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Post ALL Publish 21 Feedback/Bugs/issues in this thread.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Instead of 100 new threads about this topic, lets compile a list of bugs and issues with the latest publish in one thread.

    In this thread you can post:
    - Bugs
    - Issues
    - Observations
    - Concerns

    Please post your concern in a constructive way, so that the Devs will have a single point of entry to all this.

    No OT, no namecalling no flaming etc. THANKS!

    All replies not following this, will be deleted to maintain a nice overview.

    Post away.
  2. Perhaps clarification on what is intentional would be helpful with the following items:
    -Is the BOD reward system changed at all? Can they tell us what we should be expecting?
    -Why is enhancement worse and not better but Blacksmith's with higher than GM skill(I have seen a bunch of posts thus far stating this, and found this myself)?
    -Why are pets acting so crazy (not just tamers pet, my lumberjack had some serious problems today) - is this supposed to be a nerf, or is it a bug?
    -What happened to Sacred Journey
  3. Picus of Napa

    Picus of Napa Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Supporter Stratics Legend

    Jun 27, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I thought we were to only lose durabilty if we fail a repair? I seem to be losing it every time. Any ideas when I can sell my POF jars for half a mil, won't be long before these are the most sought after items in the game.

    Lancing, why in the world was this removed from the game? While sure it might still be in the game when was the last time you fought a red or flagged healer whom actually was stupid enough to be running around with a lance in hand? This was the only advantage that a pure warrior had in the game when involved in melee combat.

    Healing is great, I am actually surprised how much better it is compared to what it looked like on TC.
  4. EquineDeath

    EquineDeath Guest

    I'll start - A rather nasty one too :

    New Bug - Possible to complete the transfer of house and the seller keeps the gold and the house leaving the buyer with nothing. (I have seen 2 reports here and one person in game)

    New Bug - NPC's do not pay the correct (indicated) amount for good sold to them when the money is deposited in check form into the bank of the seller (Saw a report of this yesterday and I tried myself and found it to be true)

    Logistical Error - If the vendor in Doom does not have prices reset at server up (Which I have read to be the case) the prices will continue to go up due to the fact that he does not purchase goods.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How soon will it be before the tamers can play UO again?

    If the fix isn't coming until Publish 22...then will Publish 22 be here tomorrow?

    This is the absolute worst bug to have hit this game in the years that I've been playing, and my nearly 6x120 tamer has become utterly useless.

    Please let us know ASAP.

    Let us know SOMETHING, or ANYTHING.

    I usually laugh at people who say they are cancelling their account over bugs or publishes...this is the only time I've actually considered it.

    Please let the tamers know something ASAP.

  6. 1) I'm losing durability on every repair despite I'm Legendary and using a +10 ASH.

    2) enhancing 'success' chance seems to be about the same

    3) Legendary Smith getting humdrum BOD's - worse than a Smith with 70 skill - in short - no change there.
  7. popps

    popps Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Although I do have a tamer my MAIN concern by all means goes to the very n.1 thing that got me keeping to play UO (and pay 3 accounts) : Smithy Bulk Order Deeds.

    I am deeply concerned about what I see has happened to smithy BODs :

    a) - I seem to get worse BODs from NPCs and being at 115 skills does not seem to help;

    b) - The nerfing of the smithy BOD rewards has made it so that I will never (in this life) be able to get an agapite/verite/valorite runic even though I pay for 3 accounts and have 11 smithies (5 GMs, 1 is 115 and 5 are 71 skill) and this, when runics were only FIXED (by Hanse's admission high end ones were BUGGED).
    I don't get it why FIXING broken code with runics calls for a nerfing of their distribution: what if their code worked as intended ???

    c) - Very high end and hard to get LBODs like 10, 15 VERITE exceptional Plate LBOD only give a +60 ancient hammer (also 20s ?). It has been reported by MANY that using such ASH does NOT really help much in improving enhancing. Therefore, the nightmare to gather all the VERY HIGH END bods needed to fill the large seems NOT TO JUSTIFY the reward given by all means.

    d) Making mandatory to collect for VALORITE BODs (and exceptionals most likely..) in order to get agapite/verite/valorite runics means basically, given how they are impossible to spawn, like telling to players to forget about them althougether. This is absurd when I pay for 3 accounts for BODs-getting......

