
    You need to deal with any problems on your own terms. Your talents rarely disappoint.
    -Rotep, Emissary of the Purple Guardians of Honor

    It didn't give him a lot to work with, and Antonius was sure that was the point. Even if decoded, it shouldn't be dangerous to the person it was sent to or the sender. But it gave Antonius a very important clue.

    Whoever the note was to, whether Lavintus or someone else, They were working for someone else, so it meant he was searching for more than one person. Which meant this was big enough that now there may be a reason to involve the Royal Guard. He requested a cup of hot tea from the junior guard, and got dressed to head to his office. He needed to make sure he hadn't missed anything up to now...

    [OOC: Congratulations to Rotep! The Next Event won't be until after Christmas, but the next puzzle may come out sooner, so stay tuned!]