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Pluffy and I were talking today...

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by HectorFirebrand, Jan 11, 2002.

  1. I saw Pluffy at the bank today (just passing by really) and we chatted fer a bit. You know weather, baby deeds, price of rice in china, that sort of thing...

    Well anyways out of the blue she asks me, "Hector," she says, "what is yer theme song?"

    Well at first I was taken aback! Theme song fer a bard? Seems to me were all kinda stuck with the same one! But then we got to thinking, seems like everyone ought to have a good theme song right? Like if you had minstrels following you around, or if you had a spot on David Letterman, what would your characters theme song be?

    Of course "Pretty in Pink" instantly leaped to mind fer Pluffy but she scoffed calling it too easy (easy fer her I racked my poor old brain thinking of that!!) and she mentioned that she always thought the Fenny's would be "Marches to the Beat of a Different Drum" by Linda Ronstat. Ok my spelling sucks.

    Of course this led to me choosing the Muppets Show Theme for me (Its time to turn on the music... Its time to turn on the lights... wow now Im really showing my age eh?) and we kicked around a few more ideas. (Incidentally Ordo Sylvanus will henceforth be know affectionatly as "Doozers" or "The Little Bob the Builder Guys From Fraggle Rock)

    Now naturally all minors will jump ahead to choose "Working in a Coal Mine" for them (Werkin in a coal mine goin down down down Werkin in a coal mine Woot! I got to get down) but what about yer other characters?

    Fighters of course need a battle anthem like "Enter Sandman" by Metallica and Tamers need something a little more mellow maybe. If i had a tamer Id choose "Unicorn" by Shel Silverstein (a long time ago when the earth was green, there were more kinds of animals than youve ever seen...)

    The more i think about it I think a theme song is integral to good role player development dont you? So reply to this with what you want yer theme song to be. Lets try to be creative with this and no duplicates (or else everyone would choose "The Same Old Lute Song as Everyone Else Plays" by Hector Firebrand.

    Make sure you sing a few bars fer those of us that live in closets as I know most of the time I gotta hear a few bars of a song before I recognize it. It doesnt have to be in key er anything fer apparent reasons but Im sure all of you have wonderful singing voices.

    Im looking forward to seeing the replies to this one. Do try to keep it clean. Chances are if its by the "2 Live Crew" its not appropriate if you know what I mean. Have fun with this one :)

    Due to lack of an awesome sig pic I sign yours truly,

    Hector Firebrand
  2. Elrond

    Elrond Guest

    For myself personally, I settled on Pop Goes the Weasel years ago.

    For Elrond, I'd probably that dramatic music. You know, a chord of...something. Might be a piano. A cheezy piano. It's just one chord, dramatic. Really cheezy, I have wanted a .mp3 of it for years and years. It is used in movies a lot. Maybe not good movies...
  3. Time for me to prove my nerdiness.

    Nadia's themesong is the little action ditty that played on the old SNES Shadowrun game where somebody started shooting at you out of a sewerhole or window or came running after you out of an alley. I always wondered how your mercenary hirelings (especially those dwarfy guys!) started shooting at things 2 screens away...

    I don't think any other of my characters has a themesong. Heh, they probably even get Boo'd when they make an appearance. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif
  4. BobMcForge

    BobMcForge Guest

    OK, about four months ago I realized what the perfect theme music was for two of my characters...

    Honest Bob - Squirl Nut Zippers, "The Suits Are Picking Up the Bill" It's a great theif song.
    Bob McDeath - Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" Concerto No. 2, third movement. Very powerful stuff and PERFECT for a dark fencer.

    I think McSmith is Rush, "Tom Sawyer", but that one's not a lock.

    Bob McWorkInProgress
  5. TrueRagoo

    TrueRagoo Guest

    The Eye of the Tiger!!!!!!
  6. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    Hehe I think someone DID ask this on the boards a while back and I never answered because I WAS TOO EMBARRASED TO ADMIT that Fenny's theme song was actually A LINDA RONSTADT SONG but since HECTOR has OUTED me..... THANKS HEC.

    Have you ever heard the LR version of different drum> its all kinda spazzy and waily and perky and free spirited and uses goofy phrases like Ain't pretty and make eyes. I'll put the lyrics below. Pluffy's theme song is I THINK that JAZZ song from charlie brown. It just sounds Pluffish to me.

    Yeah that Vivaldi is PERFECT for McDeath -- it is the part where all the violins and getting SAWED on back and forth HARD in little staccato saws. very tense!

