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Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by UO News, Jul 26, 2015.

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    Jan 30, 2009
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    Though it is sometimes difficult to believe, there have been times of relative peace in Sosaria. Times when neither kingdom nor clan found itself in extended conflict. When the evils that once, and would once again, plague Britannia were quiet. When the factions that sought control in the Old Lands of Felucca were weary of fighting and, aside from the occasional skirmish, were largely silent. That isn’t to say the world was void of danger – far from it. This danger, however, was more often than not confronted on the terms of the adventurer, warrior, explorer, collector, or hunter that sought it out.

    It may seem a lifetime has passed since such a peace, but in truth it has only been three years. Virtuebane had been defeated, though Queen Dawn had perished. For nearly a year Britannia mourned – and began to move on. Led by the local nobility, and protected by Captain Olivia and the Royal Britannian Guard, things were calm, if different. This would not last, of course, thanks to the machinations of Lian Vinre, a pawn of Relvinian.

    The Guards would fall apart, and the towns and cities of Britannia came into conflict with one another. A curse-driven plague tore through Trinsic, and threatened Britain. Minoc and Vesper were on the verge of taking arms against one another. Acting independently, a few remaining Guards struggled to maintain peace in Britannia, and an uneasy understanding between the Paladins and Necromancers in Umbra. Soon, Exodus would reveal itself, and would threaten to decimate the world.

    Yet, once again heroes came together. In the Battle of Ver Lor Reg, Britannians allied with Gargoyles, the Paladins of Luna, the mysterious Ethereal Warriors, and even a few orcs to lay siege to Ver Lor Reg – ultimately defeating Exodus. The realm would once again have to recover from its wounds. But it would not be without help from an unexpected source.

    It was at this time that Lord Blackthorn reappeared, looking like the man who walked the streets of Britain rather than the machine that sought to destroy it. He revealed that he had been a prisoner of Exodus all these years, that the machine was not him. Still, many were slow to trust him – some still do not. But he was crowned King, and acted not as a tyrant, as many believed, but as a healer.

    He formed a Council of Governors, and empowered these elected officials to serve their represented towns in a way that no mayor or noble had been able to before. This would prove a wise decision. As contentious as some of the elections were, the result would be a series of capable leaders who would face challenge after challenge. In addition, he re-established the Royal Britannian Guard, creating two separate groups. The Town Guards would handle the day to day threats of their homes, while the King’s Guard would assemble in order to meet larger acts of aggression. These new Guards would face slavers, demons, and other evils.

    Even now, as strange prophecies surface from the Dungeon Doom and old secrets threaten to reveal themselves, the mysterious Hawkwind seeks help in combating the surging power of Minax.

    Whispers of an even greater threat, however, begin to be heard.


    Deep below the surface, a spirit wanders cavernous tunnels. Lonely (but no longer afraid) it reflects upon its life – and recent demise. It studied new subterranean growths of grass and vines as it wondered for the thousandth time why it could not move on. Lifting its head from the freshly sprouted grass, it saw a great gnarled tree. As it watched, the tree began to glow red, pulsating. The spirit thought it heard a thump, thump and knew he had found the cause of his continued presence in the world.


    High above on the surface of Felucca, three people stood on the docks of Occlo, staring to the sea. They conversed with whispered words.

    They were studying the loading operation here last week. They are going to suspect something.”

    Yes, they will, that is why you or your brother must take the opportunity presented to us – complete the contract, and let us be rid of the Detective.”

    Why must it be one of us? What if he is not there?”

    If he is not there, someone else of value will be, I’m sure. As to your second question, I have a battle to prepare for.”

    You? What about the pirate?”

    He has reached the end of his usefulness. Our…master…wishes him to be disposed of.”

    The conversation at an end, the three stood in silence for some time. Staring out to the sea, they did not notice a figure rise from behind a barrel of fish and slowly depart.


    On Trammel, King Blackthorn stood in his orchard. He gazed towards the western end of the spit of land upon which his great castle stood. His nose catching the faintest smell of sulpher, he made a short Hm and turned on his heel, walking back towards his study.


    Elsewhere in Britain, Detective Thorpe re-read the report of one of his investigators, Tobias Cardont:

    I’ve read some books on the Festival of Masks and two thoughts come to mind. The Festival involves a “game” whose players have to wear masks. Masks are about concealing faces and identities. What is the Vizier hiding?The Sultan’s location and the gold and his plans. Also, the “game” at the Festival is centered around a replica of a gem called the Eye of Dahsk. What is the true Eye of Dahsk, where is it located, and what can it do? I don’t know the answers, but do you?

    Thorpe rubbed his newly shaved face, frowning at the loss of his well-trimmed red beard. Putting the report away, he turned to a selection of masks, and prepared for a party.

    Continue reading...
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