    These are my very main concerns for now and I am so concerned that I am seriously considering closing my 2 extra accounts as they are meaningless now that I see what publish 21 has done to BODs.
  8. jabberw0cky

    jabberw0cky Guest

    2handed weapons can't be disarmed

    the obvious issues with pets. someone also mentioned they attack owner when trying to transfer

    20 normal 4 piece cloth BODs are giving out spined runics
  9. molinaro

    molinaro Guest

    - Bonded pets do not go with you when you use the help/stuck option, even if they are correctly following, and standing on top of you.

    To the peope who said bods handed out are good/bad... get real! It's been 1 day! A sample of 1 day, or even 1 month won't show you a thing.
  10. EquineDeath

    EquineDeath Guest

    Unlisted Change To Runebooks or Bug?- Can no longer click on the table of contents and go directly to that page in the book.
  11. Sacrosanct

    Sacrosanct Guest

    I think the distrubution of the tailoring rewards were fine, the only thing should been done was to scale down on the powerscrolls being releases.

    Should scale up on release of higher end hammers, for all the work given to have completed a large plate bod take awhile, not like going in doom fighting a creature and getting a doom artifact. The number of valorite hammers release to each shard per year should be increased from its original design.
  12. Burl

    Burl Guest

    NPC's are accepting too little profit for their services. This change has been needed forever, but it has to be done right. The difference between buying and selling prices should be much larger, probably in the 40% range or so.

    There are two reasons for this. NPC's are captive markets, they cannot move from town to town like players can. By demanding little or no profit, players are going to exploit the heck out of them. Rather than acting as a gold sink, this will introduce a great deal of gold into the game.

    Also, if NPC's are not accepting a profit, there is no economic reason to buy things from other players when you know that NPC's are always the most efficient value. I don't think we want ALL trading done via NPCs.
  13. Erastus Hash

    Erastus Hash Guest

    Every horse that I've bought has gone wild as soon as I buy it.I don't even have a chance to feed it before it is gone.I don't have taming or I would just tame one but it looks like there are problems there too.Also my roommate has a 4yr old account and now its saying his account is only 8 months old.He can't use any of his vet rewards including his etheral(sp?) mounts.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Armour and weapons Etc seem to be loosing dur way to fast when u use them/get hit.

    Attacking a red wandering healer with axe of heavens (to test healing changes) went from 254/255 to 252/255.
  15. This is more under concerns. Archery is more broke than ever under this new patch. My archer will not fire half the time in PvP. Bows break down way to fast and now you can not repair them without losing Duriblity. So all my undead slayers are not useable. Nor are any of my high end bows. I haven't played my Tamer yet, but after looking at all the other post, not sure I want to. It pretty much looks like the game is more unplayable for me than it ever has been. This game is being handed to the powergamers. Not sure why OSI is intent on killing it, but they are going a long way to do it.
  16. Parfox

    Parfox Guest

    Pet's that stay on target are dead pets... if UO does NOT want tamers, why did they create them? Why nerf tamers EVERY publish it seems? Want us back in Shame level 1 competing with newb warriors/magi? Stop the nerfing of classes and figure ways to balance the other char's up. BTW Monster Ingore... what a pile of stinky stuff you have there. A Faction Tamer with it against a non-faction tamer... who wins? LOL it should not include tamed pets... or their pets should not be able to fight period. Talk about unfair advantages, monster ignore is a bad bad bugger at present.

    Smith bod's (higher level ones) being turned in for half the reward as usual, and my GM smith is still getting 10 normal iron chainmail bod's what reward can I expect when I turn that in? A smithing scroll? a runic hammer or ASH? Even in a LBOD?

