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Poll for pettition

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Guest, Oct 12, 2000.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Plain and simple
  2. Harwind

    Harwind Guest

    I think all the summons should be under one common summon spell that works like polymorph.
  3. Morivoshi

    Morivoshi Guest

    well, in any case i'm agreeing =-P

    Give us polymorph other!
  4. Elwin

    Elwin Guest

    I agree. Has anyone been to t-hunter forum, they have a petition locked at the top for everyone. Scar or Kofu, can you guys get something like that going?
  5. Sandro

    Sandro Guest

    Mages are getting outnumered In PVP
    Lets bring in some spells that will make it a little more even again
  6. whiTeShaDow

    whiTeShaDow Guest

    how about a greater summon spell maybe make the demons non-dispelable and change it to a "greater summon creature" where you can summon like demons, elementals, or even say a drake (if a tamer can have one so why not, it'll go poof before long anyway) and i love that idea about it working like a polymorph spell where you can choose the summon. 8th circle spells need work tho, they more or less suck right now. or LET ME SUMMON A POISON ELEMENTAL now that would flat rock. i think the summon spells should be comparable to the power of other skills, tho i have a particular facination with taming. heck let me summon all kinds of animals but make it so that when you hit gm in magery you have a chance to summon a dragon too. i also think that earthquake should have the same effect on monsters as peacemaking, since in reality it is supposed to knock the monsters down, i mean a 2-3 second delay and making them have to retarget you would make sense. i support some changes in magery to the fullest, there are really only two 8th circle spells that are worth anything (ev and res) the rest pretty well suck unless you wanna hunt ogres and then demons work good for that

    White Shadow of Baja
    GM Mage, Master Tamer
    GM Bad-Ass (and I don't mean just the smell either)
  7. Stonus

    Stonus Guest

    ok, let's say that they do create a summon elemental spell
    or something of that sort, what are your ideas for spells
    that will replace the eliminated spells????
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    how about 2 more offensive spells (look at sig for titles) :p

    <center> OSI Create Ice-Bolt!
    †My UO Page† </center>
  9. WoundedKnee

    WoundedKnee Guest

    the elementals should be grouped into one spell. but then there should be the summon greater. the summon greater would be 8th circle, however, it would require something like 70 mana instead of 50. the spell would have percentages for different monsters that could be summoned. the beefier monsters would have a lower chance of being summoned with a successful cast while the weaker (though still very strong) monsters would have the higher chance of being cast. the different monsters could be drakes, dragons, greater deamons, poison elementals, blood elementals and elder gazers. something like that. each one would have a percentile of the casting chance.
    the other 3 slots (i like the summon lesser deamon, so just put all the elementals into one spell) would be taken by 3 of many different choices. perhaps a "summon heal" spell allowing a mage to completely heal his summons w/o turning grey. this would have its plusses: your 70 mana creature staying alive longer, wouldnt flag the caster criminal. then it would have its downfall which is taking 50 mana to heal something. another idea might be a control spell. the users int is checked against a monsters int, kind of like a mind battle with mind blast. if the caster wins he/she gains control of the target for a set period of time.
    i would come up with others but its getting late and id like to go to bed now. i really think mages have potential with this and we should probably continue working with it.

    BludyBloop, LS
  10. kaizer soze

    kaizer soze Guest

    look at eighth circle spells. Mages used to be feared and respected. now people can melee our daemons to death without much trouble. WHAT IS THAT? i agree with grouping all summon spells into one polymorph sort of thing, they need to go anyways. the main problem on the PvP side, is that to be a good PvP warrior, you don't have to do much. just know when to heal, carry pots, and run and double click!!! it takes a lot more fast thinking and skill to be a GOOD PvP mage. as for PvM, i agree, we need replace most of eight cirle. the elementals are just recyclings of eachother, and of not much use. at LEAST restore the daemon to its former glory!!

    If Elvis isnt dead, lets kill 'im.
  11. Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife Guest

    [nt] = No Text
  12. To all fellow mages:

    I have seen pettition for new weapons which works(result is virtue weapons), pettition for Dragon to Dispel(hardly see any mage in destard now), pettition for rewards program(reward is testing and new items for reward beeing developing.

