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post your Magincia Invasion bows

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Guest, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just a thread to show off all of our weapons. That's fun, right?

    Here are my two Demon slayer bows:

    Hvy X-Bow
    Demon Slayer
    HML 32
    HLA 34
    SSI 10 ---> enhanced with Ash
    DI 32

    Comp Bow
    Demon Slayer
    HSL 20
    HLD 14
    HLA 8
    DI 50

    I'll probably use the x-bow as much as possible. It hits pretty hard with decent leeches.

    For the beserkers I have this one:

    Mystic Bow
    Ogre Slayer ----> no use here
    HML 31
    HCI 6
    DI 40

    It worked well enough last year in Vesper. We'll see how it holds up now.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How about the night reaper, that one work ok?
  3. Magical Short

    Stam Leech 46
    Mana Leech 28
    Life Leech 22
    No DI, but don't need.

    This is the same bow I solo paragon Balrons with, so I'm guessing the Daemons won't be a problem, and this bow has already proven effective against Dark Fathers. I made a Night Reaper recently, and am going to try it out, but this Short with all of the leeches is hard to beat. Used to be even better before the nerfs with ML in the 40's and LL in the 30's.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have a similar magical short that I stopped using after the nerfs. Think I'll try it again. Nearly broke my heart when it got nerfed.

    Magical Short Bow
    HSL 40
    HML 26
    HLL 23
    HCI 11
    SSI 10
    DI 44

    HSL is way under rated, imo. I like it on all of my weapons.
  5. HSL saves mana, especially now that mana regen and mana leech have been fubar'd, eliminating the need for that constant Divine Fury to keep the swing speed up for the rest to do what they need to in order to continue dishing out the damage. I love it on my Demon slayer. It's great after getting hit for 50 or so by a Balron, and with the next arrow are back to full stamina.
  6. I'm using a Night Reaper with minimal success against Bezerkers doing 5-7 damage a hit. I got a Bezerker's Scythe so I must be doing some damage to it. Against everything else it works fine.
  7. Berserkers are almost immune to any weapon other than the Mythic type weapons that either came from the Brit/Despise invasion, the Ophidian invasion, and now the ones that currently drop from this invasion. While you may only see the same small numbers ticking with a mythic that you see with a normal bow, if you watch the life bar of the berserker, you'll see the difference in damage being done. The Mythic weps are the only ones that can punch through their defense shield. Keep in mind that physical damage is about the only thing that puts a scratch on them.
  8. midiguru

    midiguru Guest

    Magical Short Bow

    Demon Slayer

    14% HCI
    30 SSI (ash enhanced)
    50 DI

    This bow owns both for regular deamons and berserkers i don't even bother using my mystic bow as it just can't compare to this.
  9. Oddly enough, I looted this bow from a normal Daemon. With luck on my side, I was able to enhance it and add another 10SSI to it. Gonna give it a try today.

  10. midiguru

    midiguru Guest

    honestly that heavy xbow is pretty crappy even with the ehancement i'd still throw it in the garbage no offense.
  11. I'm one shotting everything up to the Daemons. It's actually working pretty good.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I added an Elven Long Bow with 48% Dispel and 35% SSI to get rid of those pesky Revenants the DF keeps tossing at me.

    I had been using a cursed Frostbringer with it's 50% dispel, but it was too slow. The 10 stam regen was nice though.

    basically running with 4 weapons for this:

    1. hvy x-bow demon slayer - see first post
    2. mystic bow for beserkers - see first post
    3. mishief maker for the undead spawn
    4. dispel bow for revenants

    Seems to be working well so far. wish that hvy x-bow was fast, but it hits plenty hard.
  13. I have an Undead Slayer Heavy XBow with 35 SSI and 30'ish Dispel, AND it has 70% fire damage. Talk about a Rev killer, wow.
  14. Calvin

    Calvin Guest

    BTW, just because it only shows the decreased damage of 5-7 max does not mean you are not doing more damage to it.