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PRAH(Phoenix Rising Auction House) ELV Alliance

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by PRAH, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. PRAH

    PRAH Guest

    First off we want to thank everyone that came out Saturday night for our Trial Run Auction.

    :thumbsup:Very nice turn out for the first time. We wish to say that there were no problems so the Auctions will continue.

    We were surpised to see a few names in the audiance. Along with so many friends, we had from Whispering Rose Radio, DJ Sandman, Vanna Manna Rose, Poetic Harlequin along with the lovely Darri Lien of T*T Auction House and Soron Gartius were in attendance.

    The next auction will be on Saturday July 26 at 8pm Eastern time. Submissions will be taken starting Monday at 7pm-9pm and on Tuesday at 7pm-9pm at the PRAH AUCTION HOUSE only give your items to person wearing the PRAH tag. If you are not sure how to submit items, there are books on the floor letting you know how we prefer the books to be fill out. We will have a Mystery Chest starting with this auction.

    Once again Thanks to Everyone for making the trial run a success.:thumbsup:
  2. NewThunder

    NewThunder Guest

    I thought the auction was a huge success ( I got the item I wanted for much less then expected!). I thought the contests were fun. Two thing I would suggest are to ask everyone there to be sue their text color is red, for me that just stands out. I would also suggest placing minimum increments once items get above certain levels, just moves things along a bit quicker.
  3. *nods to agree with Thunder on the incrment thing*

    No bid can be lower then 1k on items below 10k

    5k bids once an item reaches 50k

    10k bids once an item reaches 100k

    100k bids once an item reaches 1 mil

    that's our system anyway, haven't had any complaints as of yet.

    and we don't have "Open" bid anymore on anything when someone puts it at "Open" we start the bidding at 1k.
  4. Plucky Duck

    Plucky Duck Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jan 29, 2002
    Likes Received:

    So a PRAH tag and not a Nixd one? I know personally people that avoided this auction because they had thought it was being ran bye Nixd and if its not can you please clarifly the relationship between Nixd and there alligned guilds (EOK,Nixd and a few others) and this Prah alliance?
  5. Damia TMC

    Damia TMC Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    With all the Phoenix names around, I don't know who's who anymore.

    Sorry I missed the auction, I will definately be at the next one :)
  6. Penderrin

    Penderrin Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Great turnout. I'm looking forward to the next one
  7. Dont forget to drop off your items(7pm-9pm eastern) for the next auction on Sat july 26 8pm eastern
  8. I will try to clear up any questions as to who PRAH is: PRAH (Phoenix Rising Auction House) is in no way affiliated with (EOK, Nixd and a few others) or any other of the Phoenix Guilds. It is a group of characters from the many guilds in the ELV (Elven Lirimaer Fellowship) Alliance which consist of the following guilds: Crimson Darkness, Amazons, Sosarian Soulseekers, Mighty Orc Slayers, Hell’s^Angel’s, and The Fellowship of Skara Brae.

    If there are folks around that remember back only 2 or 3 years ago, an Auction House named LAH (Luna Auction House) was created with the backing of Sio and Melph Minos, It was run by a few chars of a couple of guilds. At the final auction it was revealed who these characters were and a lot of people were very surprised. Mostly it was the O/S (Mighty Orc Slayers) guild with a couple of other folks that ran that. After 2 years we had decided to stop and turn the reins totally over to T*T (Timeless Treasures Auction House) as they had grown into an Auction House that provided an honest and well known service to the community.

    The ELV alliance, which O/S is the first guild to join and are very proud to be part of, were sitting around remembering the good ole day and we were discussing auctions. Since T*T have been on hiatus for a while we decided to try our hand at running an auction house to provide a event for the community to come together on a bi-weekly basis to intermingle with our fellow shard members. The objective of this Guild is to provide a service to the community .

    First was to think of a name and a place to hold such an auction. One of the members noted that the old LAH Auction house was still set up basically as it had been, and that maybe we could convince the Owner to allow the new auction house to hold the events there. Once that was agreed we needed a name. Phoenix Rising was decided upon because we were Raising LAH from the ashes (so to speak) and Lady Phoenix (an established Vet of over 12 years) was revealed on closing night of LAH, as Fair Morgana, would again be part of the new auction house. Thus Phoenix Rising Auction House Guild was born.
  9. Also to further a good starting reputation for PRAH they are also a part of the "LES" Alliance. The "LES" alliance is the "Legends Event Staff" alliance that consist of:

    Timeless Treasures [T*T]
    The Treasure Box [T*Tb]
    Just a Game [JaG] (The maze house guild)
    Whispering Rose Radio [WRR] (The popular UO orginated but branching out to other MMO's radio station)

    and finally new to the LES

    Pheonix Rising Auction House [PRAH]

    So PRAH has reseived a seal not many starting event guild get...the offical T*T Seal of approval :). PRAH can be trusted and T*T will secure their own items in their hands while we are still dealing with the RL troubles. When we return we will play off eachother to help provide an auction on a weekly basis for the shard. Each auction house will be it's own entity but doesn't mean we can't still work together :D.
  10. if so many people did not come because of nix then y was there such a turn out ohh wait like i stated before a certain someone HAS NO CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON IN LEGENDS ie: (rubber ducky)
  11. Wulfgar

    Wulfgar Guest

    It is nice to have another auction house in legends. Thank you for the fun.:ten::pint: