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Post your Archer template.

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Guest, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey Y'all,

    Heres my template :

    110 Archery (currently 107)
    110 Swords (done)
    100 Anatomy (done)
    100 Tactics (done)
    100 Healing (currently 98)
    100 Magic Resist (currently 87)
    50 Hding
    40 Magery

    Stats : 95 Str 105 Dex 25 Int
  2. seas

    seas Guest


    100 archery
    100 tactics
    92 magery (going for gm, but it's sloooooow)
    20 med

    60 arms lore
    100 itemid
    100 smithing
    100 mining

    and the rest currently in eval.

    95 str
    80 dex
    50 int

    i'll drop arms lore completely on her i guess in aos, or maybe mining too, and take up battle focus, some healing, anatomy, or get some power scrolls for archery and tactics. hmm...maybe take up bowcrafting even.

    even though she has no anatomy, with a dragon slaying bow i counted that it only took 29 arrows to kill one!

    archer/mage, currently in training. what she'll have in erh..a couple of months.

    100 tactics
    100 archery
    100 anatomy

    100 magery
    100 eval
    100+ med

    100 maybe healing, maybe bow crafting.

    86 str
    39 dex
    100 int


    80 str
    80 dex
    65 int

    hmm..i guess i'll have to look into buying a stat scroll. now where did i leave my 10 million...
  3. Ranged

    Ranged Guest

    This is a "pure warrior" I think, well here is my main's template

    110 archery (101.4)
    110 swords (101)
    100 parry done
    100 tactics done
    100 anat done
    100 healing done
    100 resist (80)

    Good ol' parry/swords/archer only problem is my lack of magery... oh well =) and I have to wait 3 more months until I get the +20 skill points instead of only +15

    and if you've noticed, my spare points are into about 30 magery so I can recall for now
  4. Alrik

    Alrik Guest

    Here's the template I'm trying to get, just started this chard a little while ago, but I'll get there eventually:

    100 Archery
    100 Fencing
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    100 Resist
    20.1 Tracking
    73.9 Hiding
    25 Magery
    81 Healing

    107 Str
    107 Dex
    11 Int

    This char wil be able to hold his own in PvM of PvP, track as well as GM Tracker, hide with little failure, res, and recall.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ok heres mine its in factions

    110 swords (done)
    110 tacts (done)
    110 anat (done)
    110 archey (just started but scrolled)
    100 heal (done)
    110 reisst (86 and scrolled)
    and whatever i have left in magery
  6. jujubk

    jujubk Guest

    You asked for it. In no particular order and none are finished (and I haven't included str/dex/int because I'm too lazy to look them all up - assume maxed out dex and str on all but the ones with high magery - those stats aren't finalized anyway):

    Sonata of Atlantic, Techno Archer/Treasure Hunter
    Carto 100
    picking 100
    tinkering 100
    archery 100
    tactics 100
    magery 100
    meditation 100
    mining 10

    Lyric of Atlantic - Scout
    archery 100
    tactics 100
    anatomy 75
    healing 75
    hiding 100
    stealth 100
    magery 90
    tracking 20.1
    med 49.9

    Sky of Cats and Tune of Atlantic - Archer/bard (my favorite)
    archery 115
    tactics 100
    anatomy 100
    healing 100
    music 100
    provo 100
    magery 35
    resist 60

    Margot of Baja: Peace Archer
    archery 100
    tactics 100
    music 100
    peace 100
    anatomy 100
    healing 100
    resist 60
    magery 50

    Water - My original character - archer/mage
    archery 100.1
    tactics 100
    healing 74.9
    anatomy 75
    magery 90
    med 80
    eval 110
    resist 80

    I think that's all of them ...
  7. Mine is an Archer/Mage...the most satisfying template I can find:

    120 Archer (only at 104)
    100 Med (done)
    100 Tactics (done)
    100 Magery (close)
    100 Eval int (close)
    100 Anatomy (done)
    80 Resist (done)