    And yet, I havenot yet seen any mage's pettition that works that i can recall of. I think it is time for us mage to request something nice for ourself. I have seen many posts like this but it didn't go anywhere because of one problem, there seem to be too much suggestions which make the issue more and more complicated therefore become confusing and un-effective. With this post I hope everyone simply reply in manner of "Agree/ Not Agree". It would be nice if you dont flame or give more suggestions. Lets focus on what you MUST have rather than would be nice to have. Here goes the pettition:


    It is up to the OSI to make decision on which spells should be added. There are a lot of great suggestions on new spells out there for OSI to put into consideration.

    P.S. I know pettition like this should be in idea posts section. However, i think more mage visit this site than the idea posts. If it went well, it shouldn't be hard for us to make several idea posts and direct it over here for OSI to read. BTW, i know there are more useless spells out there but the above three are the most agreeable ones. Lets do a step by step process to improve. Lets not all hussle to ask for what we want. Lets get three new spells first as our initial movement. Lets hold our hand together and work on what mages deserve to have. And finally, lets hope this pettition will work.

    *lets have our goal that the number of replies will reach 200*
  13. Virgil

    Virgil Guest

    I agree. My vote would be for a powerful defensive spell - maybe blurring the charcter to make it difficult to hit, maybe using up mana continuely while using the defence

    But on the other hand, I die a lot . . .

    Jude the Fizzle, magical music man
    Amaryllis, lurking near you . . .
  14. Kofu

    Kofu Guest

    Well i agree as well ;) It is now locked at the top for a while to discuss things hopefuly we can find some usefull lvl 8 spells ;)

    I say group summon in 1 category like polymorph and add daemon in. that will free up 4 spells

    we should have 2 defense spells (1 personal and 1 group?)
    and 1 offensive spell (i like the ICE Blast) but keep it like cor por or kal vas flam against only 1 person already enough area affect spells
    and 1 fun spell or totally new spell :)

    <center><font color=red>King Kofu - FounderOrder of the Ebon Hand Europa</font color=red>
    <font color=blue>Miss Steel - </font color=blue>Owner of the Pot Shop (Vesper)Felucca /forum_images/uo/icons/biggrin.gif
  15. MacII

    MacII Guest

    [nt] = No Text
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yep i have to say on the whole 8th cicle is very dissapointing, needs somthing doing to it.

    /forum_images/uo/icons/mad.gif<font color=red>Urgat Rip-Eye, The Wyrm-Lord, (DEv)</font color=red>/forum_images/uo/icons/mad.gif
    /forum_images/uo/icons/livid.gif<font color=black>Kitana, The Dark Lady, W*H</font color=black>/forum_images/uo/icons/livid.gif
    /forum_images/uo/icons/grrr.gif<font color=green>Gorbad Irunclaw, Chief Warbozz Urk, Irunclaw Urkz</font color=green>/forum_images/uo/icons/grrr.gif
  17. Garthul

    Garthul Guest

    pure and simple, level 8 sucks badly.
    Res, ok
    ev, ok (after you mana drain the lichlords =D )
    Demons, ok to train your own resist, for about 2 seconds.
    and that is IT.

    Second Place is First Loser
  18. Kane[MDK]

    Kane[MDK] Guest

    Well I agree y not insert a new spell with which we could cast bigger combos than just explosion and anpother 1 y not cast 3on1!!!
  19. Morivoshi

    Morivoshi Guest

    We outta compile a list of all the kinds of spells we'd like to see added. Mebbe create a new thread.

    We need polymorph other!!!
  20. Vyacheslav

    Vyacheslav Guest


    GM Miner on Atlantic
  21. BajaOrph

    BajaOrph Guest

    Another offensive spell? We need more???

    If that's the case, it should ACT a little differently. Like explosion. How about an 8th circle attack spell with a delay like explosion? That would suddenly add a good number of new combos to the mix for mages.

    Still... even a GM Mage can fizz a 7th circle. I wonder how many would use an offensive 8th circle in a real pvp match if there's the chance they could fizz. I guess people will be carrying a few scrolls on them after that point.

    Baja Az
  22. Eldaah

    Eldaah Guest

    I have to agree that Level 8 offensive spells would be ineffective unless as a scroll. It might help out the Scribe more than the Mage.

    How about more powerful defense items for our nifty books. After all, the elementals are pretty useless. Lets have some useful ones

    Neophyte Everything
  23. SirRye

    SirRye Guest

    I agree!!!

