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Player Run Events (PRE) - Discussion

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by BajaElladan, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Hail Folks,

    I begin this Thread for the purpose of discussion of Player Run Events. I am in the early phase of conceiving, planning, and conducting a Player Run Event and hope to gather views, comments, ideas, feedback, etc., from the Players (past and present).

    What do Players consider the most fun PRE's? Are there categories for such Events? For instance, recurring, one time, seasonal, themed, roleplay, etc?

    I am wanting to host a Grand Re-Opening Event at a Player Run House. I very much hope to make it something fun for the Players but not overly complex to carry out. I would envision an event of no more than one to two hours duration.

    I look forward to hearing from Folks your thoughts, comments, and views in general, as well as any specific ones pertaining to my "Event-in-Planning."

    Thank you all for your replies.
  2. Silverbrook

    Silverbrook Guest

    Feel free to click on the link in my signature to look at some of the events I have done in the recent past. You might also wish to read some of the Great Lakes Stratics news articles, as there are a few in there regarding the follow up on these events, as well. I currently run a monthly literary contest on my home shard, followed by 1-2 other events monthly as both 'Lady Silverbrook' and other characters. I also created an in game 'endowment' that assists other players who may lack in game funds to finance their own individual events.

    For the lone individual planning events, I cannot stress 'keep it simple' as well as 'advertising is essential'. For the most part, I have found that the general public responds better if there is actual incentive to participate (ie gold, items). People enjoy (in my experience) coming away from events with something to show their investment in way of time.

    As for advertising, make sure word gets out. Runes at Banks on the day of. Stratics. Various shard message boards a few days prior to event. Friends who know others. Your own friends, obviously. I also usually advertise at my shards prime auction house a few days before a scheduled event, as it generally has a lot of players there.

    Another way to assist in community building is by 'co event planning' with other individuals and organizations in your community. For example, I recently assisted with an entire trivia night for the above stated auction house on behalf on the role playing community. In the past I've done a net toss with our shard's primary fisher guild. Recently a boat sailing contest was done. An archery contest was sponsored last month. Vortex Bunny Bashes for the Great Lake RP's High Council have been created. My point is... any opportunity to get your message out is good. And building bridges between people is necessary.

    For an opening of an establishment, I'd suggest:

    * Trivia.
    * Storytelling.
    * If it is a tavern, a dart contest or something like that.
    * Big T-Map hunt.
    * Scavenger Hunt.

    As far as 'how often', players just like something to do. Pace yourself and see how much time/ money you have to spare on whatever you have to create. I mean, at the end of the day, while others are there to have fun, it is for you to have fun as well. Just find things you personally enjoy. If you build it, others will come.

    I hope that helps some.
  3. Amathist

    Amathist Guest

    I think Lady Silverbrook pretty much covered it all and has offered some sage advice.

    PoC have hosted my guild, alliance and shard events on Oceania and have covered everything from pvp tournaments to crafting events....

    The only way your going to know what will take off on your shard is to try...don't be discouraged if you get a small showing at first, just remember the key is to have fun.

    Keep it simple, advertise and have fun those are the three golden rules.
  4. Sevin0oo0

    Sevin0oo0 Guest

    I think it's illegal to disrupt a PRE, by griefers, etc., how do you make it 'official?' so it would be respected and rules could be enforced? Event link on stratics' shard? just curious
  5. Amathist

    Amathist Guest

    Sadly it is not illegal to disrupt a PRE, but if they continue after being asked to stop you can report harassment and sometimes you will get assistance from GM's. But the best defense you have is community spirit and when you can, if you host inside player run establishments....this at least means you can boot out the trouble makers.