    My 101.4 tailor just picked up a 15 normal pants BOD... will that gain me a better scroll or ruinic when turned in... even when filling a LBOD?

    Crafters (mine anyways) are looking to improve themselves to give better quality items to the ones who use them, not just spend my time running around shopping and spending gold on trying to find the good BOD's that MAY or MAY NOT give them something useful for their job.

    Chivalry spells fizzle like no ones business, at 45 I have trouble casting 15 min skill spells...

    Healing speed is about right, but to have a aid that fails due to 26+ damage just plain sux, if something is laying that much damage to you, you need healed not to fail. To balance this in PvP a mage taking damage of 26+ should not have the ability to cast either, including all magi monsters? Ever hear of a lich lord failing a cast cause of damage being inflicted? The Magic Resist changes are bad enough to park my warriors, the speed of the heal is about right, but at GM anat/heal failure should not be over 5% under any condition.

    Items in a house that ARE NOT locked down should not be clean swept until the morning maintenance in my humble opinion, I lost a personal bless deed due to that clean sweep junk. Houses are not cached unless your in it, so the lag issue should not effect folks passing by, unless they step on the steps.

    OK there are my views and humle opinions what you do with them is now up to you... <G>
  17. Syncros

    Syncros Guest

    - Healing a pet with vet, You can stand 1 step away from it and it'll attempt to heal it but when it comes time to heal its hps it'll say you are too far away. I wasnt aware that vet would be like player healing 1 step away but I guess its unintentional since I dont remember reading about players being able to vet their pets 1 step away. Any players getting that message when healing other players using healing skill?
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Here are the bugs QA has verified and entered thus far:

    - Can't click on the rune listings & jump to the appropriate page of a runebook
    - It is more difficult for players to pull their pets out of combat
    - When an NPC attempts to place a check into your bankbox for more than 65536, you get shorted that amount of gold
    - You can get faction silver from faction monsters even if you are not in an opposing faction
    - Nix the Variety Dealer doesn't buy anything, so his prices will only ever increase
    - Using buttons in the runebook to cast Sacred Journey costs double mana and tithing points
    - Pets wander off after killing their selected target
    - Sacred Journey button is non-functional on the last page of runebooks
    - If you are killed by a monster, it will follow your ghost

    This one is in the process of being verified, but I suspect it's valid:
    - When you remove an item from the house moving crate & drop it somewhere invalid, the item tries to go back into the moving crate & can't, so it apparently disappears

    These issues are at the top of our priority list for pub 22. Should we deem any of them to be serious game-stoppers, we will consider doing an emergency publish before this. However, we are trying to get pub 22 out before Christmas, so I can't say what the likelihood is of that happening.

    I also want to mention that the reason the second issue cited was not discovered was that the QA guys who tested pets routinely do "all stop" before they do an "all follow". Creating a macro to send both of these commands at once may be a viable workaround until we can correct the underlying issue.
  19. Dadoo

    Dadoo Guest

    I think one of the biggest problems doesn't deal with a specific bug. It's the lack of PR. Not just post-pub21, but pre-pub21, and times between publishes. A little attention goes a long way toward squelching the cries of abuse.

    Just a thought.

    EDIT: Showed up right after Tact's post. How's that for service? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif
  20. Don't know if intended or not... The new all kill slow walk / crawl pets do when asked to kill something. The line of sight requirement for pet commands to be heard. The improved AI of the pet to get away from you while attacking a monster, which by the way moves as fast as ever doing what it wants. Seems the pets can get around things better than before. All together seriously nails peace tamers.

    Over 65k purchase loss of 65k from purchase. Reflecting 64k(b) number limits of the vendor's number system.

    Tried the purchase of horse error and could not reporduce the instant wild.
  21. popps

    popps Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 27, 2004
    Likes Received:

    Thank yu for your informations.
    No mention though of the House trading bug where the seller gets the gold and KEEPS the house too ?