    It does not make sense that a GM Mage spends all his casting time on low level spells, except when he/she is trying to skill gain. Role play should let us use our high level spells to skill gain and do useful things. What about a good defensive spell like sphere of minor invunerability (from lower level spells). I don't think a high level mage should have to fear mindblast or ebolt. Another nice spell would be blink or phase shift. We could blink in and out and let those dexers and lumberjacks work hard to chase use. Perhaps they should let us cast when frozen (archers can shoot) or moving . What about a good 8th spell like animate dead. We could bring back liche lords to do our biding. Necromancy was always the realm of evil mages. This should have fame and karma effects too.
  24. I don't know what I'd replace the ele spells with, but do have a question? Have the spells been the same for 3 years? Have they ever added new ones?

    If they've never been changed before, I doubt they'd do it now.

    <center>"One man can make a difference, Michael"

    -Wilton Knight</center>
  25. They haven't changed spells in three years, therefore, now is the time. We have waited long enough. However, I think we need far more votes than now. Please everyone refer this link to your friends so that we can have more votes. Thx.

    *Special thanks to Kofu for locking this on the top*
  26. scalacronica

    scalacronica Guest

    I would like new spells. But add this one. Create a shadow spell, so you can be a shadow character for 3 mins or so and still be able to cast spells. It would look like kinda what the shadow wyrm looks like. See through. That would be sweet, run into factions as a shadow and just start mindblasting and corp por'n everyone.
  27. FatherGanja

    FatherGanja Guest

    I like the idea of being able to control magic creatures(elder gazers, liches, etc) and 8th Circle Spell to summon those would be nice :) Maybe a greater polymorph, that lets to turn into a dragon, balron, etc with the same powers/abilities.

    <center>[​IMG]</center>Forget Bush and Gore. Jump on the Lighthood/British bandwagon!
    "Read my lips. No new nerfs!"
  28. Hammen

    Hammen Guest

    [nt] = No Text

    I am the Master of All Who Prevail!
  29. Mrferret

    Mrferret Guest

    haveing the mage turn in to something , and acutally have it make a diffrance in its fighting abilty, that whould make a great spell.

    Makes being a mage more realistic
  30. I aggree

    GM Runner
  31. pauLing

    pauLing Guest

    But, nevertheless, I dont want ALL 8th circle to be full of summoning stuff. They should allow greater defensive spell or even offensive spell on that 8th circle.
  32. Fate

    Fate Guest

    This is indeed a great idea. Mages do need a change. I think that combining each of the summons into one spell is the best idea. Then we could get 3 new 8th circle spells. I don't think that we should add dragons,drakes,wyrms, or mares to the summons list. I have a mage char and a tamer/mage and i think that mages having the ablility to summon these lessons the value of being a tamer. Unless of course we could come up with some kinda lesser drake, dragon etc.. I would be fine with summons in one spell and 3 new ones. Also if Bad Circle is a bug its a bug that should be in the game. Thats just my little thoughts
  33. Stonus

    Stonus Guest

    how about an imbuing spell that could make some
    items magical?? but the chance of success could
    also depend of smithy skill.
  34. Condrax

    Condrax Guest

    I agree

    For those about to rock i salute you !!!!
  35. Sahue

    Sahue Guest

    no matter what happens there will always be a damn towny with gm magery castin the same spells these so called "mages" can there needs to be a limit like some type of new skill that allows better spellcasting my fav thing though would be NECROMANCY if they added that i would be ecstatic....all in all I AGREE

    I will help organize your backpack for FREE!!!
    WHAT A DEAL!!!!!
  36. Zen Lunatic

    Zen Lunatic Guest

    I agree.

    WTF good is 8th circle anyways?? Res, ok. Ev, i guess..... Eles and demons? please... Earthquake? all ive managed to do with that is piss off whole rooms full of things.

    But to anybody out there even having the audacity to mention Necromancy, it would be soooo cool, but it will NEVER EVER EVER EVER happen. Please stop bringing up necro, it just confuses the issue.

    Change 8th circle!!!!

    *You notice Zen Lunatic noticing Zen Lunatic*
  37. noto

    noto Guest

    agreed. its like we have 7 circles of spells right now and an eight one just for show...look mister nuby what i can do...its a deamon. Well I'm not a performer so I want to benefit of my invested time and have usefull eight level spells...

    by the way we could also start a petition on the usefullness of rewards for mages compared to the other classes in both factions and long term playing. I for one have no use for a golden axe or a blue shiny plate when i join the mages counsil.

