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[Magery] Please help on my mage temp against fast healers!

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Trixster, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Trixster

    Trixster Guest

    Hey guys,

    i really need your help to make a decision and would be really thankfull if you could help me out. I play @ a runuo shard atm. and i would like to build up a PVP-Mage

    here are the facts:

    Skillcap: 700 (max 100% each)
    Statcap: 300 (max 120 points each)
    Healing very nice you can really fast heal 40 hitpoints (so do my enemys)
    You can't run + cast

    My temp atm is :

    Eval Int

    115/60/125 (60 dex round cause of that every 20% 1 sec faster healing)

    the thought is to have anatomy for healing + defense wrestling (eval int+ana) to concentrate on offensive casting, so its kinda must.

    so i want to put in one of the following:

    1. inscription for that 10% DI
    2. poisoning to double the time 2 prevent healing from damage and make dmg over time
    3. Wrestling for Disarm, but i think its not that good cause i could use inscription DI for both dexxer and spellcaster not only wrestling for disarming. Furthermore i have defense wrestling anyway. mh but you cant run away and cast so maybe wrestling is an option?

    I would be thankfull for every suggestion. thx alot!

  2. WarUltima

    WarUltima Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 3, 2004
    Likes Received:
    You already have a defensive mage template. My take is to take GM scribe (120 eval is a must). GM scribe 120 eval is the only way that your lighting spell has a chance to disrupt a bandage healing. Ebolt can be tricky to cast when someone is right on top of you AIing you once every 1.25 second with hit fireball.

    or You can imbue a better suit and shoot for 4-sec bandage on your mage. While it doesnt help you increase your effectiveness it makes you a lot harder to kill. So even more defensive.

    Wrestling is IMO a waste especially you already have defensive wrestling. Disarm is nice but with every dexer and their dog running 45 dci at least your 0 hci punches arent do you any good especially when you are attempting to disarm special you are NOT casting.

    But in order for you to have the best result against dexers and mages take mysticism. It's the only way currently for mages to burst like dexers could. Hope it helps =)
  3. Trixster

    Trixster Guest

    Hey thx for the quick response!

    yeah ok so i would leave wrestling out, yes you're really right i just now noticed how defensive this char is but problem is also:

    1. i cant take a skill over 100% (good bye eval 120% :( )
    2. we dont have mysticism on this shard :( i did some research on the spells very sexy btw ;) i would love 2 have but its not possible :( (spellweaving not active atm.)
    3. i think i can heal on this shard every ****ing 3 secs 40 hp really sux, cause the monkeys do 2 (rp shard btw pvp allowed, i would change if there werent any friends)

    so another question is can i risk leaving healing out even if its so powerfull on my shard? am i faster with heal or greater heal? So i could still have anatomy in there, for defensive wrestling 2 have at least more defense chance against dexxers?

    i have also a necro dexxer(3 warrior skills necro ss..tested against a samurai (gm all parry,bush,resi and the 3 warrior skills) and the winner was who at least got out of bandas :/

    if i can leave healing out so what kinda option is there for a temp against fast healers? when i take:

    and what ?
    (but only when im fast enough 2 get against a 3-sec healer with healing spell)

    sounds weird i know but i thought about it for hours and it really drives me nuts :/

    thx again