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Poisoning question...

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Zippididooda, May 18, 2008.

  1. Zippididooda

    Zippididooda Guest

    Trained up poison lately, hit 80 tonight....should I take it upto 100 or is it unecessary? I thought I remembered something about not needing more than 80 poison...any opines?
    Im trying to finish up al the skills I dropped before soulstones, or just never finished...might work archery next.
  2. CroakerTnT

    CroakerTnT Guest

    Depends on what you want to do with it.

    Can you give us more info?
  3. Shakaja

    Shakaja Guest

    there are only 2 uses with poison.

    1. magery: you need 200 skillpoints to cast deadly poison fields/shortrange poisons. so put it to as low as possible, thats 80 if you have 120 magery, higher if you either have lower magery, or regularily run with mage weaps putting you below 120.

    2. special: matter of taste and what other skill you would put the skillpoints in. you can go 80, even below that, or up to 100 or anything between. the only thing affected by it is how many times, your poison will jump from deadly to lethal. the chance of it doing it is equal to your poisoning skill, so if you want a 100% chance, youll have to go to 100. if 80% is good enough, leave it at 80.
  4. Zippididooda

    Zippididooda Guest

    ok thx al, im gonna take it to 100
    running 110 mage, so need at least 90 there...might as well take it to 100