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Post AOS Resisting Spells and Parry Guide (rough draft) Updated Addenum

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Good_Ole_Lefty, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. Angry Imp Resist
    A Post AOS Magic Resist Guide

    Plus a bonus!
    0 - 120 Parry!
    by Lefty of Sonoma

    Greetings, Well this guide is long overdue I must say but perfect timing before the Launch of the next expansion. Many new Players and Veterans alike should be able to benifit with this information. I take no credit for originality, but I'm the guy that likes to reinvent the wheel. :]

    This guide focuses on 30 - 100 Resisting Spells skill, though the same techniques can be applied to reach 120 legendary with substitutions.
    Use of guide - Solo or Group
    Rate from skill level 27 - 100
    12 - 24 hours
    Creatures to gain off of - Imps
    Locations -

    Primary - Hedge Maze (tram/Fel)
    Safe Spot? Yes (fence and Hedges)
    Dangers - 2 Daemons, Paladins,Mages,Tamers, Griefers, Pks lalala
    Hard core Locations - Humility Shrine Champ spawn
    Safe Spot - Yes
    Fire Dungeon Felluca Champ Spawn
    Safe Spot - Unknown (maybe on top of lich room)

    Healing skills - Besides Magery,Chivalry and Spirit Speak I advise adding good old healing if you are going to do this solo. If not then you will have to rely either on Pots and Petals or Assistance of another Player to heal you.
    Armor - 2 or more sets I suggest that have 70 fire and 70 energy. Physical resist is also a bonus if your caught in a tight situation.

    Jewls - Ring and Bracelet 1/2 or 1/3 fc/fcr each
    -Various (more than one) Rings and bracelets Ranging from +5 to +15 Magic Resist skill.

    Scrolls - If you do not have Magery, You will Need Protection scrolls and Teleport scrolls.

    Repair Deeds - You will need a Ton of these or a Smith/Tailor on Call :]

    Rune book and runes - You need to mark a few spots for quick access. Mark runes inside the house at Hedge maze, tailor/smith shops,bank etc.
    (Precaution - Keep runebooks charged with recall scrolls)

    Reagents, Pots, Bandages, Tithering Points
    Stock up and make quick grab bags and place either in your house or bank box.
    INSURANCE - Put insurance on all your gear and unload everything that isn't needed. This includes clothing... Make sure your Bank Box is stocked with GOLD!!
    Imps vs Reapers

    Yes Reapers are stationary, but they toss out alot of damage. Reapers run with 95-100 eval and have a nasty habit of comboing , While Imps run from 20-30 eval. Alot less damage, yet they run with the same Magery range.
    Resistable Spells:
    Clumsy Mana Drain Paralyze Field Weaken
    Curse Mana Vampire Poison
    Feeblemind Paralyze Poison Field

    Necromancer Spells:
    Blood Oath Mind Rot
    Corpse Skin Pain Spike
    Of course you wont see Monsters/NPCs tossing Necromancer spells at this time, maybe in the future, who knows...

    (Repost on Resisting spells from uo.com for quick reference)
    For spells that affect stats (Clumsy, Curse, Feeblemind, Mana Dragon, Mana Vampire, and Weaken), the Resisting Spells skill helps lessen the amount of points that are taken away from your stats. For duration spells (Paralyze, Paralyze Field, Poison, Poison Field, Blood Oath, Corpse Skin, Mind Rot, and Pain Spike), the length of the spell can be shortened. The Poison spell is now the only spell that has a chance to be fully "resisted" due to the target's "resisting spells" skill.

    The greater the difference between your Resisting Spells skill and the attacker's Magery skill, the less chance you have of warding any or all of it off. The difficulty of the spell being cast is also taken intoaccount.

    You will always have a slight chance of warding off a spell, even as a newbie with a couple points in this skill.

    As a Warrior, you will greatly benefit from acquiring some skill in
    Resisting Spells. Many creature in the wild and in dungeons can cast stat-reducing and duration spells.
    Success Chance
    Your chance of successfully Resisting Spells depends on your skill level, your attacker's Magery skill, and the circle that corresponds to the spell being cast. If your Resisting Spells skill is higher than your opponent's Evaluate Intelligence skill, you will lessen the effect of the spell.
    Bonus to Resist at Higher Levels
    At higher levels, the Resisting Spells skill also benefits you by adding a bonus to your minimum elemental resists. This bonus is only applied after all other resist modifications from what you're wearing have been calculated. It's also not cumulative. It compares the number of your minimum resists to the calculated value of your modifications and uses the higher of the two values. For instance, if you are a Grandmaster, your minimum resists will never go below 40 (see table below). So if you happen to be wearing armor that adds 20 to each resist, the two values will not be added together; instead, it will use the highest value, which happens to be the number that your Grandmaster status gives you: 40.

