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Pot Roast, Newbie Candles, and You..

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Helter Skelter, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Giggity.

    Ok so like "hi" from long time listener, first time caller since 2004. I was a BiC kinda guy until Ransom found SimCity and left us all to die here. Some of you may remember me as Tyvek, perhaps Helter Skelter, or even Sirkus.. But, I digress... You call it corn, I called it Maize.

    So, I downloaded the 2D client last night and was running around Luna in my underwear with my newbie candle in hand. I was very much surprised how the newbie candles had survived all these years, and I think once I get enough cash to build a house I am going to start collecting them. I guess until you get some night sight potions or goggles you have to still use it, right?

    Oh yeah.. wait. I was going to mention pot roast too. There is so much new pixel crack in this game since I played I can't figure anything out except there is no pot roast in game. I mean, really, we have ham, bread, fish, numerous fruits and veggies, but no pot roast. You would think that with all the GM Cooking newbs out there we would have a decent pot roast to munch on after camping some fel spawn, you know?

    I guess for that we would need a spell channeling crock pot with +15 parry or something, but it would have to be hued faction purple with a personalized message on it from the UO wedding from which it was received, right?


  2. Anything cooked in that crockpot better give me some sort of bonus power. Also, I want a little inscription on my crockpot, too.

    Also, I'm not sure about collecting the newb candles, Sirk. Might get hot in your house!
  3. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni Stratics Legend

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Hmm...lead a guild? or be the boss of an entire city? I would have to go with SimCity because you can drop tornados and meteors onto the city.

    The newbie candles wont stay in your bag anymore if you die. :-( The Elf race can see in the dark (Built in night sight). Armor and other items have "Night Sight" crafted into them as well.

    You can go eat the "Savage's Orc Stew" in Kijustsu Anei Village at the banner. Taste just like pot roast.

    Welcome back to Ultima Online :popcorn:
  4. NAY!!!

    Pot roast and stew are NOT the same!!!!!
  5. HyperActif

    HyperActif Guest

    Dear newbies, in support of Sirkus' candle collecting ambitions please follow the short instructions below:

    Say: I renounce my young player status
    Locate: A moongate
    Select: Felucca Yew
    Contribute and be merry

    Kindest regards,
    SimCity Chief Peon
  6. I laughed. A lot.

    Also, we didn't play SimCity, Sirk! We played...*sigh* ok, ok...it all equals SimCity.
  7. Thanks, Hyper, for those instructions. I guess the Yew gate is still the place for the oompa loompas to hang out and sharpen their pvp skills?

    Is a purple hued crock pot with +15 parry considered an exploit? I am thinking if it creates faction pot roast then it should be a legal item. Shadowlord pot roast owns but Minax pot roast tastes like swamp rat, and I won't eat the filthy muth... um.. ok I'll stop there. I don't want the moderators to swoop in on my first day back on the forums. Let's save that for the 2nd or 3rd day.

    I was brushing up on my UO pvp smack talk vocabulary today and googled the phrase "owned at yew gate" and a picture of my butt came up as the #1 result. Funny how it remembers me, doesn't it? My precious.

  8. It seems like I have a pic of someone's naked butt with BiC4TW written in a sharpie across it, taken at the 2005 BiC Party, but alas I think this wasn't you...
  9. Well it probably had better well should have been! But, alas, the hair would get in the way.

    I seem to remember you ending up on the government's no-fly list as a result of that weekend. Did you ever get that all cleared up?

  10. I will neither confirm nor deny that statement.