    Stats are:
    80 Strength
    80 Dexterity
    65 Intellegence
    80/80 so I can carry a slayer bow

    I've tried many others, but keep coming back to this one.
  8. LSD_Pugsley

    LSD_Pugsley Guest

    I am going for a regular PvM arhcer here:

    105 Macing (90)
    120 Archery (70)
    100 Tacs (89)
    110 Healing (75)
    100 Anat (86)
    100 Resist (65)
    50 Magery
    Just plain on doing some hunting with the template.
  9. SkinDogg

    SkinDogg Guest

    My main:


    This was taken awhile ago (before vet points). I bought a +10 archery scroll awhile ago, but I've been lazy and I'm only at 103.7 archery since I only get the GGS gains.

    My other archer's template on atl looks like:
    gm archery
    gm tactics
    gm magery
    gm meditation
    gm music
    110 provoke
    gm resist (at 77.3 now)

    Stats - 80/95/50 (S/I/D)

    This guy was never meant to be an archer, it just turned out that way. Great for hunting in groups though!
  10. seas

    seas Guest


    80/80 so I can carry a slayer bow


    hmm, i wonder about that. should i either get 100 int so i can do 2x earthquakes, or 80/80 and 65 int to use slayer bows? i wonder which is more powerful /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif

    i'm thinking of now getting 3 archers. the smithy/archer, mage/archery, and 125 dex scrolled archer. but then i might not play them, and you've got to get so many arrows all the time /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  11. Midian1272

    Midian1272 Guest

    This is my pure archer on L.S.

    Archery 120 (Done)
    Tactics 110 (Done)
    Anatomy 110 (106.8)
    Hiding 100 (Done)
    Healing 100 (94.2)
    Resist 100 (81.1)
    Magery 50 (43.1)

    Str 100 Dex 110 Intel 20

    I have used a plus 5 stat scroll and have a skill cap of 710. This temp leaves me with an extra 20 skill points. Don`t know if I should split em between healing and resist or put em all in resist.
  12. Rumbar

    Rumbar Guest

    Here is my pure archer:

    120 archery (103)
    115 healing (103)
    115 tactics (103)
    110 Anat (110)
    110 Resist (97)
    100 hiding (100)
    50 magery (50)
  13. Radazak

    Radazak Guest

    Ok Here is Mine
    Grenier of Chessy

    111/120 Archery
    105/110 Tactics
    101/119.9 Anatomy
    94/100 Healing
    90/100 Resist
    50 Magery
    Im saving a spot to make him a Paladin. I think I will have enough to add more resist or tactics when Im done. He is a PvM char only.
  14. 110 Mage
    110 Eval
    110 Swords
    110 Archery
    110 Tact
    110 Anat
    60 Meditate
  15. Juilin

    Juilin Guest

    Juilin of Atlantic

    110 Archery
    100 Mace
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    90 Healing
    100 Resist
    100 Bowyercraft

    Though, Hiding will probably going in place of Bowyercraft soon as I get it GM'd on another guy, sorry Skinndog....may still go with magery. =)
  16. Narthais

    Narthais Guest

    My archer is a PvM (some PvP) Archer/mage
    ((Not added powerscrolls yet))


    All I suffer is the lack of wrestling
  17. SkinDogg

    SkinDogg Guest

    Eval + anat &gt; wrestle

    In other words, OSI changed the rules ago and you don't need wrestle anymore if you have eval and anat. You'd be crazy to have it in your template./php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  18. WaylanderCCI

    WaylanderCCI Guest

    My PvM/group hunter goal, after using a +5 stat and 110 archery powerscrolls on a 4-year vet account (it's good to be old):

    Str 80
    Dex 110
    Int 40

    110 archery (currently GM)
    100 fencing (97.3)
    100 anatomy (done)
    100 tactics (done)
    94 hiding (78.4)
    70 resist (68.9)
    81 healing (78.9)
    60 magery (65.4)

    My stats are done and the skills are getting so close I can taste it...