    If someone who doesn't have any points in Resisting Spells wears that same armor, the value of their resists will be at 20, since they will not get the resistance bonus from having the skill.
    The way the minimum resistance value is calculated is as follows:
    Below 40 Resist, your minimum resistance is 0.
    Between 40 and 100, your minimum resistance value is (Skill * 10) – 400) / 15. Above 100 skill, your minimum resistance value is (Skill + 100) / 5.

    Skill Minimum Resist
    40.0 and below 0
    55.0 10
    70.0 20
    85.0 30
    100.0 (GM) 40
    110.0 (Elder) 42
    120.0 (Legendary) 44

    Here's another example. Let's say you're wearing armor/jewelry/magic items that give you the following elemental resists:

    Fire: 10
    Cold: 10
    Poison: 50
    Energy: 50

    So you've got some good poison and energy resist going on, but poor cold and fire resist. Now when you add GM Resist into the equation, the values would look like this:

    Fire: 40
    Cold: 40
    Poison: 50
    Energy: 50

    While your poison and energy resists were not affected, you can see that your fire and cold resists were improved due to the GM resist bonus.
    Training Resist - The fastest way to gain is by Ratio! Increasing the chance by number of resistable spells received from the casters. More casters + More spells = faster gains. Imps are used because they have low eval, less damage and when you get a group of them casting on you it seems like they take turns casting :], no comboes unlike reapers, one spell at a time giving you some breathing room to cure and heal, but you still have to be quick on your toes!

    I myself have soloed resist vs 6-10 imps using magery and the healing skill, while it would be impossible for me to solo the same number of reapers. Grey screen would all be that you would see most of the time.
    + Resist skill Jewlry and Protection

    Both are essential and here is the why.. Each circle (level) resistable spell there is a chance to resist the effects and or duration. There is a range where you will have a better chance to gain off these spells depending on the circle and magery level of the caster. At higher levels your gains will come to a trickle off of 1st level spells, while at low resist skill you will seldom gain off of higher circle spells such as mana vampire. This is where + Resist skill jewlery and Protection come in. If you bought Resist skill from an NPC you should get decent gains up to 40 skill then add 20-30 resist in Jewls. 60-77 resist is a good range to gain off Imps and use jewls and Protection to stay in that range till you can cap your Resist to its max with jewlery.

    Capping - You must have at least 70 real skill in Resist to cap using Jewls with + 15 each for a total of 30 resist. Your cap is 100 unless you added powerscrolls.
    Do not add Resist
    Powerscrolls until you can reach the new cap them with resist Jewls. If your Jewls require you to cap at a higher level, keep working while using any adjustments to keep your resist in the mid 60s using protection to take resist down 35 points and using your jewls to jack them back up.
    Why Cap and how does it work?

    Before AOS every spell from 1st to 8th circle was resistable. After AOS came to publish it cut down Resistable spells down to a dribble, so to offset this the Developers put in Wild Card spell casting Monsters/NPCs , Where a person could gain resist skill off any circle of resistable spell regardless of their resist skill level. So you could have a chance to gain off mana vampire at low levels or off feeblemind at high levels.

    Wild cards are rare - Anywhere from 3-8% of a spawn will generate a
    wild card. The percentage is just theory, but seems to be the case.

    Now when you Cap your Resisting Spells skill with Jewlery Wild cards give you a 50% chance to gain resist off each resistable spell!
    Rapid gains almost like Power hour days in UO:R :]

    Now since you are capped, You wont see gains on screen, you will see skills go down if pointed down if your at your skill point cap. To tell if you are gaining resist look at your skill menu and hit show real, or if you have uoassist, look at the skill menu there.
    How do I get a Wild Card Imp?

    When you reach your capping point (70+ resist) reach your cap with the
    Jewls. Work with the batch of Imps you have now for a good 5 minutes
    making sure each one attacks you with spells by double clicking in war
    mode. If you see no changes, kill off that batch and get another 6-8
    imps. They instant spawn at Hedge Maze.
    Is Capping Legal? - Yes for now it is approved by the Developers.
    Though OSI could change their minds on this at any given time. So if they decide to make it Illegal, Use the above techniques to reach GM naturaly and substitute monsters with higher magery for higher levels.

