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Prah Auction List for 9/13/2008 7pm EST

Discussion in 'UO Legends Trade' started by PRAH, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. PRAH

    PRAH Guest

    Item (with min bid)
    Shipwreck Deco Items(40k)
    100 Luck +bardskills ring(100k)
    11 Slayer OBNO Tallys(1m)
    2 115 power scrolls(200k)
    2 Dyed Candelabra of Souls(500k)
    2 Ohii Trees(6m)
    2 Rare Staves with Charges(25k)
    2 Sigil Colored Lanterns(500k)
    2 Strong Boxes(400k)
    20 Powders of Fort(100k)
    3 "green" Clothes(1m)
    3 Old Scrolls(500K)
    3/1 Necro PVP ring(100k)
    19 Mounted Pixies and MORE(1m)
    4 Rubble Palms(500k)
    7 Craft OBNO Tallys(1m)
    9 AOS Bolts of Cloth with special bag(200k)
    9 Different Crafter Alacrity Scrolls(1m)
    Aegis Shield(1m)
    6 Bardic Alacrity Scrolls(1m)
    AOS Blaze Bag and Cloth(100k)
    Berserker's Bardiche(25m)
    Candle of Love(2m)
    Complete Dark Knight Rewards(5m)
    Darkwood Suit(500k)
    Doom Saddle(1.5m)
    Dragons End(500k)
    Finnigans Event Set(1m)
    Full Ranger Armour(500k)
    Full Soulstone Token(8m)
    Green Arrow(5m)
    Guild Deed for ZEP(2m)
    Jaana'a Staff(750k)
    Old School Bucket(2m)
    Rare Rubble Table Piece(6m)
    Red Leaf Bird(5m)
    Ring of the Elements(2m)
    Sentinel's Guard(400k)
    Spirit of the Totem(2m)
    Various Boards/Logs in Deed Form(500k)
    Mystery Chest Donated by ELV

    New time for start of auction is 7pm EASTERN