    Society of Archers
  19. Hornace

    Hornace Guest

    Hmm, looks like Thargor Pithlit is the first archer/tamer to be listed here:

    LE Archery (102, no LE scroll yet)
    GM Tactics (achieved)
    GM Anatomy (achieved)
    GM Taming (78)
    GM Animal Lore (85)
    90 Healing (88)
    90 Veterinary (84)
    20 Magery (achieved lol)

    107/11/107 (working on it)

    Haven't played this char quite some time, though...


    With AoS being published now, I will change the stats of the above mentioned template to 90/45/90.

    My AoS archer template will look like
    EL Archery
    EL Fencing
    EL Parry
    GM Tactics
    GM Anatomy
    GM Chivalry
    90 Battle Focus


    I will shift my archer on Siege Perilous to this template.
  20. ThePolack

    ThePolack Guest

    115 Archery (currently 100.5)
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy (almost there, not bored enough to polish last few points off yet)
    100 Healing (int he 70s now)
    100 Resist (hahaha... someday)
    65 Magery (don't need any more really)
    100 Something Else

    Currently, my "Something Else" is invested in Hiding and I still have 20 points left over for use in power scrolls (maybe 5 more to archery and the rest in tactics, not sure yet). I'm strongly considering changing my Hiding to Chivalry when AOS goes live. I'll have to see how useful it is first before I decide though.
  21. Gedov

    Gedov Guest

    This is my wandering-healer-archer. PvM mostly, PvP he goes down fast but makes a good aid station. Edited for a change I'm making to this one... 30 resist wasn't much different from 0 for a PvM character and 90 healing and vet help more than the resist did. I may change my mind again and drop 10 lore to GM healing as well.

    Bowcraft 100
    Archery 100
    Tactics 100
    Anatomy 100
    Healing 90 (83)
    Animal Lore 90 (80)
    Veterinary 90 (84)
    Taming 30
  22. melcf

    melcf Guest

    my template:
    Archery 110(104)
    Anat 100
    Tac 100
    Hiding 100(maybe BF in AOS??)
    Music 105(92)
    Peace 105(79)
    Magery 90(87)
    and some meditation now

    Str/Dex/Int 90/85/50
  23. Tenaka

    Tenaka Guest

    Stealth Archer:

    gm hiding
    gm stealth
    105 anatomy (nearly)
    gm tacts
    110 archery (nearly)
    gm healing
    gm alchemy

    stats str/int/dex 100/25/100

    mage/archer (nearly finished):

    gm magery
    gm eval
    gm med
    110 archery
    105 tacts
    gm anat
    gm healing

    str/int/dex 75/75/75 cos i cant decide.
  24. Bibabalu

    Bibabalu Guest

    Fisher archer mage:

    GM Fishing ( best ever/ lol I just cant get myself to drop it)
    GM Archery
    GM Tactics
    GM Anat
    GM Eval
    GM Med
    GM Magery

    Stats Str/Dex/Int 80/45/100
  25. FireCooled1

    FireCooled1 Guest

    I love the template before mine the Fisher/archery (thats a great pirate)
    About to start on this template:
    110 Archery
    110 Tactics110 Anatomy
    100 Magery
    100 Eval
    100 Resist
    90 Heal

    85 str 60 int 80dex
  26. moby-sick

    moby-sick Guest

    here we go:

    120 archery
    120 sword
    110 tactics
    110 anatomy
    100 healing
    100 resist
    60 magery/chivalry
  27. Here is my Template, I use her for pvm,pvp and champ spawns. Im done training all skills except resist.

