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Possibly Bob's last poem.....

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Bob the Scribe, Feb 12, 2003.

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  1. Here's a little something I have just jotted down, in my 10 minute break at work. Yup that's where I am folks, at work.

    I did a daily count down,
    I thought that this was great,
    I didn't even realise,
    I would have to wait.

    We've reached the day of reckoning,
    When AoS ships out,
    But all I hear on the Boards,
    Are posters woeful Shouts,

    Where's my game, what have they done,
    The cries come swift and loud,
    I want my game, I want it now,
    I want to claim my shroud

    I want to place my big house,
    In the Malas land,
    But all the shards have gone down,
    Now don’t you think it’s grand.

    But all this crying does no good,
    By now you all should know,
    That OSI, the holy ones,
    No mercy will they show.

    They’ll only tell you what they want
    They’ll keep you in the dark,
    We don’t think it’s funny at all,
    You are not being smart.

    All the changes that you’ve made,
    Are they really for the better,
    I’m running out of things to rhyme,
    In this poetic letter.

    I’ll draw this poem to a close,
    As I have writers block,
    I don’t know what to put,
    But I hope this madness stops.

    If anyone can add to it then please feel free to donate your contribution in this thread. Too much going on at the moment for me to realy but pen to paper and write something that makes better sense than this little ditty.
    And yes Erskine (formerly known as Bob the Scribe) is a bard and a fairly good one at that.
  2. Hekate

    Hekate Guest

    Hang in there "Erskine"....

    The pathing/upgrading is far from over....alot can happen in the next few days/weeks... It might turn out good in the end.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    nice one.

    i wanna add...

    Always look on the bright sight of life..
    *whissle whissle*

    Always look on the bright sight of life..
    *whissle whissle*

    I'm gonna stock my vendors,
    those 50 at at my house.

    I wanna get my millions,
    Before it gets anounced :

    "Thine vendors will take up,
    your very pretty space,,
    you loaded them to much
    with junk and much of waste"

  4. Nah Hekate, it's supposed to rhyme,

    The upgrading is far from over,
    We'll have to sit and wait,
    A lot can happen in a day or two,
    it all might turn out great.

    Nicely written VW, you posted while I was writing this one.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    then mine is better ey!
  6. I like them both!

    Good work, guys. You made me smile and I'm not even awake yet /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
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