    I wish you luck and speedy gains with Resist.


    Angry Sheep Parry Guide

    UOML Update/Changes

    Sheep now do 1 hp damage per hit regardless of Physical resist. This is advertantly related to the Wrestling bug Fix, a Minimum of 1 hp to get off disarm and stun special moves and of course sheep have wresltling.

    So docile and so domestic they are so people think. If they had bigger teeth they would be truly the most fearsome beast in Britainia! If you wish to be grandmaster or even Legendary at Parry these brutes will school you in the Art.
    <br>This is by far the fastest way to gain Parry in UO.
    <br>Armor - 70 Physical is suggested.
    <br>Location - Yew Sheep Farm (pen)
    <br>Facet - Fel/Tram
    <br>Equipment - No Shields!!! Use a dagger if at low dex or a real slow weapon at High dex.
    <br>Target all sheep in the area and toggle back into Peace mode. Let them hit you. At 70 physical you shouldnt take hardly any damage if any at all. They will take you from 0-120 in record time.
    <br>Good Luck.

    Ok guys, a bit of info and some tips to both guides.

    Bushido Resist Method - To get you in capping range

    60 Bushido (recommended)
    100-120 Magery (higher the better the gains)
    100-120 Eval
    Training area - Trammel ruleset lands

    Set up 2 macros - 1 for Honorable execution the 2nd for Weaken or any other debuff spell

    Dismount from horse - Say All kill Target self- Hit Honorable execution, Wait for it to go off then hit your debuff macro, Target self.

    Now you must have those 2 macros and do it manualy, if not the anti macro code will kick in and ruin all your efforts.

    Other Tips - If the Character your training has a +10-+20 Resist Power scroll applied it maybe better for you to train resist on a character with a 100 cap and soulstone it over and finish it up.

    Parry Training - Leave DCI Jewls at home and soulstone any bushido till you finish up Parry.

    Any Questions - ICQ 329075754
  2. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    For the purpose of discussing the guide, adding, correcting "mistakes" (although, as far as I'm concerned, nothing can be wrong in a guide) and just generally perfecting this guide.

    Thanks for your time to write this /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. Had a friend clean it up a bit. I used notepad and when I posted it messed up what formating I had, but then again I'm not much of a writer. So if any mistakes are still there please feel free to copy paste and correct and I'll repost.
  4. Xunlyn

    Xunlyn Guest

    Just a quick question: How can you gain parry with no shield? do you parry with the weapon and the 70 physical resist armor?

    Im not trying to be smug or demean your guide (looks good /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif ), just looking for the how's and the why's.
  5. That is correct, no shield.

    Parrying with a weapon is harder. Training with weps give faster gains. At GM parry you have a 30% chance to block an attack, with a weapon it is 15%. So more or less your training at half the level. Kind of like training magery with a mage weapon. Now since Pub 25 came out it requires you to have 80 dex to get the 30% blockage. If you dont, your chance is reduced further to block. Now imagine that 15% with wep reduced? So is this faster than pre pub 25 training with sheep or not, all I can say I trained off the sheep and it seemed faster than Pre Pub 25. Just remember if you have low dex use a wep (your not proficient in) thats fast, and high dex use a slow wep.
  6. Versatile

    Versatile Guest

    wasnt there code put in to stop you using a wep your not profficient in.

    you can only gain when you are armed with a weapon that you are highest skill in. (last time i tried it gains stopped DEAD)
  7. The opposite is true.
  8. Aimsbetter

    Aimsbetter Guest

    My magic resist is currently 107.6, trying to get up to 120. For 3 days now, I have fought, imps, liches, reapers, reaper paragons, gargoyles, and air & water ellies. Got all of .1 in 3 days (playing 2-3 hours straight). So...what the heck is going on?? Any helpful hints? Thanks!
  9. Shadow1980

    Shadow1980 Guest

    Same problem at the moment. Spent 9 hours on various high level monsters, no magic resist gains. Solidly stuck at 115,0.
  10. imps will take you from 30 to GM resist??
  11. Dad

    Dad Guest

    Well, I've been stuck at 116.4 resist for just over 8 months now. Don't have a clue what to do.
  12. Cast protection then have a legendary mage curse the bejesus out of you?
  13. Capping will take you to 120 with Imps. It takes some patience to find the right imp(s).
  14. Dad

    Dad Guest

    Hmmmm - I'm not sure I know what capping means. And where do you find the right imps?
  15. Necroscop3

    Necroscop3 Guest

    lemme get this straight you dont use protection and capping at the same time correct?
  16. Dad

    Dad Guest

    I haven't been using protection & I don't know what capping means.
  17. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    You can't cap yourself whilst under the influence of the protection spell.

