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PRAH Auction List for Saturday Night

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by PRAH, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. PRAH

    PRAH Guest

    Happy St. Patrick's Day. 4 Smashys! (7 est) Hopefully the PRAH Leprechauns will show you a good time!

    3 Heritage Token (min 1 mil)
    Legends Easter Egg (min 3 mil)
    120 Chivalry Scrol (min 150k)
    18 Ash Runic Fletchers Tools (min 1 mil)
    Sorcers Tunic (min 1 mil)
    SmugglersTtoolbox and Pink Lantern (min 250k)
    4 Ninjutsu Alacrity Scrolls (min 500k)
    10 Lucky Coins (min 1 mil)
    10 Dull, Shadow Copier Hammers (min 250K)
    Essence of Battle-Imbued (min 5mil)
    Val Runic & 1 K Val Ingots (min 15M)
    Verite Order Shield-Imbued (min 200k)
    3 Alchemy Alacrity Scrolls (min 250k)
    Animal Crystal Collection = Vollem (min 3mil)
    Mage Weapon 15 DC!/SC (min 1 mili)
    3 Necromancy Alacrity Scrolls (min 400k)
    Smugglers Edge (min 8 mil)
    20 Seeds of Renewal (min 3 mil)
    Original 2004 Christmas Gift Set (min 150k)
    Ohpidian Arch Mage Statue (min 500k)
    15 Powder of Fortification (min 500k)
    Bright Sight Lenses (min 75k)
    Blessed Tali (min 500k)
    Resilient Bracker-Imbued 6 mod! (min 15mil)
    Large Mix of Imbueing Ingred (min 500k)
    5 Mod Mage Set-Imbued (min 250k)
    5 Powder of Fortifcation (min 500l_
    Imbued 50 Enhance Potion Ring (min 1mil)
    4 Mining Alacrity Scrolls (min 300k)
    Angel Box/Royal Blue (min 15mil)
    120 Vetrinary Scroll (min 750K)
    Pacify Replica (min 700k)
    14 LRC Scrappers Compendium (min 1mil)
    Berzerkers Sythe (min 400k)