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POLL – What type of healer are you?

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Madeleine, Feb 28, 2002.

  1. YAY! Something to do in Healer's Forum. :D
    To tell the truth, when I read the subject line, I thought this was "what kind of template do your healers fit into" type of poll. ;)
  2. Telkorin

    Telkorin Guest

    Well, for even more Action, they could add a 'Whats your Healer's Template?' subject...Although, that could be too much action for me...but it's worth a try...
  3. Cloniti39

    Cloniti39 Guest

    I'm a wanderer in Sonoma. To often players think that their 50 skill will keep up with the monsters...and need rezing. Good template for party hunts.

    Cloniti the Cleric
  4. Drake of BCV

    Drake of BCV Guest

    I wandered the bowels of the deepest dungeons know throughout Baja, waiting to hear a pitiful scream then jumping in to help the fallen victim. For payment I'd procede to take the victims belongings and steal his monster before ressurecting him ;)
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have a Healer/Mage. she used to PvP but now she's a support character on guild hunts.
  6. Ashley

    Ashley Guest

    ROFL!! That's the kind of healer I am too.
  7. Vangarian

    Vangarian Guest

    As a wandering healer/warrior on Pacific I have of late been playing an idea through my mind that I want to throw out at all you other healers in the UO universe. How far out there is the idea of trying to get Origin/EA to design a cleric template for the game?? One that allows us to take true clerical spells and healing abilities instead of having to rely on the mages spell book. Turn undead would be one spell I would love to see in game.

    Vangarian Shadowalker
  8. It's probably coming with the paladin necromancer additions in the next expansion.
  9. Dexter

    Dexter Guest

    I mainly use it to heal myself in PvP and PvM and to help friends and sometimes to help poor sobs who are getting beaten real bad.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hrmm.. tis a tough one. I guess out of the many, many thing to do with healing I... I pretty much use healing to heal myself. :p
  11. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    I heal and rez as many people as I can find. I'll also kill all the spawn around them if need be. I guess i'm a brute healer.
  12. balin

    balin Guest

    the paladin stuff is kinda cleric like proboly the best you gona get in uo since thay dont have any diatys do hope thay add more than the 10 spells thou 100 skill points for 10 spells is kinda weak
  13. DanTheAmzing

    DanTheAmzing Guest

    My healer is PvP Lumerjack but very often goes on guild hunts and heals the guild... So Most of the time i have most things covered but on the odd occasion i may result to a pot! *hangs head in shame*
  14. 1231231230

    1231231230 Guest

    Well, there should be an option:
    I mainly use healing to heal myself or preferably xheal with my friend against monsters.
    The only PvM one is a bit selfish heh :)
  15. Alaron

    Alaron Guest

    Mesa is a PvM kinda guy who runs after dead guys to rezz em. hehe Dragon from Baja
  16. ObiThree

    ObiThree Guest

    actually self healer (this is a sig test anyway)
  17. pirogoeth

    pirogoeth Guest

    one i didnt see in the poll.

    red healer.

    50 notos vs 1 red isnt fair at all.

    we need more red healers.
  18. PizzaDude

    PizzaDude Guest

    "What type of healer are you?"

    "Im the frustrated, sluggish Healer that takes nearly 11 seconds to apply an aid to my Boo-Boos; with over 210 skill points dedicated to this practice. Not to mension, my 95 stat points in Dextarity... "

    "How does this make you feel?"

    "Crappy, and... Kinda Sore."
  19. NumbVox

    NumbVox Guest

    Healing + Healing Potions + 'Close Wounds...'

    Makes me pretty darn hard to take down.
  20. KTog

    KTog Guest

    I'm mainly a wandering healer myself. Back from a very long break, but still find my healer, Raynor, to be fun to play. Not bound by any facet, I go where the fallen may be.:)
  21. cephas47

    cephas47 Guest

    109 Mace Fighting
    + 100 Anatomy
    + 91 Healing (and a nifty +9 Healing ring)
    + 0 Chivalry
    + 80 Dexterity
    + nothing that even smells like an artifact
    + Dialup connection (AOL, 'nuff said)
    + Knight of Compassion (NPC escorts are the most stable income I know of)

    What am I? Two words:

    REZ BOY :p

    The Illustrious Lord Cephas [Lord of Knights, V] (Napa Valley)
    Grandmaster Armsman and Knight of Compassion, Valor & Sacrifice
  22. vixen25

    vixen25 Guest

    I heal using aids, and I heal myself anyone in my party and anyone who looks like they need a heal.
    I figure I would rather heal someone then rez them and Im sure most people would rather have it that way also.
    Plus the more you heal the faster your healing goes up, Im working towards 115 healing!!!!!