    Protection's minimum resistance penalty is 30.

    Maximum gained by adding from jewelry is 30.

    Thus you would be at a status quo if you were to try /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  18. thanous

    thanous Guest

    Hi all,

    I am 98.4 resist (Used a scroll to 110) and I am capped (meaning I have jewelry that will take me to 110).

    I spent a good hour on reapers, trying to get the first gain outside of GGS. No luck.

    After reading this post again, you all seem to indicate that Imps work better. Should I wander on over to the hedge mage and follow the directions prescribed?


    On legends Cove is still under orc control. There are 9999999 orc mages in Cove at any given time. I was running around in there (I am a dexer, orc killing is very fun) and got .3 MR gain in like 2 min. I tried to duplicate this feat on a boat, you know sail on up let them blast you... have a healer heal you, and heal yourself, etc.

    Not only did I die a ton doing this, but I got no gain. Has anyone else tried to use Cove as a means to gain MR? Is it worth persuing at all? I wasnt capped when I got the first gains (I wasnt aware of capping) and I was capped the second time... and died.

  19. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    My fencer GM'd resist fast using the jewelry method. I would go up to a reaper and if I didn't gain on it's first debuff spell I'd kill it and move to the next one.
  20. skipl

    skipl Guest

    i did 3char in two days using capping method, this method works great
    for me the hardest part is to reach about 70-72 resist after that it just take a few 3-5hours to get to elder
    im training resist again on a new char and i needed two days to get to 64.6, im switching from imps and air ele atm, some more hours to reach 72 and im elder in no time

    one great thing too, this method not only works with magic resist, but also with eval int, magery, stealth, medit, anat, chiv, and so on
  21. ArteePhact

    ArteePhact Guest

    My Warrior went from 86 parry to GM in about two hours...the sheep did eat an entire ringmail suit up in the process though....
  22. Karma Cowboy

    Karma Cowboy Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 17, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I am completely stuck at 60.3

    I cant gain by casting MV on myslef while using protection

    I get no gains from imps - tried with and without protection casted

    Is the "cap" trick also usable with the 70 skillpoint cap on Siege ? If so I might try and find some +10 jewelry.

    Any surgestions ?
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Go fight daemons for a while. I'm gaining pretty well through the 60s, getting an average of .1 for every other daemon.
  24. skipl

    skipl Guest

    get about 5 or more imps casting on you (i did 7 with my pally mage and 40 fire/energy resist so it is possible), kill them after 3minutes if you dont get a gain, switch every now and then to summoned air eles, kill yourself from time to time and it should works
  25. Dad

    Dad Guest

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/lick.gif Well, after 9 months of no gain from 116.4 MR, upgrading to to SE gives me regular gains under the guarenteed gain system. Virtually anything can hit me with a spell, and I get the gain. In a couple months, I'll have my 120!
  26. "Is the "cap" trick also usable with the 70 skillpoint cap on Siege ? If so I might try and find some +10 jewelry."

    Seige has a different skill system apposed to the production shards called the ROT system (Rate of Time).

    This however is out of my range of knowledge and would be best to talk to people either in the Seige forum, the Murderer forum or in game. I'm sure they will jump at the opportunity to help.

    I'll put this on my hit list as for Seige.

    As it stands you should be gaining fairly well at 60 with Imps on a regular production shard. This was just about an hour ago.

  27. That is a hard one. I like parry because of the blockage, and wrestling because of the paralyze/disarm. I think it would be Wrestling/Anatomy. Wrestling and Anatomy you could easily disarm them with the right stats. Disarm then, Paralyze then use a good combo. People say that disarm and paralyze is not alot in a duel but who cares what they say right? So my opinion is Wrestling. -Thanks
  28. mctanker

    mctanker Guest

    Man i tried the parry thing at it worked......i went from 25 to 101 in like 5 hours.....THANK YOU SOOO MUCH....now i just gotta try the resist thing....after i get 120 parry of course.............. [​IMG]
  29. Jesusislord

    Jesusislord Guest

    If you have problems gaining parry from sheep like I did (mage, low dex) try the same things (dagger, no shield) but on slightly stronger barnyard animals like hinds, boars, mongbats ect.

