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PRAH Auction Jan 17 at 7EST

Discussion in 'UO Legends Trade' started by PRAH, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. PRAH

    PRAH Guest

    We have some super interesting items this auction including a bracelet that looks like an orni but is not. (this has been confirmed as legit by a GM).
    Also some incredible rubble items, including reagents, a fire pit and a wearable rubble item.

    There will be gates from luna bank 7 - 7:15 and runes as well.

    Hope to see you there.

    Item (with min bid)
    Blaze Hair Dye (5mil)
    Boomstick & Vorpal blade (400k)
    LRC Suit (200k)
    2 - Twilight Landertns (150k)
    120 Scroll-Taming (4m)
    8/blk and grey rubble pieces (100k)
    3 Mondains Hair Dye (3mil)
    Mondains Anniv Coins (2) (100k)
    4 blessed AOS roses (200k)
    Glacial Blue Hair Dye (min 6 mil)
    Brac/HCI 14/DCI6/DI20 (100k)
    Sigel Hued Armor (5mil)
    Ornament of Magician (13mil)
    Ask & Answer ball (500k)
    Rare G'Thunk Statue (5mil)
    Potted Tree (500k)
    3 5th year statues (3.5 mil)
    *fire elemental, wolf & gazer statues
    Halberd (75k)
    Purple Sigel Lantern (1mil)
    Statue Maker (4mil)
    Healing 120 Scroll (1mil)
    Thatched roof mini house deed (3mil)
    Ridable polar bear (1.5 mil)
    Rubble Reagent/garlic (7mil)
    Orny Colored Bracelet (10mil)
    * ..very odd item, not an orni
    *..confirmed legal
    OLD black dye tub (3mil)
    3/3 year statues (2.5mil)
    Sash of Might (100k)
    Bucket (1mil)
    Complete 6th anniversary set (100k)
    2 Bats orange/black (no min)
    Spellbook - great mods (200k)
    Rubble Ruined Vanity (8mil)
    Stealing 120 scroll (1m)
    16 spawn skulls (5k)
    Chrystal Token (200k)
    Rubble Fire Pit (30mil)
    14 first year statues (2mil)
    3 fourth year statues (3mil)
    Rubble Necklace/wearable (5mil)
    Rare Boat Rubble (18)mil