    I only feel bad healing someone when they are out trying to gain healing points for themselfs and yell because youve healed them.
  23. *bandages guy*
    I'm a busy healer.
    *bandages dead guy*
    Who is..
    iN vAs MaNi
    *casts Greater Heal*
    Occupied with this noob.
    *looks peeved.*
    *nukes noob to oblivion*
    Good lord... How come no one said he had a crappy HMO?
  24. SallyWard

    SallyWard Guest

    I am a healer of both men and beasts... I heal everything from the most minor cuts and scrapes to the most serious cases of death.
  25. I was originally useing the healing skill, but switched to Spirit Speak. I am capable of healing others with Chivelry, but I cannot reasurect yet. I think the Spirit Speak skill and the Force Arrow abeality make my guy kinda spiritual in his own ways.
  26. Just happened to pop into this forum, so...

    The Brothers_Grog have a sister on Catskills. Lady Cayenne is a total healer. She can rez pets and people and heals with both bandages and magery. She is also a Shepherd, tamer and ranger. All skills including anatomy are GM (110 for some using jewelry so she can still show GM Shepherd) except healing (98+).
  27. <blockquote><hr>

    *bandages guy*
    &lt;br&gt;I'm a busy healer.
    &lt;br&gt;*bandages dead guy*
    &lt;br&gt;Who is..
    &lt;br&gt;iN vAs MaNi
    &lt;br&gt;*casts Greater Heal*
    &lt;br&gt;Occupied with this noob.
    &lt;br&gt;*looks peeved.*
    &lt;br&gt;*nukes noob to oblivion*
    &lt;br&gt;Good lord... How come no one said he had a crappy HMO?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    hehehe thats good.
  28. Wow, 4 year old post and less than 30 replies. Not a lot of traffic here is there? [​IMG]

    Anyway, to answer the question, i am primarily a "rescue and recovery" healer. Friend gets killed, my ICQ lights up, and off i go. Raise the ghost, heal them up, and head off to the body. Throw out an energy vortex or nature's fury to buy enough time for them to reclaim their goods, then try to get back anything that was looted.

    In parties, i use magic or bands depending on the situation, and now that i have spellweaving i find that gift of renewal is very helpful on melee fighters that take frequent damage (just wish i could cast that one more often). If i think things are going to get nasty, i use gift of life to avoid a full wipe of the party.

    Lately, i have found myself runing around Vesper or Papua pulling bars on every combatant i see and healing who ever needs it. This event has been great fun.
  29. Verrence

    Verrence Guest

    *dusts off the cobwebs*
    *lights a candle*
    hmmm tis extremly quiet. I wonder if there are many of the healers who have posted here still alive...
    *brushes away a skeletal hand from his shoulder*
    As a monk of the Virtues it tis my job to heal and keep alive (or resserect) anyone who needs it and allies of the monks when in battle (against man or foul monster)
    *pats bow*
    This doesnt mean i stand up the back twiddling my thumbs...
    *blows out the candle*
  30. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I confess to being new to the Healer Forum. Long ago, in his youth, Elladan of Baja was a GM Healer, GM Anatomy and GM Mage. This was long before anyone had even thought of the idea for Soulstones.

    My journey took Elladan in another direction, which has happened a couple times actually during his 10 year journey. Now he has no Healing or Magery skill.

    However, I may just create a Healer. One who embraces the Virtues tightly, one who is a pacifist at heart. She will avoid combat whenever possible. She will heal and resurrect all (humans, elves, and pets) if they are injured or dead. She will show neutrality toward both reds and blues. She takes no sides, except the side of life, healing, and cures for the ill.

    She will feed the hungry, and give bandages, potions, and scrolls to those in direst need.

    It shall prove very interesting for her to see how her neutrality and aid will be received in Felucca. I fear and expect she will be savagely treated and murdered upon sight. Many who spend more time in Felucca than I claim my fears are unfounded.

    We shall see!

    Elladan of Baja
  31. What a healer on baja!?!?!

    Quickly! Sign My pettion for Nerfing Sossaria's HMO's!
  32. VazTheSpaz

    VazTheSpaz Guest

    Im a fullfledged healer, well just made one
    Eval int
    I just wana heal man heal as people kill.