    Got to 85 on the sheep when it slowed, then I went and got ganked by hinds and the gains were great again.

    P.S. Gains from the sheep never stopped, but if you don't feel like waiting try other wild aniamls. Sheep are good because you can take no damage, so if you wanna sleep or whatever go ahead.
  30. Grrr, I can't gain parrying worth a damn, I'm stuck at 88, I have wrestling and my dex is 73 and dropping, iv tried unarmed with a sheild with no luck, iv tried no shield with a dagger and now im gonna try no shield with a hammer pick but I dont think this is gonna work either, im trying jelohm pits and sheep and neither is working someone please help.
  31. Soam414

    Soam414 Guest

    i started at 55 parrying and it flew to 72 in under an hour. equipped w a dagger fencing wep. (my skill is 105 swords) after i hit 72 i've been there an hour since and only gained .1

    im going to stick it out a little longer and if it doesnt pick up i'll have to experiment with something else.
  32. i just took my mage to 110 from 96 in 3 hours of hitiing sheep at yew sheep pen.I have wrestlin so i carried a sc rune blade and had 8 sheep hit me,but i had to keep on top of healing pretty qucik as i was getting hit for 2-3 points a lot.I was naked and i set a uo assist macro to use greater heal on myself and had protection on to keep from fizzling.AND I TURNED OFF SOUND.drove me nutz hearing those sheep.hehe.
  33. Aseg

    Aseg Guest

    Using the Twisted Wield Satyrs, it takes a matter of minutes to get resist spells into the 80's.

    Step 1.
    Train Resist Spells in New Haven. (new characters can train to 40 there)
    Step 2.a
    Cast Protection on yourself,
    Step 2.b
    Chain cast clumsy on yourself until your shown Resist Spells (with protection on) is 25.

    Step 3.
    Go to Twisted Wield. (pick up the Dread Horn Quest in Heartwood, if you can't get in)

    Aggro a Satyr (preferably a "Satyr (Paragon)", they are worth about 10 extra ponts, if this is a new character be warned that a paragon satyr can and will 1 shot you if you get into melee range (and they run pretty fast). If a satyr provokes a shadow wisp or pixie on you they can 2 shot you with their spells.

    Wait until he discords you (you will get a ton messages about every skil you have dropping), then either run out the portal and right back in, or Invisible yourself through magery, potions, or scrolls. Do not stay invisible, hidden, outside the portal, or far away from the satyr for longer than a few seconds otherwise you will lose the discord effect and have to start over.
    (you must be in range every time the satyr does the Pelvic thrust that renews the Discord effect, or you will lose it.)

    Make sure you have the Protection effect on.

    Chain cast Clumsy on yourself until you have 25 shown skill.

    When you get 25 shown skill. Lose the Discord Effect. (via range, invisible, hiding, portal, etc).

    Satyr discord can not remove more than 50% of your skill, so every time you hit 25 shown skill you are going to want to remove the discord and get a fresh discord, so that you can get the sub 25 super easy skill gains, instead of the slower 25+ skill gains.

    Paragon Satyr discord is worth 37.6 points of skill loss to a skill at 100. Add to that your 34 points of skill loss from the protection spell and you can keep your shown magic Resist skill in the super easy gain range all the way to the low 90's.

    You can gain skill above 25 shown with a satyr, but it seemed like about 1 hour to get to 26 shown from 25 shown skill (depending on how fast you can chain cast the clumsy, without stopping for mana) and every 0.1 gain seemed to make it go much slower.

    Hope that helps some one else!

    -- Update --
    I finished GM'ing my Resist spells.
    Apperently when you can no longer get your shown skill below 25 shown skill, you actually want to get rid of your protection spell, and the satyr Debuff.
    I finished mine up in trammel with 2 summoned Air Elleys trying to kill me while I chain casted Clumsy on my self. Dropping the Satyr Buff, and the protection spell made it go much much faster.
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Im Suprised No one has mentioned anything about spellbinders yet! All they cast is debuff spells! Just grab yer boat and get 8 to 12 spellbinders hittin yeah. dont even really gotta do the protection or jewel thing although it does help. OH if you didnt know there located in the old haven area.
  35. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sorry dont mean to post back to back but i did the yew sheep pen parry deal too. I did the no shield, weapon im not efficeint in, 70 physical, bandaide route and went from roughly 0 to gm in 4 or 5 hours max
  36. Mr Mischief

