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[Price Check] Please (Sewn By Armor and more)

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Vaneca, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Vaneca

    Vaneca Guest

    Hello everyone...

    A friend of mine asked me to price some of the stuff he got with his castle, but since that is totally out of my league, I just made a few screenies and wanted to post them here, in the hope of getting some intel from ppl who should know =)

    There we go....

    One Set of "A Leather Armor Sewn By" dark colored


    "Sandals Sewn By" original color


    "A Buckler Made By" (2x space in the name between buckler and made?)


    "A Katana Made By"


    One set of "A Leather Armor Of Exceptional Quality Exceptional"


    Cloak with charges


    Thigh Boots with charges


    2x Member of the Royal Britannian Guard Sash (1x dark grey, 1x sigil)


    "A Shirt Embroidered With "We Created The Food""


    "A Low Quality Finnigans Hat"




    Rotgut Wine


    Thank you very much in advance...
  2. PoCove

    PoCove Guest

    Wow he got this with his castle ... I am awestruck .. there are some very rare items there .. I know the Kettle is 30+ mil [shard dependent]

    i would be very interested in seeing the rest sometime .. Did you mention the shard it is on ?
  3. kray2s

    kray2s Guest

    From items i have brought the Double exceptional tags stuff varies in value dependant on how tag appears. Of exceptional quality, exceptional i have paid between 200k to 500k dependant on the item for example theres a lot of tables bearing this tag - The tags - Exceptional, [Exceptional] your probably looking at a value of 2 to 3 mill per item as this tag from what i have been told is the oldest and rarest of the dbl exceptional tags.

    The sewn by items are in the range of 2 to 4 mill each

    Kettle - i have seen one as low as 15 mill on an atl vendor but the more common place is around 30mill

    Rotgut wine - sold mine at 15 mill , i think the buyer got a hell of a good deal out of it and i wouldnt be suprised if it was worth a lot more - i sold a few years back now so price prob inreased anyhow through time.

    Member of Brit gaurd sashes - 1.5 to 2mill ish - Let me explain - i am not 100%sure on the grey one but i am 99% sure that there never was a sigil coloured one. If it was a gold or white one i would say around 4 mill. However with the sigil one you may attract collectors of sashes such as myself <----*hint hint*

    Low quality finigans hat - picked mine up at 200k about 2 months ago not sure where this is from

    Shirt embroidered with we created the food - between 50k to 250k depens on the seller and which end of the spectrum you are willing to go to.

    Charged Items - Fairly commo, well i have various pieces with dex, intel, strength bonuses, then theres the ones with invisability charges and so on. These pieces are deirable amongst the pvp element of uo as mostof the items you get the bonuses on, such as sashes, boots etc means they can wear their ubber suit and enhance it with items that have stats in a place you wouldnt normally get stats from <- sounds complicated, sorry but its 5 am and i not been able to sleep at all:(

    Also what shard are you on please?
  4. Vaneca

    Vaneca Guest

    Well ty so far =)

    I knew that the spell items aren´t really worth anything.
    But I said I will post pictures of everything he wanted me to, so...

    About the supposably sigil colored sash.
    I´m not really sure about that. Since the color slightly varies between basecolor and brightness of items.
    I too thought that it isn´t sigil, but I also thought that if its wrong, someone will correct me anyway =)

    He got the castle by a friend (guildmate) that finally quit after a few years of still paying but not playing.

    Shard is Europa!
  5. kray2s

    kray2s Guest

    "About the supposably sigil colored sash.
    I´m not really sure about that. Since the color slightly varies between basecolor and brightness of items.
    I too thought that it isn´t sigil, but I also thought that if its wrong, someone will correct me anyway =)"

    There is a purple guard sash im not entirely sure how to explain the hue - Basically every shard had a colour Euro had a gold colour and so on and so forth. With out actually being on your doorstep im having probs seeing the exact colour but it doesnt look like the purple i'd expect to see.

    Could be a reason or two - first guard sashes are dyeable - so could have been dyed with any old tub (please anyone correct me if im wrong but im 80%ish on this with out logging in and trying myself), Also there (and i have only heardof but never seen this item) apparently Sigil hued dye tubs.

    The later seems to be the more viable option to me. Only other thing i could think f is that it would be from an event or something but what stops me from believing this is that it would have a tag line of some sort to it - Like the "merry christmas - from santa claus" sash
  6. Vaneca

    Vaneca Guest

    I seen a post on the forums a few days ago while flipping through the pages.
    I found a post according to Sigil color Dyetubs.
    The color itself is pretty easy to find in the menu and dye.

    I tried it with some bolt of cloth. The color looked exactly the same as the spellbooks.
    I´m not ingame and cant check atm but I think you must shove the bar to the outter right end and then pick the 2nd or 3rd field from the left in the top row.

    But then again, as I cut the cloth to bandages they "changed" their color again ofc, since bandages color is slightly lighter than cloth =P

    I am not really into all that rare and event item stuff. So I didnt even know that there were (original) different colors for the sashes. I just thought "why the hell would someone dye a golden sash for such ugly purple or dark grey color"...

    Now your approch makes way more sense there to me now =)
  7. kray2s

    kray2s Guest

    thing is i am very interested in collecting sashes so i am trying to asertain exactly which one you got so if you turn around and say it is for sale i can make the appropriate offer:)

    Also, i have been helped out many times on these boards by people with more knowledge than I, so where i recieve help i like to put some back!

    Hope some others chime in with a response so we can narrow this down further but i am laying my gold on it being dyed - You will be suprised what people do to make things fit in with their clothing / look. - if it is dyed i doubt it would originally be a gold or a white one - Thing is that bleach minor (was it tokuno) that restores itms to original colour does not seem to work on guard sashes i tried last night to a isgusting brown coloured one i ha lingering in a chest:(
  8. Vaneca

    Vaneca Guest


    Well tbh I dont really care about how my charakters look.
    And since I am not really wearing stuff like that, I cant really understand some ppl´s behavior when it comes to clothing...

    But dying any color to an ugly brown color is really a shame...
    But tbh WTF why can you dye them if you cannot restore their original color later? Thats a little stupid dont you think? :coco:
  9. -Sewn by leather suit (completed) 25m-30m
    -Rotgut wine 25m
    -Kettle 12m-30m
    -A leather of exceptional quality (completed) 4m-6m
    -Member of the royal britannian guard sashes vary by color. The two-tone purple one (oceania) in your picture can be found from 5-10m. The green one looks dyed so probably 750k-1m
    -Made by (assorted pieces) 1m-3m individually

    That was a very nice find in a castle deal. If your friend got that castle for standard price, you can bet he probably made every cent back in the rares that came with it.
  10. Vaneca

    Vaneca Guest

    Well if I got it right, then this old guildmate quitting gave it to him.
    In the meaning of -for free-.

    Castle + the stuff in it.
    So yes, I think it was a very good deal for him =)

    Btw there is no green RBG Sash. It´s a dark greyish color.
    It appears that color on the screenie, because I got my cursor on it =)

    But thanks a lot anyway.
    Now I got some more impressions
  11. kray2s

    kray2s Guest

    ahhh so its the oceania sash you got:) i need one of them but in honesty im not sure that i would go as high as 5 mill for it.

    And also i appologise for forgetting that you would get more for a complete set of exceptional tagged armour - this is taking into account any makers names some people like a set made by the same person etc etc

    Glad you found the help you needed :)