    What about BODs ? Smithies and tailors are rightfully (IMHO) in an uproar. Can you please comment on them also ? Thank you.
  22. Perpetual

    Perpetual Guest

    Well my horse is running off too.Yes even in town.New pets are going wild as soon as you get them.Accounts that are 2+ years old are turning into newbie accounts.People can't use their vet rewards.Just take the whole publish away and start over.Please!
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Bandages are sliping when hit with less than 26 points. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  24. Lemia

    Lemia Guest

    Sounds like you need more actual players to officially test for you. I don't know of many (if any) tamers in game that use all stop every time before all follow :p

    An no, it doesn't help that much.
  25. Wanda Lust

    Wanda Lust Guest

    Don't know if this change was intended, but now every time you mine you get a skill delay before you can use another skill. I have hiding and stealthing built into my mining macros, but now I can't attempt to hide/stealth until waiting for the delay to time out after digging a shovel full of ore (about 5 sec). Most annoying.
  26. Dralnu

    Dralnu Guest

    ok, well i think the chances of losing dura even upon success of repair are a bit too high. The chances of succeeding a repair are too low. Archers are still on the back burners for improvements, and i have noticed something, this was pre-pub22 and is still happening, if you shoot teh arrow and right as it should hit the monster, you get paralyzed, it won't hit the monster, but right as you are unpara'd your shot will hit it, just as the little msg appears that you are unpara'd. If you keep the idea of losing max dura as is, but do fix the chances so they aren't as hard, plz make powder of fort easier to get via bod's!! and for all bod's, not just smithy bod's.

    Edit: When I was creating this post, I was fighting Dread Spiders. When i looked at my guy, he was poisoned, but i noticed that the poison dmg seemed a bit too fast compared to usual. And also I got cursed, it reminded me that curse is wayyyyy too powerful nowadays, fix these things plzzz.
  27. PoorSob

    PoorSob Guest

    I have played for many years, and this publish actually made me sad. It seems to have been developed without any kind management.

    New features introduced with alot of flaws...
    Old features getting changed towards something worse...

    I can't put my finger on any improment in this publish at all.
  28. Ox_Dematari

    Ox_Dematari Guest

    While on foot you cannot the disarm special move doesn’t work against 2 handed weapons, (you lose mana, you get the success message but they keep their weapon armed)

    Spell channeling weapons when successfully disarmed have no delay on when they can be rearmed
  29. Temporis

    Temporis Guest

    I have been a major Treasure hunter for 4 years now.. The publish before this one I got decent loot with the chance to get one GREAT item once in a while... Now that publish 21 is here though I get nothing that is seriously GREAT worth keeping from treasure maps.. Ive done over 20 level 5 Treasure maps hoping to get SOMETHING somewhat good and have only ended up getting beter loot off of the monsters then the maps themself... this is frustraiting.. I am a treasure hunter because I live for the chest.. not the monster loot.. If I wanted monster loot I would go camp a dungon... The least thing OSI could do is put back the old publish for treasure maps because I don't want them to even TRY to fix Treasure maps again for fear I might get worse...

    Also... a couple things now that I no longer get...
    - No Resist higher then 10 on items from chests
    - No FCR over 1 or FC with FCR items from the chests
    - No Damage increase over 23 from the chests
    - Max Swing speed item I have gotten is 20% from chests
    - Max No Reg Armor/Jewlery I have gotten is 12% from chests

    The only actual thing I get thats very good are luck Items and THATS IT!

  30. Dralnu

    Dralnu Guest

    yea, on test i noticed that ppl weren't losing their weapons when i did the disarm ability. When i asked someone y their wep didn't get disarmed, they said it was cuz they had wrestling, i just figured it was something put into the game i hadn't seen. And since i never really pvp that much, I didn't know that there was delay on wep equiping. I can verify that these are true, i just didn't know it wasn't supposed to be like that.
  31. Mr X

    Mr X Guest

    The bone daemon is bugged.

