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Poppy Dust?

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Silence_Fair, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Silence_Fair

    Silence_Fair Guest

    I have just returned to play and find that I have a lot to learn AGAIN about plants. Where does one find Poppy Dust?

    Also I found some seeds for the newer plants on a vendor and none of them give seeds and even the deco block has an X in it. . anyone care to comment on it?

    Really do need help with this. .
  2. DHMagicMan_1

    DHMagicMan_1 Guest

    There is an additional collection of plants (something like 12 or so plants) that come from "Peculuar Seeds". These include sugar canes (no resource yet though), flowery cacti with 4 barrels, spider tree, two cypress trees and some other stuff. One plant in this collection is called "Poppies" but they are much more spread out than the poppies that come from standard cross polination. These new "Peculuar Poppies" give off a dust resource and you get a total of 64 "charges" with 8 dust and 8 charges each. None of these Peculuar plants give off seeds or allow cross polination of any kind and they are all "Plain" in color ... (some small exceptions with regard to colored Flowery Cacti...

    There's also a new Fragrant Seed which always produces a Cocoa Tree and has cocoa powder as a resource. This also doesn't cross polinate but it does drop more fragrant seeds for more cocoa trees.
  3. Silence_Fair

    Silence_Fair Guest

    I have grown some of these poppies and it seems I can't make them "deco" and they have no seeds plus I have the cactus, flowering, and they can't be "deco" either in fact of all the new seeds I have planted to try none of them can be made deco. . there is a big X in the box for deco. . I am lost. .
    since I can't make them deco will they survive in a box without any further watering etc? Boy do I have a lot to learn. . thanks for your reply.
  4. soulstoner

    soulstoner Guest

    It may be helpful after this long hiatus to take a look at Hyssmaye’s Sticky above:

    Sticky: [Gardening] Gardening FAQ (Last Updated 8/15/2008)

    Also the list of what drops which new ‘peculiar seeds' is in the following linked thread.
    The New Peculiar Poppies will begin to create the ‘dust’ resource beginning on day 10 and continue through day 17 being 1 per day.
    Personally ... I like taking a dexxer to the Terathan cave up in Spirituality for the seeds to get poppies -> dust as they're quick and easy for a half-decent fighter.
  5. Dragonchilde

    Dragonchilde Guest

    I like the wisps at the Ilsh Spirituality spawn. Mass numbers of them, easy kills. I can rack up plenty of seeds in a very short time.
  6. DevilsOwn

    DevilsOwn Stratics Legend
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 27, 2003
    Likes Received:
    as for that annoying red X which usually means you cannot set to deco, for the peculiar plants you simply ignore it and click it anyway.... you will then get the confirmation gump
  7. Silence_Fair

    Silence_Fair Guest

    :thumbup:Thanks ever so for the information.. now I can at least know what I can or cannot do with these little goodies:heart: I will certainly go to those places and get me some pecular seeds. . OH BTW I killed plague beasts and found an empty corpse:cursing: Thanks again!
  8. Silence_Fair

    Silence_Fair Guest

    Blacxk or white? I don't want negative karma. .
  9. Dragonchilde

    Dragonchilde Guest

    I've never lost any karma to the white ones. I don't think the ones at that spawn make you lose karma. Someone else may be able to correct me.
  10. Sinful_Candie

    Sinful_Candie Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Dragonchilde your right you don't lose karma at them. I kill them all the time at the champ spawn for seeds. All is safe happy collecting. :thumbup:
  11. Silence_Fair

    Silence_Fair Guest

    OK I did what was suggested and waited for the longest time and when I went to try and collect I got the message " mutants don't give . . . " so now I have deco plants. . going to try again. . I did wait over 10 days and nothing changed everything stayed 8s across the board so I as I said will have to try again. .
  12. soulstoner

    soulstoner Guest

    Oh nose .... Not sure what you've planted/crossed .. but to get poppies dust ... kill a bunch of Terathan Warriors or {Wisps if your wimpy (lol) kidding!!!!} and plant their peculiar seeds & geezus hope that at least 5 out of 20 turn out to be poppies .. beginning on day 9 or 10 they'll begin to give you the resources ... 8 dusts per (1 per day so after 17-18 days you'll have 8 dusts = 64 charges) ... so each time you want/need more dust - it's off to kill again for the peculiar seeds from the Terathan/Wisp/Hiryu........... once you have one plant worth of dust though you'll be able to ID before you play the plant and waiting game ............. Wondering if you were hitting he seed tab in lieu of the tab that looks like feathers ... don't set it to deco until you've gathered all 8 days of resource bearing dailys

    To gather the dust use the bottom middle tab on the plant resource gump not the far right seed one

    PS -- If you'd planted your first peculiar seed on 9-18 (you're initial inquiry & comments above) you'd be getting your first dust today er tomorrow)

    PSS -- wrt to plague beast - surgery is required to git something --- http://www.theunruled.com/outy/plaguebeastlord1.html
    I've attempted in the past but have gotten frustrated and may try again in a few years
  13. mjolnir131

    mjolnir131 Guest

    i got 3 cactus seeds from Terathan Warriors is that list of plants now mixed up and random?
  14. soulstoner

    soulstoner Guest

    :eyes: wow - what else did you get from them ? ... I'll head out this evening and farm some seeds from the list of seed droppers & report back
  15. soulstoner

    soulstoner Guest

    So far the test run this evening I've found:
    Terathan Warrior & Titan have swapped Spider tree with Cactus
    the remainder of the seed types within the list for those 2 beasts remain the same --- averaging a sample of 20 seeds.

    Also, sampled ~ 20 seeds each from Serpentine Dragon & Kappa.
    Results = all match the list per name

    NOTE: Can't be sure at this time if the direction of the hops remains the same or the type of Cypress or Hedge height are the same so -- I'm planing 1 each of the hops, cypress & hedge seeds gathered this evening - this evening - to be sure & will report back in ~ 9 days :p.
  16. soulstoner

    soulstoner Guest

    The plantings from each of the 4 monsters groups to check the directional and type are up. With a sampling of 20 seeds each from ID'ed: Titan, Kappa, Serp Dragon & Terathan Warrior the only difference in the chart IS the spider tree & flowering Cactus switched between the Titan & the Terathan. The remainder are the same wrt size of hedge, direction of hops and type of cypress.... I only assume the reminder of the monsters from each of the groups are performing the same as the one sampled...... won't be hard to verify with the handy seed stackability there days :) I think I recall mention that the types may switch around a bit over time just to keep things interesting. thanks for the heads up mjolnir131 :thumbup:
  17. Zym Dragon

    Zym Dragon Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Is poppy dust supposed to stack? I pulled off my first harvest of poppy dust this morning and I was surprised to see that it did not stack.
  18. soulstoner

    soulstoner Guest

    Congrats on your first harvest of poppy dust :) - it rocks!!
    *grabs hukah*

    & no on the stacking .... just keep em on the stashed muthah plant
  19. Dragonchilde

    Dragonchilde Guest

    No, they don't stack. I have a box of mature plants, and pull off the dust as needed (otherwise, it's a mess in your pack!)
  20. Kherkus

    Kherkus Guest

    Plague Beast Lords

    If anyone wants information on this sybject, I'm an expert at disecting them and claiming the reward. Even if it is a worthless item these days.