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PLZ Sumone tell me what to provoke for gains after 106.I`m stuck!

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Mitzlplik_SP, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Mitzlplik_SP

    Mitzlplik_SP Guest

    I used Cu Sidhe`s all the way from 90 sumthing to 106 now.I can not gain off them anymore and haven`t been able to find any info on higher provocation mobs.

    I thought maybe drags but the bard dif on the hunters guide is lower on dragons than it is for cu sidhes.Hrmmmmm......
  2. Mitzlplik_SP

    Mitzlplik_SP Guest

    Well,either no one knows or no one cares.So after sifting thru countless threads I`ve figured out why I stopped gaining off my TAMED and than released Cu Sidhe`s.

    Best I can figure is wild Cu`s are best but if they are in short supply,like they usually are.... Hiyru`s will suffice.BUT I don`t want to hafta mess around advancing the Tokuno champ spawn to get more than 1 Hiyru in any one place.So...... Anyone have any other suggestions in place of wild dogs or Hiyru`s? I`ve thought about taming a few Hiyru`s and trying that to get them (and more than one) in a local area,but unsure if barding difficulty will be gimped as bad as dogs are once tamed.

    So C`mon,speak up you provokers! I freekin know theres a bunch of ya`s out there.

    How did you hit legendary provoke?
  3. Walkerboh77

    Walkerboh77 Guest

    i got to 108 off normal dragons then couldnt take it anymore....so i made a suit that used the bard talisman +5music/provo and a ring and marched my happy ass to doom with an iolo's lute....

    i've since gained 3 full points up to 111 in 2 casual nights in doom....

    so item up to 120 music and provo....and head to doom and provo things on to DF....you will gain there for sure :p

    and you can get an arty if you are lucky...

    if you are asking about something you can stick on a boat and go afk for gains.....i dunno...let me know if you find it....
  4. Mitzlplik_SP

    Mitzlplik_SP Guest

    I may hafta item up and hit doom.I didn`t wanna take off my luck jewelry but i guess it won`t hurt in the name of gains,hehe.

    Not lookin for an unattended way,just a hassle to remove dogs like I did and chase them around alot.Wasn`t looking forward to doing same with hiyru`s. Especially since I`ve learned that animals lose barding difficulty once tamed.

    The wield is always fulla peaple workin disco or sumthing on dogs so thats outa the question and I`m pirty sure champ spawn critters aren`t tamable (which JUST occured to me) soooooooo Doom it is!

    Thanks for the idea.
  5. Walkerboh77

    Walkerboh77 Guest

    yeah...i will admit i went to wyvern island on a boat and got to about 93 there with a macro....

    provo has to be one of the worst skills in the game for gains....so i dont feel bad about it :p

    but doom is entertaining and u should gain pretty quick
  6. Piehunter

    Piehunter Guest

    I am at 119.3 prove atm and most of it came from going to places like doom and using it while actually playing. I get sick of trying to power game skills that are horrifyingly boring.
    I get to a point where the skill is useful and then start using it practically.