    *Sometimes its best to leave sleeping dragons lay*
  38. Zarn

    Zarn Guest

    [nt] = No Text

    Somedays are better than others...Unfortunately this isn't one of them!
  39. Morten (IO)

    Morten (IO) Guest

    I'm with you guys

    lvl 8 sucks apart from res


    <font color=red>/forum_images/uo/icons/livid.gifMorten, Scribe/Mage, Dark Soul, (DEv)/forum_images/uo/icons/livid.gif</font color=red>
  40. arrosto

    arrosto Guest

    Hi all mages!

    Yes, I would also like to have very powerful spells to blast everything I see. How nice would it be to be the most powerful.
    My personal opinion is that there are already enough spells and are right tuned for the game.

    I can on the other hand agree that the summon spells could be grouped into one and add some other USEFUL (not stronger) spells.
    I don't see the need to have any more attacking spells because a GM mage is already well prepared to deal damage and heal himself fairly quickly.

    I like UO just because my character is not the best and because I find always a good opponent, mostly much stronger than me.
    That should encourage team playing with partys etc., not just browsing the worlds leaving tons of deads behind.
    I personally don't like the idea to make character stronger than they can currently be. Especially for mages.
  41. Morten (IO)

    Morten (IO) Guest

    I may be wrong about some people, but I dont think the point of this petition is to make Mages even more powerful than we already are. There are some near useless spells that we would like changing. Speaking personally The summon elemental spells are only useful to help gain magery to GM level, the summon daemon spell is moderately useful (to me at least) to protect me from all the ettins/ogres etc that spawn next to my house. I only ever use res on a regular basis (especially seeing as EV is next to useless with certain creatures auto dispelling now). I dont want the most powerful character in the game, but what I do want is the character I have worked on for over a year (never used 8x8) to be able to do something useful other than cast Res all the time


    <font color=red>/forum_images/uo/icons/livid.gifMorten, Scribe/Mage, Dark Soul, (DEv)/forum_images/uo/icons/livid.gif</font color=red>
  42. noto

    noto Guest

    well said... it doesn't matter that some spells suck or seem useless.... but it does matter that all these spells are at the moment the level 8 spells we've trained so long to aquire :)

    *Sometimes its best to leave sleeping dragons lay*
  43. Maric III

    Maric III Guest

    I agree.
    I cant yet cast these high level spells, but i do know that even at my current level, these various Summons are fairly weak, bu that does reflect the game. Afterall Air eles and Fire etc are all fairly easy to kill
    What i dont agree with is, to make these ele's more powerful on a simple cast otherwise they wont actualy reflect the in game monsters.
    If they HAVE to (and i mean have to ) be made touher - perhaps lower them to Level 7 and make them reflect the casters abilities - ie if the caster has low resist then the monster will, if the caster has high dex (hmm - cant see why - but you'll get my drift) then the ele will hit faster. So theoreticaly a high level caster ie gm mage,res,eval,med would produce quite a hard monster. Whereas a low level 7 would produce a wimpy(but still fairly tough) ele. - what do u think ?
    As for more offensive spells - hmm - not sure - i do think they should produce more elemental spells - ie cast ice on a fire ele to harm it or fire on water - therefore creating new spells.

    erm......... Bye
  44. krafter

    krafter Guest

    Ok, here are some spells from some other games that don't exist in UO. What you you all think of any of these (I have edited the descriptions to make them make sense in UO):


    With this spell, the caster summons between two and six illusionary images. If any damage is inflicted upon a phantasmal image, it is destroyed and vanishes.


    The most powerful offensive spell in the game.... You focus and send a huge shockwave into the victim, pounding the victim and causing massive damage.

    3 - ACID BLAST

    With this spell, the caster sends a stream of acid at every monster in the room. The first stream is the most powerful, and each stream thereafter is weakened. The damage done increases with the caster's level and a saving throw vs spells is allowed to reduce the damage taken.


    When in effect a manashield will take all of the damage towards your mana instead of hit points. The damage done to mana is 1 to 2 times what would have been taken away from hit points. Once your mana goes down to 1/3 the spell will dissipate.


    When cast, you envelope the room in a shimmering shield that will not allow a monster to walk into the room.


    Blindness will blind a victim failing its saving throw.

    7 - FEAR

    This spell causes fear in the hearts of the brave. Works best when you need a break from fighting a particularly tough monster (causes monster to run away).

