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PoC Big Fish Carnival - Sun 14th Sept 08

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Amathist of PoC, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Everyone on Oceania is invited to the PoC Big Fish Oceania Carnival, a day of fun laughter, food, ale and salt air. A competition for everyone to have a crack at, you don't have to be a fisherman or woman to compete in all of them. So come along bring the kids and enjoy a day on Cove Docks.

    The competitions start at 11am, the first one being the BIG FISH CHALLENGE...

    Big Fish = 11am til 11:30am (aest)
    Who can catch the biggest fish on oceania. The Weigh in station will be open for 30min so bring your big fish along and show it to an official to compare to the other entries and then the BIGGEST FISH will be announced.

    BIG FISH PRIZE: - Taxidermy Kit, Fishing Rod Marked Biggest Fish, Paragon Gold Special Fish Net, Toy Boat.

    Next up we will have the Scavenger Fish Hunt, competitors will gather on cove docks, they will then be given the supplies for the event, including a fish list and some aquarium fish nets. The first competitor to complete the fish list and show all there fish to the official will win a prize, there are 3 places in this competition.

    * more nets will be available from the official should you run out before you collect the fish needed. Fish do not need to be alive when you show them to officials

    Scavenger Fish Hunt - 11:40am til it ends

    1st Place Prize - Aquarium, HMS Cape Ship Model.
    2nd Place Prize - Fish Bowl and Aquarium Net.
    3rd Place Prize - Fish Bowl.

    Then last but hardly least we will have a Boat Race from Cove Docks to check points then back to Cove Docks. Check Points will be given out in Co Ordinates so a sextant and boat will be needed for this event.

    At each check point sailors will be given a coloured sash and the next co ordinates the winner will be the first back to Cove Docks with all Sash's and co ordinates.

    BOAT RACE PRIZE :- Admirals Rum, HMS Cape Ship Model, A Large Ship Deed and a bottle of pink champagne to name your ship with.

    We hope the day will be alot of fun and look forward to seeing you all there.
  2. Thanks for the sticky, I am also going to invite along Whispering Rose Radio perhaps they can dig up some sea shanties for the day *giggles* or at least beach theme music.
  3. Daniella-EOB

    Daniella-EOB Guest

    Oooooo, Sounds like fun. I hope I'm awake that early hehe. Will there be a lucky Dock prize? hehe
  4. hehe not this time, I just had not thought of it. Perhaps at the next event.
  5. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    I shall try my hardest to be there, but like I told you ammy its my wedding anny that day (septembers a big month here!) And theres a large chance we are going out for lunch somewhere.
    If there is anything i can do in the mean time to help please ask!
  6. Thats totally fine hun as I said real life comes first and you know what it happens to us all *smiles* I hope you have a fantastic anniversary.

    I think I am fairly organized.....I need helpers on the day but am hoping some guildies will step forward on that one.
  7. 7 days to go I hope your all dusting off your fishermen or woman.
  8. Daniella-EOB

    Daniella-EOB Guest

    There is also a Speckled Crab that wasn't on the list in the other thread:p
  9. Thank you Daniella,

    I hope you have all been catching your big fish for the weigh in because you will only have 30min to do so on the day.
  10. Daniella-EOB

    Daniella-EOB Guest

    Also a full moon fish and a brine shrimp :p
  11. 3 Days to GO

    I hope you have all started catching your big fish for the weigh in.​
  12. Fact.

    Fact. Visitor

    Jul 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Arr, I be looking forward to such an event.
  13. I hope no one believes the above post is me, SSO have been trying to cause grief all evening.

    The event is still going to be at COVE DOCKS in TRAM and the event is still planed for 11am tomorrow morning SUNDAY 14th SEPTEMBER.

    could a moderator please delete the bogus post and the false amathist.
  14. tramhater

    tramhater Visitor

    Jul 8, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Well done amathist, big turn out for your "great" event. Infact so many people turned up it has made Cove one laggy place to be!!! Seems like your event has been a big success.

  15. free is not three

    Sep 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I can't believe they scammed me, i gave them my big fish (506 stone - record i believe) and they DIDN'T GIVE IT BACK!!!! Just shows u trams are greedy selfish beings.
  16. The PoC Big Fish Oceania Carnival was loads of fun with a good turn out.