    115 Archery
    110 Swords
    110 Tactics
    110 Anatomy
    110 Resist (at 96 now)
    100 Healing
    60 Magery (will be 65 after i get 4th year bonus)

    Str: 90
    Dex: 90
    Int: 60

    If chivalry pans out i will drop healing for it. (I will still keep magery because its a good backup skill for almost any problems that come up)
  28. bjornarg

    bjornarg Guest

    Here's my faction archer template:

    110 Archery
    110 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    100 Healing
    100 Hiding
    100 Resist
    100 Tinkering
  29. Seres

    Seres Guest

    I wonder what you think of this template, have not figured it out yet:

    anatomy: 100
    archery 120
    healing: 90
    magery 80
    resist 80
    meditate 50
    tactics 100
    fishing 100

    S/I/D: 90/55/80

    I don't have a +20 scroll yet, but thinking about it,...
    only thing sure is that fishing should stay at 100, that was my initial profession for this char.
    Is this a good template?
  30. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    Seres, that looks good for dealing with the creatures you drag up from the deep.

    I thought of another template, it looks kind of fun, but not really strong
    Its a Ranger
    Archery 100
    Tactics 100
    Hiding 100
    Bowcraft 60 Good for making regular bows, it could be even lower
    Taming 80 or so I forgot whats needed for frenzieds
    Animal Lore 80 or so
    Magery 60 for healing or try chivalry
    LJ 60 Get wood most of the time
    Anat 65 ?
    Str 85
    Dex 90
    Int 50
    Not the most effective person around but I think it would do ok wandering around the Lost Lands.
  31. OutPost69

    OutPost69 Guest

    100, Archery 100, str.
    100, Tactics 103, dex.
    97 , Healing 22, int.
    100, Anatomy
    100, Resist
    100, Fence
    100, Parry
    18, Magery-3yr. Account

    100, Archery 100, str.
    100, Tactics 103, dex.
    100, Anatomy 22, int.
    97, Healing
    100, Swords
    100, Lumberjack
    100, Resist
    17. Magery-3yr. Account

    Alexander Sprunt:
    100, Archery 100, str.
    100, Tactics 103, dex.
    100, Anatomy 22, int.
    95, Healing
    100, Mace
    100, Lockpick
    100, Resist
    20, Magery-3yr. Account

    As you can see I Love Archery!! All on Great Lakes!! Good Hunting!!
  32. Scorned

    Scorned Guest

    My rping archer goes as follows:

    Archery 110
    Tactics 110
    Anatomy 100
    Healing 90
    Bowcrafting 100
    Resist 100
    Hiding 100

    I currently get +10 skill points for account age...only two months until my 3 year bonus.
  33. Fenway

    Fenway Guest

    Stealth Archer

    GM Archery (89.9)
    GM Tactics
    GM Anatomy (94)
    GM Healing (83)
    GM Hiding (82)
    GM Stealth (0)
    65 Magery
    21 Tracking
    Saving some for scrolling and whatever else I decide on
  34. Decided to change my template tonight...so I bought a +10 meditation ps and did the down arrow on my 110 swords.

    110 Mage/Eval/Med/Arch/Tact/Anat
    60 Poison???
  35. carebear

    carebear Guest

    Here's the template I'm trying to get, just started this chard a little while ago, but I'll get there eventually:

    100 Archery
    100 Fencing
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    100 Resist
    20.1 Tracking
    73.9 Hiding
    25 Magery
    81 Healing

    107 Str
    107 Dex
    11 Int

    This char wil be able to hold his own in PvM of PvP, track as well as GM Tracker, hide with little failure, res, and recall.


    Sorry to burst your bubble; mind blast will own you, you dont have enough int to heal with magery, and you will be dead before your first bandage is finished; hiding with little failure at that level is a toss-up; maybe if you are fighting near houses. If not, you can expect to fail noticeably. You'll also be fizzling a lot with recalls. Wait, can you even recall with 11 mana?
  36. Balin [Grandmaster Pirate] - Baja

    110 Archery
    110 Swordsmanship
    110 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    100 Fishing
    100 Healing
    85 Magery

    80 Str/100 Dex/45 Int

    If I get a +20 Archery PS, I'll drop Swords to 100.
  37. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    I noticed there wasn't a template posting like some of the other forums have.
    Well here's how I hope mine turns out, I just started this one.
    Archery 115
    Tactics 100
    Music 115
    Provoke 110
    Peace 115
    Chivalry 80
    Focus 80
    My stats
    Str 80
    Dex 90
    Int 60
    I hope to see others here. Thanks
  38. Carter K

    Carter K Guest

    110 Archery
    100 Swordsmanship
    100 LJ
    100 Tactics
    100 Anatomy
    100 Healing
    100 Resist

    My resist is currently at 96.2, need to work on it a bit :p and also archery, its only at 104.1, don't know what to train on.... the rest are all done...
  39. Changed my template this week...this is on a red.

