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Pls Read

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Delfer, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Delfer

    Delfer Guest

    I just won 6mil yesterday and another guy won 50mil so I believe I should inform everyone about how you can win too.

    Ever heard of DealorNoDeal? Ever wanted to play? Neither did I but I was feeling down one day on Catskills when I say a booklet saying that a player-run cross-shard event was coming to Cats that Saturday. I've heard of this event before but wasn't interested until I went that one day.

    You go to a house they have on a certain shard and hand in a book with your name and shard to one of the people there then go sit upstairs. 5 contestants are chosen by shuffling all the books and 5 are picked out. The 5 people then pick 1 of 5 boxes. Only 1 box has the right book and the contestant who choses it is later revealed to be the player. He/She is in charge of the game and makes choices with the help of the other 4 who become part of the "peanut gallery"(no idea why it's called that) they help the contestant to decide to take a deal or no not and in turn get 10% of whatever the contestant gets. Contestants can win up to 10mil in UO gold but yesterday it was the anniversary of the event so they raised it to 50mil and he won!!!

    Of course if you aren't picked as a contestant you'd be like: Awwww..... But you can still up to 5 door prizes! Usually there's 5 250k door prizes every Saturday but on my first time I got a special 1mil door prize which got me hooked. Just in case you need to know, any gold you win WILL be transfered to your shard of choice is you wish but you have to contact one of the DJs? there. DJs? Yeah I forgot to mention the people who run this event have an online radio station that you can listen to while playing UO or just listen to it when you want but it's on the internet. It's called WhisperingRoseRadio and it doesn't just play music all day it also broadcasts DealorNoDeal LIVE so you won't miss anything in-game with all the typing going on. Link: http://www.whisperingroseradio.com/

    This event is very fun and the peeps are friendly and good sports so come by one day you might win something. But wait! *sighs* Still not done... I didn't explain how I got 6mil. Well since it's the anniversary of the event like I said they held a parade which let to a special loot house. In the loot house there were chests which were opened to the public one by one and in them were all kinds of things from arties to 1mil checks to heritage tokens! It was a free-for-all in there with people swarming to get anything. I picked up 6mil and a whole bunch of other items which they MIGHT be able to transfer but the 6mil is guaranteed. They will have more loot houses depending on how well everyone reacts to this by posting on our favorite forums and such like that so I'm doing my part to advertise this fun event Smiley

    Check the site for more info or contact one of the DJs via ICQ maybe stop by one day!