    OKAY here are the lyrics but if you do not know the tune---really you have to HEAR it, there has NEVER been a more spastic song.
    Different Drum
    Linda Ronstadt

    You and I, travel to the beat of a different drum
    Oh can't you tell by the way I run
    Evertime you make eyes at me
    You cry and moan and say it will work out
    But honey child I've got my doubts
    You can't see the forest for the trees

    Oh don't get me wrong
    It's not that I knock it
    It's just that I'm not in the market
    For a boy who wants to love only me
    Yes and I ain't saying you ain't pretty
    All I'm sayin's that I'm not ready
    For any person, place or thing
    To try and pull the reins in on me

    So goodbye, I'll be leavin' I see no sense
    In this crying and grieving
    We'll both live a lot longer, if you live without me

  7. yeesh didnt know it was "outing" you pluffy. I thought it was a fitting song. as well as Tom Sawyer fer Bob (todays Tom Sawyer, mean mean guy...)

    also somehow i knew right after I posted this that both Eye of the Tiger and Pop Goes the Weasel would show up somewhere. not that those are bad or unoriginal. I think those are both fitting fer each of you.

    I still think i can do better than that stupid Muppet show. Speaking of which did anyone see that Jim Henson show that was on long ago about the Storyteller?
  8. Dragon Valor

    Dragon Valor Guest

    I think Skyshroud's theme song
    would be something from one of
    those Final Fantasy games

    im not sure which one though
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    (Nadia, I'm not quite sure which is more scary, the fact that you posted that or the fact that I actually remeber what that sounds like!)

    *laughs in spite of himself*
  10. I have different playlists for each character. In general:

    Lothar has things like "Oh Fortuna" and " Everloving".

    Genjuro has Japanese anime songs.

    Hecubus has mainly ska and punk cover songs.

    My other characters have a mix of movie, cartoon, and theme songs.

    I want to find the Shadworun song so bad. That would definitely be my combat song.

    Oh, and during times of lag, or when we are wating on someone afk, or about to show up.... I always think of "Girl From Ippanema". What a great song, even in an elevator!

    I am Jack's Nat King Cole Cd.

  11. DeathRage

    DeathRage Guest

    *humming tune of "Girl from Ippanema*

    Thanks Hecubus ... I'll wake up with that one in my head.

    I remember this coming up before not long ago and I still can't think of a good theme song for any of my characters. When I play, I often hear old Carl Stalling scores from the early WB cartoons. That could be a reflex experience from my childhood or the actual cartoon playing in the background (the kids like daddy's video collection). Either way ... it seems to fit my playstyle.

    *waits for the day in UO when you can drop an anvil on someones head*
  12. A Guard: Oh Hi Delekhan
    Delekhan: Uhh Hello
    A Guard: So how ar.... *anvil lands on guard*
    Delekhan:*whistles and walks away slowly*
  13. Sonoma Sam

    Sonoma Sam Guest

    hmmm...very very fast I'd say:
    Lagunis get's "Can't stand up for Falling Down" (EC&the Attractions)
  14. I dont have a bard....
  15. Don't really know for all characters but the ones I play the most:

    Sir Bunyun (Warrior) - Battle Hyme of the Republic
    Oryan (Mage/Bard) - Sweet Music Man, Kenny RodgersYukon Cornelius (Craftsman) - Hi Ho, as performed by the Dwarves
    Socrates (Mage/Inscription) - Magic Carpet Ride, Stepphenwolf (Don't ask)
  16. Ascension

    Ascension Guest

    Hmm... For Ascension (Warrior): I would pick "Momma Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J, or "Megalomaniac" by KMFDM. (Now that he is getting better, hehe.)

    For Ghost (Mage/Tamer/Bard): "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd. (He dies.. he dies a lot.)

    And for Skullcollector (Warrior turned Mule) "C.R.E.A.M." by Wu-Tang Clan. (C.R.E.A.M. stands for Cash Rules Everything Around Me, for the non Wu-Tang educated out there.)
  17. Hmmm
    For Rose Bush I would have to go with..."Dream a little Dream" Mel Torme

    For Anna M'el T'muer....perhaps a little Type O Negative...(for the moment that is...she kinda fell from the grace of "Sunny Days"-Sesame Street)

    Zandria M'uel...no doubt about "Whistle While You Work" by those nutty SnowWhite Dwarves...I believe they are signed under disney...
  18. Olaf Ogreson

    Olaf Ogreson Guest

    I seem to remember this coming up a while back; can't recall what I said...*takes Senility Medication*

    For my warrior,something dark and powerful: the end bit of 'Mars' by Holst, Sigfrieds Funeral March-Wagner,bits of Rush-say Cygnus X-1 or Jacobs Ladder.

    My smith needs something soothing to temper the tedium...'The Pump' by Jeff Beck comes to mind.

    My Carpenter is from Nujel'm; he needs something vaguely middle-eastern...maybe 'The Gates of Babylon' by Rainbow, 'Within You Without You' by the Beatles, or even 'Baba' by Alanis Morissette

    Oh! And my resident lunatic Sheesh! He's wacky,soo: anything by Oingo Boingo!
    (Boingo is my all-time fave band...)
  19. I thought Whistle While you Work was a Jiminy Cricket top 10?
  20. In reply to:<blockquote><hr>

    Yukon Cornelius (Craftsman) - Hi Ho, as performed by the (Seven) Dwarves

    <hr></blockquote>Probably the most fitting song for a craftsman I can think of. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    In reply to:<blockquote><hr>

    I seem to remember this coming up a while back; can't recall what I said...

