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Please bring back Pigments of Tokuno (eg. as a gold sink sold by NPCs)

Discussion in 'UO Korea & Taiwan' started by Ah Beng, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Ah Beng

    Ah Beng Guest

    Please bring back Pigments of Tokuno (eg. as a gold sink).

    It's unfortunate that popular and useful (and not game/pvp imbalancing in the least!) items such as Pigments of Tokuno are no longer spawnable (not even redeemable as Legacy Token items). These pigments are becoming extinct, and I pity the newer players (eg. those who started UO after the Tokuno events were over) who will never get a chance to color-customize their equipment to their own personal color scheme preferences, which is an important strength of UO - personal customization to uniqueness.

    There has been a recent outcry for gold sinks, so how about making Pigments of Tokuno (eg. Shadow Dancer black, Luna White, etc) being sold by NPC vendors for 1-5 mil each? It would be a marvellous gold sink that draws money out of the game, and yet make popular and useful colored dyes available to everyone.

    Please do this, it's clearly a win-win situation.
  2. Ah Beng

    Ah Beng Guest

    I've read everyone's comments, and I still think bringing back the Pigments of Tokuno is an excellent, at the very least - fair, idea, that I must request be taken into consideration by Jeremy and the Devs.

    Some think 1-5 mil is too expensive, while others think it's too cheap - ie. it'll lower the value of their own collection, etc. The details can be ironed out later, that will satisfy most pple, but the idea basicaly, I feel, is a necessary one.

    Look at Charger of Fallen, (*insert color*) Soulstones, Hooded Shrouds, etc. Evidently, the Devs agree with my idea that it doesn't make sense (especially to new players) that these are one-time-only items from the past, because then only a priviledge few can have them. Worse, because Pigments of Tokuno are usable with charges, and will be used up over time, this makes them even more needed to be respanwed (either all-the-time, or once-a-year Tokuno events spanning a month or so).

    Some might argue that since it doesn't affect gameplay in the pvp-balance sense, it's strictly a luxury and therefore we can't use the new-players-deprived argument. But I argue, that precisely because it doesn't affect pvp-balance, it should be available to everyone (ie. make it spawn again).

    And make it a gold sink too. Kill two harpies with one stone.