    In the updates it said the person who does the most damage will get the skull. This is clearly not working.

    There were two of us, he summoned the BD and I easily did the majority of the damage, he did not even get looting rights and neither of us received a skull.

    So you might want to add that to your list of bugs.
  32. Leeloo

    Leeloo Guest

    Jesus! MrTact please dont tell me you are going to ignore all the boat bugs again...

    Casting field spells on the sea and boxing a boat??? (paralyze/energy/fire/poison)

    No more blade spirit casting???? ... dont tell me you intended to to these two things to the game.... They ARE Bugs...

    And im not even going to mention a fix for recall to boats on t2a FELUCCA because i know nothing is being done about it... and serpents pilars??? what are these again?? forgot about them as well....

    edit: the FELUCCA part.
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I don't know if this is a minor fix or not. NPC's (i.e. prisoners) still won't follow you thru a gate.

    Tho when i rescued one i did get it to follow me all the way from Wrong to Yew.
    it seemed like an unusally long time. (might not have been) I think they extended the time that they follow you tho.
  34. Sir_Bolo

    Sir_Bolo Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 17, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Bandages are sliping when hit with less than 26 points.


    Possible explanation : maybe that's because the Arctic Ogre Lord's hit was for 28 damage, reduced to 22 by the Swamp Dragon's damage absorption which is not included in your resistances and applied afterwards.
  35. Zircon Jenva

    Zircon Jenva Guest

    You forgot the fact that Vex's dynamic economy does not work.

    It resets itself at server up /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif.

    These issues are at the top of our priority list for pub 22

    That is quite sad.

    You are going to use another publish cycle to fix what your previous fix created?

    Can you not just UNPUBLISH IT?

    I am not NOT talking about a revert, but rather just take the publish off the shards?

    <center>*wanders off to contemplate the irony &amp; confusion*</center>
  36. Odindon

    Odindon Guest

    Mr. Tact,
    Please explain to me why this stuff doesn’t require an immediate fix?

    The main one for me is a monster now follows your ghost. Explain to me how dungeon crawls will be playable?
    Monsters now have this rez Kill AI. SO If I die to a monster in a dungeon and go to a guild member to get rezed I am just going to die again because the monster hasn’t stopped his focus on me so he promptly rez kills me? And of course again when I get rezed the second time, and again, on the third time. If it doesn’t lose focus on me ever how on earth do I get rezed? Having someone kill the monster first then rezzing me just takes me out of the game. IS the new rule of UO if you die you have to have someone gate you out, get rezed and then bring you back?

    I don’t usually bash OSI but come on now 6 years of publishes you would think they would be able to do them right. You know though I can deal with bad publishes if the problems are fixed promptly. But we are looking at a month of this. And why do they think they can get 22 out on schedule when they haven’t got one out on time yet? SO we are probably looking at more then a month.

    The speed of pets has seriously hampered playing of the tamer. Coupled with the bug where you can’t get a pet to follow you unless you all stop first. All stop makes pet vulnerable at the time of the command and often just gets retargeted. SO several all stops is like telling your pet to stand there and take a beating. And the fact that pets will not return to you after a fight but wonder off perhaps fighting something tough enough where you should be there to vet. People seem to forget that Tamers are somewhat vulnerable when their pets are fighting so if I am dealing with other spawn I expect my pet to return to my side to aid me after he fights something. Then there is the fact that the all guard command has been greatly shortened. You take these bugs and combine them and it makes tamers nearly unplayable a simple addition of all stop to macros is not a viable answer MR. Tact and it isn’t up to us to change and adapt to bugs you all create its UP TO YOU to fix them.

