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Posting rules - please read at least once before posting !

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Kofu, Sep 26, 2000.

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  1. Kofu

    Kofu Guest

    The Scribes Forum is a place for general discussion about Ultima Online, Scribe skills and related subjects. Although Off-Topic (OT) posts do raise their ugly head now and then, try to keep them to a minimum, and confine the discussion to one thread. If an OT discussion gets out of hand, a moderator may lock or delete the thread.


    Do not post bugs or exploits: Posting a "how-to" for any bug or exploit, regardless of how harmless the bug may seem, will result in an insta perma-ban. Also listing bugs and exploits is forbidden.


    No Spamming: Posting simply to increase your title or annoy people (just two of the many examples) may result in immediate and permanent banning of your account.

    Keep personal attacks to a minimum: Besides loosing the respect of the regulars here who feel you should be able to argue with someone's point of view rather than call people names, it often just sends people off-topic and really has no place here.

    No pornography: This goes without saying. Posting pornography or links to it will result in an instant perma-ban.

    Player run shards: Player run shards violate the OSI TOS and may not be advertized or linked to on any stratics forum.

    It should be noted that links in a message are regulated by the same rules as the post itself.

    Be sure to read the FAQ also locked at the top and skim the first page for a subjectline wich might answer your questions, before posting a question. Chance is that it is already answered there in detail.

    Poster Titles

    The following is a list of titles given to posters on Stratics forums, and when you get them:

    0 Visitor
    31 Adventurer
    100 Journeyman
    300 Seasoned Veteran
    500 Sage
    750 Lore Keeper
    1000 Lore Master
    1250 Slightly Crazed
    1500 Certifiable
    2000 Babbling Loonie

    From time to time, you will see odd titles such as "smitten kitten" or "inane poster". These titles are given to people who have made a large contribution to either stratics or the other posters here. Don't ask for one. If you should get one, you will be contacted! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif


    We are currently trying to get rid of the pure chatting on the boards, therefor, we've setup an IRC channel, #Ultima-Online, on Stratics IRC server, if you wish to join this channel, please read the Stratics IRC instructions.


    You are welcome to post your posts in any language you wish, however, please include a translated copy in English, so that everyone can understand your post. If a post is posted without an English version, it will be either translated, deleted, or sent to you as a private message (at the top of the forum "Check Private"), asking you to repost it with an English version. Depending on the moderator and the nature of the post.
    This applies to all languages (Orcish, Elvish, Swedish, German, etc...)

    Final Rule

    The Scribe community is a strong community, with alot of nice people, treat them nicely, and they'll surely treat you nicely as well, of course, if you bite, they will bite back.

    (Note: Of course a lot of the above is stolen from other forums but better stolen than badly thought out)

    Who are the moderators here:

    Lady_Magica - constantly available

    Feel free to Private Mail or email ([email protected]) any of the above moderators with questions and comments.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.