    Mr Mischief Guest


    I've been training Magic Resist in New Haven by using a boat, grabbing 4 Spellbinders (more is fine, it's all I took for testing purposes) and I am chain summoning two air elementals and having them attack me. I'm afraid I don't have a specific log, however my gains have been excellent. 88-95.3 Resist within an hour and a half. I've had protection up 100% of the time, however I'm GM inscribe so it only reduces 30 MR as opposed to 35, not sure if that even matters. Gains have definantly slowed since hitting 95, but they're still good enough to continue with. Perhaps my spellbinders are merely out of mana and not willing to give it their all.

    Another Update (9:05pm): I killed off my 4 Spellbinders as I believe I had tapped them out, and went and collected 8 more (you heard me, eight). I walked them back to my boat, set up a simple looping macro to TargetNext &gt; AttackTarget to ensure none of them time out of combat and run away, and I've still be keeping two Air Ele's up at all times. I've got from 95.3-97.6 in roughly 30 minutes doing this. I'll also be casting Clumsy on myself starting now, to eek out every gain I can. I'll continue updating as I go.

    Update #3 (9:20pm) GM Magic Resist. Nothing changed since my last update. Thats 2.4 points in 15 minutes. I'm currently only capped at 105, lets see how long it takes to get there.

    Update #4 (9:58pm) 105. As you can see, gains are still consistent up to even 105. Just over 1 point per minute on average, not bad for GM+ training. I'll be nabbing a 110 scroll asap, as I merely don't want to use resources on purchasing anything higher currently. I'll try and make a log of that when trained.

    Update #5 (11:24pm) 110. I took a short break to grab a 110 scroll and round up some more, here's the log:
    10:04 - Started gathering Spellbinders
    10:10 - Grabbed 12 Spellbinders, got to boat. 105-105.5 during gathering process.
    10:15 - 106 skill
    10:27 107 skill
    10:53 108 skill (I had my longest no-gain stint of 11 minutes during 107-108)
    11:03 109 skill
    11:24 110 skill

    Once I had hit 107.3 my gains begain slowing (this was when my stint began). I gained sporadically during each section of gains, occasionally one gain every few minutes, occasionally 3-4 gains within a minute. I had the same 12 Spellbinders from 105-110, didn't interchange any of them for mana replenishing. I also had two air ele's up at all times, as well as myself casting Clumsy, totalling 15 different targets casting on me. Obviously, the more you have, the better your gains can potentially be. I had Protection up 100% of the time, dropping my shown skill to 75-80. Again, I'm not sure if this effects skillgain.

    Dinging 110, to show you how the setup was. Remember, none of the spellbinders cast damage spells, and so long as you're unguilded, air ele's will do no damage to you. You are 100% "invulnerable" during training, with the rare exception of an air ele poison persisting on you when they time out, in which case it can be cure as normal.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    From my thread, as I'm sure it will eventually fade.

    Note: I went from 0-GM on another character in about 3 hours using this method, however not casting on myself nor using air elementals, JUST 7-8 Spellbinders, from 0-GM. That character was also skillcapped, so the gains weren't increased.

    Just hit 110 Resist on a second character without the use of Air Ele's or Clumsy. Not entirely sure how long it took as I grabbed 7-8 Spellbinders and then proceeded to pass out, woke up at 109.4, with all my of Spellbinders gone, took about 10 minutes to finish it off in the morning.
  37. Qikdraw

    Qikdraw Guest

    I'm using one char to cast weaken, curse, paralyze, clumsy, feeblemind and mana drain on my other char, its worked pretty good so far. Its taken me about 7 hours to get from 19 to 90. Boring as hell, but working.

    I just tried the whole protection thing, but even though it reduced my resistances, I'm not gaining very well. About the same rate without protection on actually.

    No p-scroll on him yet for resist, although I have been looking for a 110, just can't seem to find one at the moment.

  38. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    There are two 110 resist spells powerscrolls on a vendor in Luna (Atlantic) if that helps. House is along the northern road, kinda on the eastern end (S side of the road) - vendor is named "25/20 stats here!". Both are priced at $45,000. Hope that helps!
  39. Qikdraw

    Qikdraw Guest

    I did finally find one. It just took some running around to do it. [​IMG]

    But thank you for the help.