    There is this general feeling that bad publishes are ok cause there isn’t anything you can do about them since you don’t have a production shard to test them on. Umm you always have a production shard to test them on! You always publish one shard first. Ok so that excuse is in the toilet, then there is the post I usually always see, about how UO has 6-year-old code and it’s impossible for you all to publish to that and not miss something. OK explain to me again why this is my problem? The customer’s reward you on a fine game by playing it for 6 years but yet because its played for six years it cant be ran bug free? And the best you can say is well the game is old? When the reason the game is still around as old as it is, is because we play. So it seems to me you have this cycle which depends on the customers and how happy they are, but yet we get reasons why WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. Seems to me a rewrite of code or something is in order. 6 Years and counting imagine what UO is going to be like next year when it’s older?

    I have read somewhere about 2 more expansions to UO I think this is great but if the problem is UO and the 6 year old code why would you keep adding to it? If a house is built and then later the foundation is in ruins the last thing you do is build higher. You tear down the house and rebuild the foundation.

    From what I have seen of UO so far, its the players and the community that makes it a great game and nothing to do with OSI and all these great new ideas you bring in that always comes with bugs. You have bugs all over UO and fail to actually fix them because your having to undo all the new bugs you create. When the amount of new bug growth is faster then the amount of bugs squashed where do you think that takes this game?

    There is to many bugs and unfinished projects in UO but yet this doesn’t matter. You still feel the need to play around with new ideas without finishing the old ones and getting them to work properly. This is a horrible way to run a company and the only thing saving UO is the established community of players.
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    also the noise that EV's make when you cast them is messed up it has the right noise when you cast them but every target that they lock onto, it makes the sound of when you first cast it.
  38. Mike_Angelo

    Mike_Angelo Guest

    I'm assuming this wasn't intended as it's not listed in the changes ...

    I usually have to run a gauntlet of lizardmen, alligators etc. when I recall to my house due to it being in the swamps. I was most surprised however to find that two lizardmen and a plague spawn were moving at least as fast, if not faster, than an efreet (for example). I'm not just imagining this, I ran four or five screens away to recall (usually enough distance to throw most monsters off the trail) and the plague spawn appeared next to me almost straight away.

    Have monsters had their speed increased intentionally or is it a bug?
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I also want to mention that the reason the second issue cited was not discovered was that the QA guys who tested pets routinely do "all stop" before they do an "all follow". Creating a macro to send both of these commands at once may be a viable workaround until we can correct the underlying issue.

    I set a macroe for both. It does not work all the time, and not in heavy spawn. You can spam all stop, all follow me all you want, nada. They won't listen until they have killed everything in site or get killed. And if you spam to many times, your pet goes wild! And then its dead anyway.

    They sometimes get focused on a target and you cannot get them off it, unless you recall out.

    Many times, you cannot pull a pet out of heavy spawn without recalling out. (I tried it last night)

    You cant get a dead pet to follow you if you have to take it to someone to go get it rezed. So if you cant rez pets you're sol.

    You cant do t-maps, the pets wont stay long enough to kill anything. They are to busy chasing mongbats. And the rest of the party is left to spam OOooOO.

    You cannot transfer pets sometimes without them killing you.

    All pets are affected and its pretty hard to mine when your packy runs off and gets killed, and if no one to go with you to rez it, oh well.

    You cant catch your pets long enough to heal them in many conditions.

    Tamers are at a standstill until this is fixed. And every one else who gets off a pet is subject to the pet leaving at any given moment.

    Most of the problem is in heavy spawn, one on one or slow spawn isnt as bad.
    No taming, no transfering pets (edited* I transfered a mare last night with no problem so it must be intermittent) , no hunting in heavy spawn. No t-maps, no champ spawns for many players not all.

    No playing uo.
    To me this is game stopping.

  40. I am now unable to recall or gate to marked rune spots that are inside my castle courtyard.
  41. zamottt

    zamottt Guest

    I am not a tamer but use a beetle when gathering resources. If I get off of the beetle and there is a monster in the area. The beetle is off and will not come back until one of them is dead. I spam all follow and still nothing.
  42. mouldir

    mouldir Guest

    "I am not NOT talking about a revert, but rather just take the publish off the shards?"

