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Price check on Diamond Mace

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Guest, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sorry to post here, but you guys always seem good at pricing hard to find weapons so Im hoping you can help.

    I Have this sick Diamond Mace.. Unenhanced.

    dispell 38 mana leech 45 lower defence 42 ssi 25 di 45

    Suggestions for pricing?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest


    dispell 38 mana leech 45 lower defence 42 ssi 25 di 45

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Roughly 200-500k, possibly as much as 1mil, but it would be very slow sell. An exmaple of godly weapon for the temp that uses this would be:

    Something with mods along these lines on an Asian shard, where they tend to be most popular would go for around 50-100m, possibly more, depending on the weapon type and the specials it provides.

    As someone who's main char is a vamp dexxer, I tend to use weapons frequently with similar mods, and while the intensities and mods are certainly about what someone would want, the dispel is out of place b/c it is not particuarly useful, in addition the SSI is a little to low for the base speed of a diamond mace which is 3 seconds.

    A good pvm diamond mace for a vamp dexxer would have all of the mods listed about with a minimum of 30 ssi, and have hit lower attack before hit lower defense, and would have hci or dci, preferably the former.

    The reason behind this is, a true vamp dexxer does not heal using bandages or through the chivalry spell of close wounds. Rather healing is done through the use of the necro spell vampric embrace and through the additional use of the necro spell curse weapon. This method combined with mana leech as a weapon mod means that you replenish your stats by doing damage to a monster, which means you must hit your opponent quickly especially if it is something significantly stronger than you.

    In addition hit lower attack is far superior to hit lower defense b/c a well put together template will have high damage increase preferably between 85-100%, and will be able to successfully cast enemy of one, consecrate weapon, and sometimes divine fury. So you are already dealing significant damage to what you might be fighting, combine these spells and the DI with a slayer weapon and you can deal damage in the 100-300 range. Although, as a player you still have relatively low HP in comparison to many monsters, and other bosses such as found in doom, or peerless, which makes HLA so valuable, b/c it reduces the amount of damage you take. This allows you to maximize your life leech properties and save your mana for casting offensive spells.
  3. craememp

    craememp Guest

    If it is "sick", call a doctor, or bring it to the hospital if it is an emergency. At the very least, feed it chicken soup, liquids and give it plenty of rest. The very life of your sick Diamond Mace may depend on it.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I managed to sell it for 4 mil. So someone thought it was "sick."

    Thanks for help though guys.
  5. I thought people like the diamond mace for the speed, i'm not looking at one so i dont know but that would make the ssi pointless
  6. Soam414

    Soam414 Guest

    it's got a weapon speed of 3, it's fast for a mace, but definitely SSI is still highly desired.