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Please post you Highest Damage from WoD Here:

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Razzputon, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Razzputon

    Razzputon Guest

    I'm wondering just how high damage you can get with WoD

    Please post you highest Damage Word of Death. Also include what Focus you were using your skills, your SDI and any other info you think may be helpful.

    120 Weaver
    115 Mage
    115 EV
    115 Med
    100 med
    120 focus
    100 resist

    Hat of Magi
    Crystal ring
    Weave pants
    Midnight Bracers
    8 sdi Bracelet
    Pend of Magi
    Total 88 SDI

    With Focus 4, reaper and Arcane Emp I'm hitting for 715
  2. Trukx

    Trukx Guest

    I have hit for over 850 (as discussed in the thread below) when mob is under the effects of disco and armor corruption.

    120 Magery
    115 Eval
    120 Music
    120 Disco
    120 Spirit Speak
    115 Weaving
    10 Necro (boost to get into wraith...sometimes ill dump SS/Necro and take 120 Med....my max damage was w/ med in reaper form under arcane empowerment)

    Crystalline Ring - 20
    Scrappers - 25
    Crystal Glasses - 15
    POM - 5
    Midnite Bracers - 10
    Britches - 10
    Bracelet - 7

    Total of 92 SDI
  3. 859 so far on a Dark Father using a Blood Elemental Slayer Mage Book (again, as below) with a lvl 3 focus and Arcane Empowerment. Dark Father was not Discorded or under Evil Omen, only pets around were Greater Dragons.

    Skills are:

    120 Eval Int
    120 Spellweaving
    120 Spirit Speak
    115 Magery
    115 Resist
    115 Necromancy
    110 Meditation

    91 total SDI from items (incl. Scrappers).
  4. Razzputon

    Razzputon Guest

    Wow thats awesome Saint. What gear are you wearing to get 92 sdi if your not holding the scrapper? I am only finding items to add up to 88. My brcelet is only 8. It could be higher but the rest of the stats on it are awesome.
  5. Sorry, I haven't made that clear at all, that particular damage was without scrappers. But with my full gear (including scrappers) I'm 91 total.
  6. 945!