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Poisoning + Magery

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Splup, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Splup

    Splup Guest


    I'm taking poisoning to my mage, and I quess this is the best place to get info about poisoning.

    I have trained my poisoning almost GM now, but my guildmate told me that if I have 120 magery, I only need 80 poisoning to get maximum benefit from it. Is this true? Cause if it is, I will use those 20 extra points to get more meditation. Or does having GM poisoning give higher chance of hitting/casting higher level poison then 80? He said that I get max chance by having 200 total skillpoints which means 120 magery + 80 poisoning.
  2. Hulk Hogan

    Hulk Hogan Guest

    When using the poison and poison field spells, you are correct, 200 points is what you need. However, you need to be within 1 tile when casting the poison spell in order for it to be deadly. You can raise the level of poison by 1, by casting the necromancy spell "evil omen" (max level is lethal). Poison fields will always be deadly I believe...

    If you're thinking about using a melee weapon you'll have to use the special move "infectious strike" which works differently than the 200 total skill points rule. I got this from uoguide.com and it's on the Assassin FAQ on the PVP thief forum.

    The power of the poison depends on the type of poison applied to the weapon in question and a character’s Poisoning skill, as follows:

    Poisoning of 00.0 - 19.9 yields Level 1 (lesser), with a chance for Level 2 (regular);
    Poisoning of 20.0 - 39.9 yields Level 2, with a chance for Level 3 (greater);
    Poisoning of 40.0 - 59.9 yields Level 3, with a chance for Level 4 (deadly); and
    Poisoning of 60.0 - 100 yields Level 4, with a chance for Level 5 (lethal).

    If you want to hit with lethal 100% of the time you need 100 poisoning, 90 poisoning for 90%, etc.