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Price Check & Selling some high end armor/weapons

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Trade' started by ProZac, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. ProZac

    ProZac Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 21, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I'm just listing some stuff I have laying around after burning FAR too many runics. I have a bit more if you need specifics that aren't insane.
    All items are currently on Catskills, but if I get offers I may move them to Atlantic. Please ICQ 311888315 with offers.


    Composite Bow-
    balanced 38velocity 40ssi 40di fc1
    balanced 42light 35ssi 17hci (non exc....)

    Diamond Mace-
    48harm 54mana 50hld 15dci 30ssi 40di
    50fb 30ssi FC1 14cold 52DI

    SC (no pen) 30ssi 47lightning 46mana
    SC (no pen) -20mage 25ssi 54di
    50fireball 50stam 30ssi 40di UBWS
    46harm 46hld 30ssi 50di -20mage
    48stam 48mana 50hla 25ssi 52di
    44fb 44stam 13dci 30ssi 51di
    SC -1 50harm 13hci 25ssi 15phys
    Sc-1 48harm 14dci 25ssi 15cold
    Sc-1 mage-20 50light 42hld 55di
    Sc-1 mage-20 14dci 30ssi 52di
    44MA 46hld 46stam 25ssi 14energy 40di
    48stam 46hld Gargoyle Slayer 25ssi -21mage 40di
    Terethan slayer 48mana 15hci 25ssi 52di
    46mana 42hld 44stam 13hci 30ssi 40di

    50fireball 48stam 14dci 25ssi 40di

    46fireball 37life 34mana 25ssi 52di


    8stam 2HPR 2MR 7lmc 24/4/8/10/7
    4stam 2MR 5/20/8/24/8
    8mana 5hp 8LMC 22/10/8/22/3
    7stam 2MR NS 14RPD 29/6/5/10/3
    8stam 8LMC SR5 26/7/7/22/5
    7stam 2MR 22/21/5/9/21

    18LRC 8LMC 21/24/21/9/5
    18LRC 8LMC 2MR SR4 23/6/8/9/6
    20LRC 2MR 4hpi 26/3/7/7/22
    18LRC 7LMC 2MR 100luck 24/9/5/10/5

    7stam 2MR 10/7/18/27/17
    7stam 2MR 8LMC 4/6/11/7/22
    7stam 2MR 5SR 23/19/6/9/8
    8stam 5hpi NS 12/21/6/23/4
    7stam 2MR 14RPD 23/8/7/25/3

    20LRC 8LMC 2MR 10/7/21/22/7
    8mana 18LRC 2MR 5repair 26/7/5/7/8
    19LRC 2MR 5hpi 7mi 24/8/6/9/5
    19LRC 2MR 8stam 4hpi 24/9/6/7/7

    8stam 2MR 9/22/18/22/8
    8stam 3SR 2MR 12/7/7/20/19
    8stam 5hpi 2MR 15RPD 10/23/4/8/6

    17LRC 7LMC 2MR 25/8/5/24/5
    19LRC 2MR 15/19/11/6/7
    18LRC 7LMC 5hpi 26/8/7/20/4

    7stam 2MR 8LMC 22/21/6/10/6

    7stam 2MR 7LMC 18LRC 11/20/6/8/9
    17LRC 2MR 8mi 5hpi 12/10/19/7/3