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Please read this before posting or reading posts in this forum!

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Crashster, Aug 12, 2000.

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  1. Crashster

    Crashster Guest

    There are a few rules that should be common sense to most of you, and a very easy to follow.

    1. Do not post anything that expresses ways to violate the TOS.
    2. Do not post bugs or exploits here.
    3. Do not give URLs for Player Run Shards.
    4. Post in good taste i.e. no flaming or excessive foul language
    5. Make sure your post is appropriate for this board.
    6. Any questions regarding Account Banning will be replied to with the [email protected] email address, and will not be further discussed.

    -)-(-UO Veteran Crashster-)-(-
  2. FatherGanja

    FatherGanja Guest


    Do not post bugs or exploits: Posting a "how-to" for any bug or exploit, regardless of how harmless the bug may seem, will result in an insta perma-ban. Also listing bugs and exploits is forbidden.


    No Spamming: Posting simply to increase your title or annoy people (just two of the many examples) may result in immediate and permanent banning of your account.

    Keep personal attacks to a minimum: Besides loosing the respect of the regulars here who feel you should be able to argue with someone's point of view rather than call people names, it often just sends people off-topic and really has no place here.

    No pornography: This goes without saying. Posting pornography or links to it will result in an instant perma-ban.

    Player run shards: Player run shards violate the OSI TOS and may not be advertized or linked to on any stratics forum.

    It should be noted that links in a message are regulated by the same rules as the post itself
    Poster Titles

    The following is a list of titles given to posters on Stratics forums, and when you get them:

    Visitor 0 to 30 posts
    Adventurer 31 to 99 posts
    Journeyman 100 to 299 posts
    Seasoned Veteran 300 to 499 posts
    Sage 500 to 749 posts
    Lore Keeper 750 to 999 posts
    Lore Master 1,000 to 1,249 posts
    Slightly Crazed 1,250 to 1,499 posts
    Certifiable 1,500 to 1,999 posts
    Babbling Loonie 2,000 posts
    Crazed Zealot 3,000 posts
    Grand Inquisitor 4,000 posts
    Grand Poobah 5,000 posts
    Stratics Legend 7,500 posts
    Special 10,000 posts

    From time to time, you will see odd titles such as "smitten kitten" or "inane poster". These titles are given to people who have made a large contribution to either stratics or the other posters here. Don't ask for one. If you should get one, you will be contacted! :)


    1) Once you have what you want to capture on the screen how you want it to look, hit the <print screen> button. If you want to capture just a single window as oppposed to the whole screen then hit <alt> <print screen>. It is stored in memory.
    2) Open your favorite graphics program, create a new "page" if necessary and then paste the screen capture from memory.
    3) Save your file as a JPG or GIF. Do not plan on uploading it to the board as a BMP.
    Another method is click this link and download the UO Screenshot Utility. It automaticly captures and .jpg's your screenshot.

    1) Upload your image file to a webserver such as www.homestead.com. Create an account there and then upload your image. Generally the best/most-popular web image formats are *.jpg or *.gif
    2) Figure out the URL of the image you uploaded. If you uploaded to aol, it would be something like: "http://members.aol.com/membername/image.gif"
    3) Post a message here. Enclose that URL for your image inside of IMAGE tags as referenced in the Forum Help.
    [*image*] url [*/image*] Puts the given url in an img src tag. (Minus the *'s)
    4) IMPORTANT Note: Please use true JPGs or GIFs. Taking a BMP or any other format and simply renaming them as JPGs or GIFs WILL NOT WORK. You must use a graphics program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop to convert the image.


    There's no easy way to tell you how to do this. You have to use a program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop to do it. It takes practice and you're going to have to figure this one out on your own.


    1) Click on edit profile in the menu at the top of the page.
    2) On the next plage click on "Basic Profile"
    3) Scroll down until you see the field labeled "Signature" Enter a URL such as:
    [ url ] http://www.yourhost.com/yourdirectory/yoursig.extension [ /url ] *minus all spaces

    be certain to include the markup tags before and after your URL or it will not show up properly.

    4) To add your picture underneath your name in your messages, enter a URL to that picture. You do not have to use markup language to make that work. Be sure and use the correct pixel dimensions on your picture or it will be distorted.

    Some general guidelines for your Sigs:

    Maximum size of image file(s): 35k
    Maximum height of image(s): 125 pixels
    Maximum width of image(s): 600 pixels

    Keep them reasonable in size.
    Don't link to them via FTP.
    Please keep them 'clean'
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.