    Ah, nope, probably not. Most software releases do a backup, run the upgrade script and then if there's major problems they restore the backup. You dont create an undo script.

    In this case they have left it too long for a revert (I think) and there will be no undo script so it stays.

    Undo scripts are tricky anyway because new changes create new data that is very difficult to unpick without messing up the data completely. Example: a new feature creates the ability to gain a new item, somone gets this item, does the undo script just rob this person of the item or turn it into something else or what?
  43. DerekL

    DerekL Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 25, 2002
    Likes Received:

    Here are the bugs QA has verified and entered thus far:

    <hr></blockquote>And how many would have been found, verified, and entered had P21 had a proper test center?
  44. Fizban

    Fizban Guest


    Here are the bugs QA has verified and entered thus far:

    - Can't click on the rune listings &amp; jump to the appropriate page of a runebook
    - Using buttons in the runebook to cast Sacred Journey costs double mana and tithing points
    - Sacred Journey button is non-functional on the last page of runebooks

    You can add one more to the rune book bug you can recall and gate from them even if you have taken out your spell book!!
    I found this out with my smith when i was make mass items i inadvertently forgot to grab my spellbook and hit recall to go sell some bows and it went off i only later saw that i didnt have my book and thought i had dropped it somewhere along my way.
  45. Atheryn

    Atheryn Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I think that all of these bugs you have listed, and the many more you have not, require an emergency fix. The game is never going to get anywhere if the primary purpose of every new publish is to fix the problems that were caused by the publish before it. When you implement something new, and that something causes bugs, it should be top priority to fix those bugs ASAP - not to just put them off until you can be bothered looking at them at some later date. It's like some animal has just crapped on the floor, and instead of cleaning it up, you're telling us to just walk around it. I'd expect that from a friend maybe, but not from someone I'm paying to provide a service.
  46. <blockquote><hr>

    When you remove an item from the house moving crate &amp; drop it somewhere invalid, the item tries to go back into the moving crate &amp; can't, so it apparently disappears


    Yeah...this one is real. I unlocked all my chests yesterday looking for a couple of bags that disappeared when I was unpacking my moving crate.

    Also, summoned creatures...at least earth elementals...are behaving like pets. As soon as they finish killing something, they get wanderlust and take off.
  47. Sebat

    Sebat Guest

    Was I mistaken when I thought there would be a better chance at enhancement with higher skills? My 118+ Tailor tryed to enhance three pieces and lost three out of three.

    BoDs are about without worth and with the latest problem with BoD book lockdowns I found my house over -100. As I was between a rock and a hard place I found it MUCH easier to trash my BoD books and quit the idea of working BoDs. Selling them on Lake Austin wouldn't be easy as I think both players left in the game here are busy elsewhere. If we had a better warning and a better idea of what would happen I would have had time to make it right but I'd rather play the game for the three months or so I have already paid for than waste my time with more foolishness.

    And then seeing the special pricing for UO players if we play the NEW game was just precious, if I ever buy another EA game I'll next look for a good head doctor.

    I may be dense at times but after the last several "changes" I'd be REALLY dense if I continued past my prepaid period.
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    and UO Hamster says the Christmas trees are bugged also.
    They have always stuck up through the floor in houses, but now if you put them on the roof, they show up all the way to the bottom floor.


    I checked the trees and they are the same as always. There was always a shadow caste by the trees. As far as I can see they are fine.
  49. About the faction silver thing. You dont even have to be in factions to get it. My hubby and i were doing a few t-maps yesterday when we found out that we got silver for killing deamonds and ogre lords that spawned and with non faction characters lol. Then we went to hythloth and still got silver for killing deamonds there non-faction characters. Makes ya think what did they do with this pub dont even have to be in factions to get the faction silver haha. things are real messed up this time and i agree we need a fix asap. Have a good one guys and Good Luck!
  50. Finegold

    Finegold Guest

    ***Resist still is bugged on Siege. Cannot gain over 90 skill***

    ***120 Stealing Scroll is still Bugged***