    110 Mage/Eval/Med/Arch/Tact/Anat
    60 Resist

    Kinda wish I had room for hiding, but oh well invis works although slower and those dang words of power popping up.
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Midnight on Europa. Only use her for PvM.

    110 Archery (102.5)
    100 Anatomy (Done)
    100 Fencing (Done)
    100 Parry (Done) Not sure about this.
    100 Tactics (Done)
    100 Healing (85.8)
    100 Resist (67.4)

    Str 96
    Dex 109
    Int 20
  41. Kitty Black

    Kitty Black Guest

    I am working on two archers, here are my templates...

    Archery 110
    Anatomy 100
    Tactics 100
    Healing 100
    Music 100
    Provoke 115
    Resist 60
    Magery 25 (for recall)
    Str 96, Dex 109, Int 20 (dumb as a brick, but she can fight good)

    Archery 100
    Anatomy 100
    Tactics 100
    Healing 100
    Alchemy 100
    Cooking 90
    Resist 60
    Magery 55
    Str, 90 Dex 90, Int 40
  42. Nebis

    Nebis Guest

    Pretty common from what i'm seeing, here's how im working.... (numbers listed are what i have caps for.... number is parenthesis are current value.)

    120 Archery (88.2)
    100 Anatomy (94.2)
    100 Tactics (89.0)
    100 Swordsmanship (55.5)
    100 Healing (78.2)
    100 Resisting Spells (55.7)
    80 Magery (74.9)

    80 Strength (80)
    100 Dexterity (100)
    45 Intelligence (45... im gonna drop this to 40 and put +5 to strength)

    so far it's working out. this character is strictly NO PvP... i made him only as support for the rest of my guild, because our main guild event is the champ spawn.

    Just for kicks, here's my PvP'er... soon to be red, unfortunately (and no powerscrolls for this one, either. number in parenthesis is current value).

    100 Tactics (86.1)
    100 Anatomy (92.1)
    100 Fencing (82.2)
    100 Hiding (88.1)
    100 Healing (77.2)
    100 Poisoning (71.8)
    100 Tracking (82.5)

    114 Strength (99)
    100 Dexterity (100)
    11 Intelligence (11)
  43. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    I have a new template with archery. It's a paladin warrior type.
    Chivalry 100
    Focus 100
    Swords 100
    Archery 100
    Tactics 100
    Anatomy 100
    Resist 100

    Str 95
    Dex 80
    Int 50
  44. Jenanova

    Jenanova Guest

    Some assistance would be appreciated with this.

    Resisting Spells

    I could turn him into a Paladin with Chivalry, and then replace healing with focus.
    But what would Anatomy be for? (..Very ignorant concerning some skills.)
    Or, I could just switch to hiding, but then I'd have no points left for stealth.
  45. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just decided last week to have archery again, after reading about the new weapons &amp; special moves.

    Koloth (archer mage):

    110 archery (currently 57 /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif)
    110 magery (currently 92, scroll not in possession yet)
    110 med (currently gm, scroll not in possession yet)
    110 eval int (currently gm, scroll not in possession yet)
    110 tactics (currently gm, scroll not in possession yet)
    110 anatomy (currently gm, scroll not in possession yet)

    Currently 50 points left, dunno what to do with them... maybe chivalry?

