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[Price Check] Price Check needed on a Few Items for a Friend

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by ONETWOTHREE, Dec 20, 2008.


    ONETWOTHREE Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 20, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Old "Season's Greetings" and old Valentines Day Cards the old school style (IE: "I'm Your Biggest Fan, From Sir Gwain.")
    "A Mug of Ale" (green)
    "Glass" (green)
    "A Champagne Glass" (green)
    "A Bottle of Eggnog"
    "15000 Diamonds Bracelet" and earrings
    "35000 Diamonds Bracelet, Weddingband, Necklace (circlet style), Necklace (beed style, and Earrings)
    "Hay" very thin pieces
    playing "Cards", hand of 2 cards
    "A Guild Deed"
    "Death's Essance" legs, gloves, tunic
    "Assasin's Armor" arms, tunic
    "Plate of Honor" gloves, arms, helmet
    "Greymist Armor" legs, arms, gloves
    "Elven Leafweave" legs, gloves
    "Myrmidon Armor" arms, gloves, gorget
    "Hunter's Garb" arms, gloves, legs
    "Tombstone of the Damned"
    Name is "Gold Coin", looks like a large pile of gold coins, when picked up they have 65532 - 65535 in the stack
    Valentines day muffins "From Me 2 U", "Too Sexy" etc
    Armor of Virtue sets
    Double blessed black Sandals
  2. Abyss

    Abyss Guest

    Seasons Greetings- 2 mil each.
    V-Day cards- 100k ea.
    Green Mug- Around 350k ea.
    Gree Champagne Glass-I believe it's around 1-2 mil ea.
    Green Glass- Same as Mug I believe.
    Eggnog- 2 or 3 mil.
    Bracelets and earrings- Vary and I'm unsure of final price for them.
    Thin Hay- Unsure
    Playing Cards- Unsure
    Guild Deed- Seen them sell for around a mil.
    Armors- Unsure
    Tombstone- Depends on type small is around 500-750k larger ones 2-4 mil.
    Gold Coin- Not sure
    Muffins- Not really sure but probably around the same as Valentines.
    Double Blessed Sandals- 3-6 mil.
    "Deed"- Seen sell between 500k-1 mil. But that was a while ago.
    "Scrolls"- I can't move these for anything so I'm unsure of final price.