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Poisoning is a BEAR!!!!

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by imported_Kallie Pigeon, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Wow! what a bear to gm poisoning. I may go to waiting for my GGS gains. I was at 98.8 and did 3 kegs of greater poison and gained 0.2 then did 3 kegs of deadly and gained 0.1. It takes me three times the resources to make deadly poison kegs. Is there some trick to this? I created an alchemist to make poison for my poisoner and he gmed alchemy just making poisons for the poisoner (to gain poisoning from 84 to 99)
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Best suggestion I can offer is a good Alchemy Talisman and Faction Vendors for Night Shade.

    It's really, really, slow ffrom where your at to GM.

    Congrats on your new Alchemist tho.

    Happy Poisoning,
  3. Thanks for the answer. How much do the faction vendors charge for nightshade?
    I made a poisoner long ago with the idea to poison weapons for sale to others. I stopped training at 84 before because there seemed to be no reason to go higher. Now there is little use in poisoning weapons. I just want to gm it for the heck of it. I only use it for pvm but it gives my fencer an easier time with monsters susceptible to poison.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The price on faction vendors is a bit of a long story.

    To answer your question, night shade is 2 gold, at its cheapest price. You will usually find many reagent faction vendors stacked together by a bank. This makes it very easy to buy quantities of night shade.

    The long story part, is faction vendors are controlled by factions. That means that someone on your shard, in factions, has to place the vendors. It also means that for you to get the lowest price, the faction town finance minister has to set the lowest prices for that town. The price on vendors will vary alot depending on what faction folks are trying to accomplish.

    The towns that can have faction Vendors are:
    Brit, Skara, Moonglow, Minoc, Vesper, Yew, Trinsic and perhaps Magincia. I'm not sure about Magincia since there is an invasion going on. Faction Vendors can only be placed in town.

    The good news is that most PvP folks consume alot of potions. That consumption means there are usually some vendors around. Take a walk around the Fel towns and see if you can find any. They might be hidden so only those that know about them can use them. If the vendors you find don't have the lowest prices, continue your search in the other towns.

    I would also recommend stocking up on all the reagents for your new Alchemist. It's nice to have a stack of 60k of each reagent just in case you want to grind pots one night.

    Happy Poisoning,
  5. I actually have a lot of reagents due to finding a bunch from an IDOC and having 3 characters that used to be mages but switched to paladin and they no longer needed reagents. I probably won't need to buy anymore and now am at 99.9. It might be just my imagination but I switched to poisoning 2 different items instead of the same one over and over again and started gaining. Come on you last 0.1.....
  6. I am not a pvper but does anyone use poison for pvm? What monsters are good for poisoning?
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Poison works really well on demons and dragons. When I get bored I take Envi out and go down and solo Ancients. While that might be easier on a mage, you'll find that once poisoned the demons and dragons concentrate on curing themselves.

    I'm sure you'll go thru quite a bit of deadly fighting them, but it is pretty nice special for low mana cost. LP with a slayer and it is almost unfair to the poor dragons and demons.

    If you find PvMing something better with poison, post back here & let us know.

    Anyone else have some favorite monsters for poison?
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I can't fathom people that have multiple GM poisoners, I just started and I'm ready to give in. 220 poison potions and 2 or so hours to go from 50 to 53.3? Is poisoning that powerful that its on the slowest skill gain level, PLUS on a usage delay? Poisoning has now made me think Fishing and Inscription were easy GMs..... And why do I keep poisoning myself? Do I poison the apple while its in my mouth?

  9. Yeah it's a tough skill almost as tough as cartography. My fisher is also my poisoner. I haven't found it useful for fishing so far but will try it a while at gm to see how it works for sea serpents water elementals and kraken. I think the poisoning yourself thing is to try to stop macroers from macroing the skill unattended however once you get a little better you quit poisoning yourself.