    8 - PHASE

    This spell can teleport you to the name of the person spoken, if that person is in close enough proximity to you. The higher level you are, the greater the distance you may travel. There is magic in the world, greater than that of mortals, which can prevent the phase from working.
    If you are mounted, the travel will also include your beast but it will cost more mana.

    9 - LEVITATE

    This spell gives the victim the ability to levitate up to a few feet above the ground. This is used to travel over water (or other obstacles). Please note this spell does not allow the recipient to fly like a bird.

    Hemingray, AhPuch, and Krafter of GL
  45. Selinar

    Selinar Guest

    I agree 8th cirlce is mostly useless right now!!!

    I dont Suffer From Insanity? I Enjoy It!!!

    Jester's it not a Job its a Climax

    Selinar Silvermoon of Hokuto
  46. Silmakhor

    Silmakhor Guest

    I agree that eighth circle spells suck, but I don't think the answer is creating bigger and badder Nuke spells. That's uncreative,and we already have FS. Any time we up the ante on sheer destructiveness, somebody is gonna want something bigger. It's an insoluble issue.

    Instead of thrash spells, there ought to be more useful, really cool spells that are like rez and gate. They should also be uniquely magelike, and shouldn't copy the skills of other professions. With that in mind, here goes:

    1. A spell that can *temporarily* newbify one item (Ie. your buddy's sword of vanquishing or your reg bag)

    2. A spell that temporarily allows access to the bank for maybe 15 secs or so. Just long enough to grab regs from within the depths of Hythloth...

    (As you can see, I hate losing regs in dungeons;)

    3. A time-warp spell - you cast it on anybody... they are returned to the same state they were at some predetermined interval beforehand. They keep all their stuff, but lose any treasure, skill gains, etc.

    4. A mass bless spell, perhaps in different flavors. E.G. a spell that boosts a party's resist, or HP, or something like that.

    5. A house protection spell - spawn can't come within 1 square of your house for a week, but PC's can. This would be useful for keeping annoying critters out of guild meetings and the like. I admit this would be impractical in urban areas.... but what the heck.

    Or alternatively - An area effect spell that you can only cast on your own house. Anything that targets the owner (only on his own property) starts taking damage on a time-lapse basis. (On second thought, this version might make homeowners inordinately rich if they live in highly spawned areas.)

    6. As somebody sugested, magically boosting items - again, perhaps only temporarily. Else, the market would become vastly oversaturated with Player-made magical crap.

    7. Spells that afect the weather - like summoning but perhaps a thunderstorm or whirlwind.. randomly casting devastting blows of lightning on everything visible.... powerful yes, but risky!

    8. Waterwalking - target can walk like J.C.

    9. A real necromancy spell - summon weak ghouls from the corpses of slain monsters. It would work on PC's but would flag caster as red.

    10. Create Portal - construct a magical portal from your house to one other fixed location- guild halls, banks, whatever. You have to throw 50 BP (or some such amount) in it per week to keep it refreshed. This would also be a great money-maker for mages who like to help out less magically inclined players. Perhaps carpentry or smithing could play a role in this.

    11. -far seeing- would work with runes, like recall, but instead og travelling, you see the areas which are marked by the runes. Thus you could figure out whether to return to that spawn site immediately.... or you could check and see who's at the guild house without having to go there in person. Or, check mining spots to see if they're crowded. This would be a super useful spell.

    12. Enchant Craft tool - enhances the quality of items produced with sewing kits, forges, whatever. Runs out after 30 charges or so.

    13. Regroup - creates a temporary magical shelter large enough for the entire party to rest & refit in.

    The point is, I think we can make magic a lot more interesting and useful by being imaginative, as opposed to just building a bigger gun.

    Damn.. my net connection died while I was typing this - a sign I've rambled on long enough! Time to reconnect and submit.

    &lt;I&gt;The only reagent you really need is the mushroom&lt;/I&gt;
  47. nonnaca

    nonnaca Guest

    I agree...eighth level sux. nothing good there but rez...what about ev you ask? well anything worth using it on can dispell it, so whats the point. like i am going to sit there and mana drain a dragon with four wyverns and three drakes and another dragon chasing me around....not

    va fan?
  48. Harwind

    Harwind Guest

    Those are some really good suggestions. I would like to see the ability to recharge items. It only makes sense.
  49. I agree. 8th Circle spells other than rez and ev are useless.