    Edit: current (real, not disp) stats: str 86 - dex 49 - int 90
  46. MacHarsh

    MacHarsh Guest

    For your archeress in progress, I'm a little confused that you're including 100 anatomy among her assets: I keep hearing that anatomy has been nerfed to irrelevance, and I was just thinking about chucking my archer/mage's anatomy to make room for (maybe) battle focus. Can you share a little of your thinking here? I'd be grateful to hear it.
    Thanks, in advance, for your help.
  47. Well, on an archer mage (i'm assumeing you have evaluate intelligance) the anatomy will act as a defensive wrestle while you are unarmed (ie casting a spell)..as in you can't hit people, but they have trouble hitting you...the formula is (eval int + anatomy + 20) / 2 if I remember right...

    Not to mention you will still get a damage bonus from anatomy
    And if you have healing aswell...
  48. Indazone

    Indazone Guest

    120 Archery
    120 Tactics
    120 Anatomy
    100 Chivalry
    100 Focus
    100 Meditation
    040 Bowcraft/Fletching

    80 str / 105 dex / 40 int (once I get a stat scroll, will do 80 str / 120 dex / 50 int)

    Using this template and wearing barbed leather armor, I only have to stock bows and arrows. I don't need bandages and I don't need regs. My mana comes back fast enough to allow me to rely only on chivalry to heal. Chivalry has a recall spell, so that is the reason I can get by without magery.

    Used for PvM, I know a bard/archer template would be more "efficient", but I wanted to make the most powerful pure archer possible and I think this is the template for that.
  49. After a TON of reading and thinking about this, here is what I am doing for my archer. Though all the facts are not in on AoS.

    Str 100 (100 after scroll - some lifetime)
    Dex 90 (110 after scroll - next life after that)
    Int 35 (40 you get the picture)

    Archery 120
    Swords 120 (fence but it is clear the good items will be mostly swords)
    Tactics 120 (damage mods are best here)
    Parry 120 (with a +defense shield this is awesome, have +6 chaos now - incredible)
    Chivalry 100 (with three weapon skills mana use is VERY low)
    Focus 120 (use is low but Int is too)

    Incredible defense + Chivalry + Focus = very adequate healing. I do have to retreat now and then with currently low Int. But the strong offense just as often makes my opponent run.

    Resist would be nice but with the right armor you can have a 60ish wear requirement and so long as you can keep your shield in hand and your pants on, this works. At least so far. If I was to change anything it would be to build resist to 100 and drop all but Tactics to GM. Like this:

    Archery 100
    Swords 100 (would prefer dex but it is clear the good items will be most in swords)
    Tactics 120 (damage mods are best here)
    Parry 100 (with a +defense shield this is awesome, have a+6 chaos now - incredible)
    Chivalry 100 (with three weapon skills mana use is VERY low)
    Focus 100 (use is low but Int is too)
    Resist 100

    Frankly if that wasn't enough resist, I'd drop Swords to 100 and bring resist 120.

    I haven't had the pleasure of actually playing this a great deal and when I have it has been on test. My current Character is still getting the Chiv under him (but he has GMs in the rest). much of my motivation from putting this together is from a careful read of the posts here on Stratics across profession boards. From what everyone has said post of testing, this is the guy. AND HE ROCKS.

    There is most strong concensus that resist needs to be either 120 or 0. In between does nothing. Also that without heal, Anat is worthless, serving only around +4 HP addition to Dam. The 20 points in Tactics does better than the 100 in Anat.

    So does anyone catch any flaws? obviously play style will make a difference for everyone. i.e. hide, heal, etc. But if its the HULK you want, this is him. Think of your arrows as fired by the Muscular Orchish/Elvish guy in Lord of the Rings. There ain't nothing hurts like being shot with telephone poles. (what is that breed called again?)

    Anyway, hope this helps someone out there. Thanks for all the great advise you have shot my way.
  50. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You are not useing healing at all??

    My template:
    Gm sword's
    Gm Ant
    Gm Tactics
    Gm Archery
    Gm Healing
    86 focus
    65 pally
    111/90/25 (i may go to more mana then str,Id really like to get a stat scroll)

    I am also debating on using a powerscroll,I if I do I think ill go with Tactics,that way it helps both archery and swords,may get a 105 healing dunno yet