    Aldoreth, Undertaker, Anne Bonny, Dominion, Grumbie Bum, Rebecca, Geheris, Caelara, Sabbath (traveled from another shard to join us), Hermano, Tenaka Kahan, Aria, Jack Sparrow Jnr, Jahira Tor, Fink, Ulrica Von Beck, Frost, Dar, and a few others who's names I did not get to jot down (sorry)all turned up.

    Here is the start of the event people gathering

    Now I didn't get many pictures and the event didn't go off completely without its trouble - thank you largely to SSO griefers who tried to lag us with coins, and then some how managed to boot many people from the game and relocate them to Skara brae, and Moonglow and I am not sure where else. They also did the run around and try and be annoying and witty thing as well as trying to block the harbor again...all in all they put a huge effort into trying to wreck the event - THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO TOUGHED IT OUT AND HAD FUN DESPITE THERE TROUBLE MAKING.

    And just so you may feel better, I know I did the gms did respond and even made an appearance which PoC greatly appreciated. (so much for someones claims the gms where in trouble for trying to protect our event).

    First we had the big fish competition where fishermen showed me there big fish (in trade window but they kept them). We had 6 entries that I knew of I do not know if more where trying to collect fish but 6 people handed over big fish.

    1st Place - Dominion with 183 Stones (please pm me to collect your prize or icq).

    2nd Place - Undertaker with 178 Stones ( I also have your prize please contact me)

    3rd Place - Aldoreth with 165 Stones

    other contestants where: Anne Bonny 118 stones, Grumbie Bum 106 stones and Rebecca 1 stone ( her gag entry).

    Next up we had the Scavenger Fish event - this was very hard to organize as this is when SSO where at there worst but we pushed on and about 5 competed, the winner collecting all 8 fish in record time was

    Aldoreth - well done he later just had fun throwing many many nets out and making poor fish gasp for breath...I think he was feeling the frustration in the air.

    And lastly was our Boat Race - we raced from Brit Docks as Cove was still having issues with SSO and the co ordinates where given and the 4 sailors who toughed it our set off to the first check point.

    It was a close race between Hermano and Caelara with Gaheris and Rebecca not too far behind.

    The race was won by Caelara who is now celebrating with his new boat and champaign.

    We moved to the PoC guild hall to present the prizes

  17. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    I got there a bit late and couldn't see anyone around, so missed out =P Glad it was fun! =)
  18. Sorry you didnt make it Teeshy you could have showed up when we where all booted a few times by mysterious forces and taken to other cities.......maybe next time.

    Well said Anne and thanks for your help with the event.
  19. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    I count 8 people honey. Not 18.
    but of cause not know I made up imaginary people just like I stole your fish right?
  21. Jahira-Tor

    Jahira-Tor Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 3, 2005
    Likes Received:

    Well i was there, but im not in the shot. I was having an amusing time with a weird gate that seemed to make you appear in a black forest before popping into Cove. Had to do that a few times before i settled in to watch the event.
  22. Fink

    Fink Guest

    I was barely there, was too lagged to see anything much..
  23. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    Everyone was lagged. It had nothing to do with the server rather what someone did in the area the event was.
    In the end it was fixed and the event continued. Some people gave up because of the issues but there were still people at the end.
    Cudos to everyone involved in running the event. Shame the people that tried (and didnt succeed) to ruin it couldnt put their time energy into making an event instead of whinging that events to there style arnt being done.
  24. Mishra_

    Mishra_ Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 4, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Thank you for a great event...... Aldoreth

    I was sent off to Vesper a few times before we went to good ole Brit
  25. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    Hrm..this event was fishy....

    LOl.sorry I been dieing to say that for a week now :p

    Sounds like it went very well. Besides some kids problem it went well it sounds like.

    Am I will probally PM you with how you did this :D Im pondering setting something up like this on napa. It sounds like fun.

    I wish I could of been there but I had to go to my brother in laws 5o bday. Which was nice since they had beer there. Thats about it :D
  26. No worries hun I would be happy to help you or most anyone with shard events, I so miss the shard events I would love to see more by different guilds on Oceania.