    <hr></blockquote>Wasn't that thread "What do you listen to when you play UO?"
  21. Mr. Twist

    Mr. Twist Guest

    Well considering how often my characters die I have to say taps. Each time I see grey screen thats the tune I hear in my head lol :]
  22. Easy! Krysma's Theme song Was Always
    There Comming to take me away Ha HA! There Comming to Take me Away He He! Those Funny little men in those funny white coats Their comming to take me away.............
  23. I'd have to say mine is George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Who Do You Love. Just a great, great song to kill stuff to. Full of arrogance.
  24. Cromagus

    Cromagus Guest

    My mage, Cromagus, would use Haydns Trumpet Concerto (3rd mvmt) as his theme song. The trumpet concerto has allways struck me as powerful and effortlessly in controll...just like Cro! (Boy! How I delude myself.)

    Bubba, my GM Fisher/Archer/Redneck fits Jimmy Buffetts "A Pirate looks at 40". Its a wonderful, slightly sad song.
    "Mother, mother ocean
    I have heard you call
    wanted to sail upon your water since I was three feet tall
    You've seen it all...
    Yes I am a pirate
    two hundred years too late
    the cannons don't thunder
    theres nothing to plunder
    I'm an over-40 victim of fate
    arriving too late..."

    My carpenter, Woody Woodchopper, has convinced himself that he is a sharp dresser and a ladies man. Hehe. So his theme song would be James Browns entire album "Soul Brother No. 1". If he had to pick one song from it, it would be "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine".

    You need a song with high energy and good beat when doin' that hammer and anvil work. So Ignacious, my miner/smith/tailor, chooses "March of the Swivleheads" by The English Beat as his theme song.
  25. Raphalon

    Raphalon Guest

    Raphalon : Korn - Dead Bodies Everywhere
    Mysticus : Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower
    Tressym : Sublime - Wrong Way
    Loren Soth : White Zombie - More Human than Human(and most any remix thereof)
    My Smith : Static X - Loser

    Glycerine, well... c'mon! Bush - Glycerine
  26. Olaf Ogreson

    Olaf Ogreson Guest

    ...'What do you listen to when you play Uo'; yah,that was it!
    I kinda cheated on that; I actually listen to Nothing when I play (I even leave the speakers off). But I'll take any excuse,however flimsy, to talk about Music...
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    After watching my characters move all day without the benefit of a dsl line (thank you Qwest) I believe the theme from Bubble Bobble seems to fit.
  28. Hmm, theme songs? Theme songs???
    Depends on the character and what they are doing.

    Jerith Palith (Paladin): Ride of the Valkeries comes to mind when he's going into battle.

    Jorath Palith (Thief/Treasure Hunter): Suicide is Painless might be apropriate, but Alice or 1969 by Sisters of Mercy seems to suit him better(The tempo suits him better.)

    Delphin Morath (Artificer/Fisherman): Hmm, doesn't have one.

    Lorath Skysong (Tamer/Bard): While the Cowboy Song by Garth Brooks might be fitting, I think that Nightrider's Lament, again by Garth, is more apropriate.

    Now, for the most diverse one.
    Morg Smithson, my craftsman. When he's out mining, Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford comes to mind. When he's hauling loads of whatever to and fro from the bank, W.C. McCall's Convoy seems fitting. When he's out lumberjacking, The Lumberjack's Song, by Monty Python pops into my head. But, when he's off doing something I really don't want to do, such as sit and craft and craft and craft to raise a skill, or mining or lumberjacking when I'm really not in the mood for it, the song that the orcs(or whatever they were) in the Wizard of Oz rattles through my brain. (Oh ee oh, eoh um.)
  29. BoneStrpr

    BoneStrpr Guest

    Oh so easy...

    "Money" by Pink Floyd

    "Money! Get back....Im alright jack, keep your hands off my stack!"
    The opening with the cash register and the change falling...it just sets my heart a flutter....
  30. sse_goku

    sse_goku Guest

    SSE GOKU-Harms Way and/or Born Again Idiot(I always die in factions)-Anthrax

    Tristan-Only or Invisible-Anthrax

    thats all I can really think of.
  31. Kerrigan_DP

    Kerrigan_DP Guest

    Ahh.... Jerith said mine already, in part.

    When Im fighting, Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner.

    When Im running from the gank and looking for a spot to invis, Flight of the Bumblebee. BUZZ BUZZ
  32. Maelwyn's theme song would have to be Shine by Collective Soul.

    For my elves I'd have to say the last song on the LOTR Soundtrack, May It Be by Enya.

    My orcs would have to pick Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.

    I don't really have one for my dwarves though. Working in a Coal Mine or the seven dwarves ditty would be good though.
  33. Ember of HoH

    Ember of HoH Guest

    I would have to pick "Born to be Wild" for Ember (tamer/mage), she just can't seem to get those mares! For Memphis, the miner, something repetitive, like "Tom's Diner" da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da....something she can swing that pickaxe to. As for the rest, haven't figured it out yet. =)