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Pot chugging archer is wondering about pot chugging tactics

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by EB_Arcbolt, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. EB_Arcbolt

    EB_Arcbolt Guest


    I am new to EP and chugging, I finally made the template change and am now fully committed. DAMM the bows are expensive.

    What I have found is, I do stay alive longer and can survive ganks more often. However by switching to balanced bows, I have lost 80% of my firepower, which was my non balanced bows. I find that I cannot finish off ppl the same way as before with my uber non balanced bows. To buy a decent balanced bow, they are in the higher 2 digit+ millions, therefor are rare and hard to afford.

    Do you have any tips or tactics you can share? Combos with throwing stars or darts? DP Moving shot? Dismount etc....

    I usually run solo in Fel Yew

  2. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Well... the only thing I would do different is switch back and forth with my balanced bows. If your chasing a player trying to finish him off use your offensive bow. If your running for your life from a gank use your balanced bow. Keep shopping for that ultimate balanced bow but with a good switch macro you should be fine.
  3. Hoody

    Hoody Guest

    I used to run with a balanced xbow so i didnt have to switch wep for the majority of fighting however ive recently switched to 4/6 so need fc1 xbow my balanced was something like 40 di 35 ssi 14hci 40 hld if ur interested in buyin
  4. It makes life easy having both your main bows balanced but not necessary. I usually start off with my big hitter bow that is balanced and doesn't need to have ssi. Either a composite or small crossbow. Initially start off with the shurikan and double click right away to fire your bow. The shurikin and arrow usually hit about the same time so they poisoned and have 30 to 40 damage taken off.

    Then they either start trying to cure themselves or run. Gives you that extra second to switch to your uber non balanced bow and start going to town. Every time they cure themselves or start going offensive go back to the balanced slow bow. Just gotta keep them shurikans a flying.

    Also try using darkglow poisoned shurikans. They a pain to get but give you a extra boost to your damage increase.
  5. EB_Arcbolt

    EB_Arcbolt Guest

    hey, thanks guys!!!! im trying some combos and strategies. having trouble switching the non and the balanaced bows tho, its tricky.