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Pricless Moments

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Flame (DrR), Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Flame (DrR)

    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    After tonight event we had a a little chat that ended in past times in UO that can only be described as priceless moments. We decided to make this thread to hear your UO priceless moment. Although mines the that good here goes to start things off.

    There was a group of us stitting in Jordan Jurrels office talking of important event matters when Angel Mhor made a not so nice comment to Flame. Of course like any red blooded female I "in vas flamed" without another thought. Within a blink her puppy who was guarding her shoot round the table and I was seeing mono.

    Told you mines not that good, lets hear your priceless moment.
  2. John II SRC

    John II SRC Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 25, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Oh, that's easy: the infamous horse-rant!

    When the destruction of Magincia was in full swing, the Guild Of Beggars decided to have a look at what's going on. Crazy Miggie (just returned for a short period after not being around for ages) had no idea what was going on. On arrival at the Magincia docks, where everybody was fighting for their lives, Miggie started an outrageous rant with a horse standing on the side, accusing it of staring at him in a strange way and other mindless stuff. While everybody was dieing around us to the hordes of monsters, I was dieing of laughter watching that poor horse being talked into the ground *g*
  3. Angel121

    Angel121 Guest

    Best moment for me was an evening of relentless slaughter and hoodwinkery.

    Wandering into WBB in it’s glory day, a holler comes from near the river, “Cheap Runebooks and Recall scroll’s, Books for towns and dungeons!” Shrugging to my partner in crime we leapt through the moongate to buy our runebooks…. Unfortunatly the shop we found was not your typical place, since it was in the Bottom level of Hyloth. We turned and could not for the life of us get through the gate again… so with a sigh 2 dexxer’s armed with an axe and warhammer slowly made our way through the mobs battering all in our path into submission. When we reach the entrance there was a group coming in, we begged a Gate back to WBB…

    Oh our tale ends not here… At WBB we where getting a few hundred bandies and banking 30K of gold when out of the side, “Reasonable priced Cheap Runebooks and Recall scroll’s, Books for hot spots and dungeons!” Shrugging we jumped through the prortal… The Vendors here where equally unfriendly, since I was Vastly aware that Dragons don’t answer to Vendor Buy. We battled through Covetous and scorched ourselves in the vents time and again while poking the eye’s out of Gazers. Swung a right out of the dungeon and ran through the brigands at the crossroads, through the swamp past east bank to WBB and banked our 25K and got some more bandies.
    “Competative Prices on Recall’s and Runebooks! Come one and All to the Busy Scribe’s!”
    whoosh! Hmm… Blood elementals… after a weak attempt at shouting Vendor Buy at it we beat it into submission then made our way out of shame…. At the door we dusted the pebbles off and looked at our battered equipment. A Tamer showed up at the entrance and offered us a lift. From brit castle we ran to the smith’s and bagged up our items shivering in our cloaks and pants patiently wait for a free smith at the forge. Tipping a few thousand we head to the bank with our newly sharpened weapons (a sharpened warhammer?) and undented armour with the exception of two front dents on my partners gear since she needed them.
    “Runebooks, Gate Scroll’s Recalls and much more!”
    “erm, yes?”
    “I remember your face! You’re the one sending us to the back end of dungeons and then not re-opening the gate!”
    “err not me mate!”
    “Bloody likely, your wearing the same clothes and I recognise the name!”
    (He’d been gating incognito but occasionally as himself and his clothes stayed the same. So it was a long shot, to see him properly.)
    “you can’t prove a thing!”
    “It’s not against the law, I was just messing around!”
    “Are you going to report me??”
    “No, I just wondered where your gating to this time as I have a silver katana if it’s Deciet.”

    After a long pause he laughed and gave us a free set of runebooks and 100K he’d never heard anything so daft yet funny.

    I still own the same runebooks today :-D
  4. John II SRC

    John II SRC Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 25, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Hehe, great adventure!

    Back in ye olde days, when there was no Trammel, we used to call gate-jumping the "Game of kings" since you never knew, where you would end up. You would often find yourself in unexpected and unexpecting company ... *g*
  5. Angel121

    Angel121 Guest

    tbh sometimes I was depressed when I ended up at a vendor house...

    Funniest Gank gate I went through was another WBB trip where I jumped through and lo and behold 3 red's leapt out near the vendor...

    My Best Mate and his little brother... And My Wife (at this point It was my girlfriend :p ).

    In the initial rush I killed my mate's brother before I realised who it was and all of a sudden It dawned on us all, much hilarity insued...

    Including joking at work my mate was moonlighting with my girlfriend.

    btw they didn't kill me, although My mate's brother was a little annoyed. Luckily I am about a foot wider at the shoulder and 6 inch's taller so he never kicked up a fuss :p
  6. Crest Lavender

    Crest Lavender Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Well Well

    Let me start my little story by pointing out that i never been in PvP
    other than as 'the victim', esp. as my miner, my tailor etc. - and even
    my Macer is far from beeing able to even defend himself against an
    upset pesant with a pitchfork.

    That said it might sound somewhat funny that at a certain point in
    my sosarian history my crafter was kind of 'familliar' with the PvP-
    Community and often looked at in a friendly way by those dreadfull

    And so it happened that one day i was entering ice-dungeon with my
    (not so known) Macer to conquer a little gold from the monsters in
    there. From the corner of my screen i saw a familliar red name, entering
    the dungeon behind me. So i turned arround to greet this fellow with a
    friendly 'Hello', hoping of a nice little chat.

    *Red is approaching Macer in attack-speed*
    *Macer stops running and turns arround*

    Macer: Hello there

    *Red stops his attack*
    *Red looks somewhat puzzled*

    Red: Oh NO! Don't 'Hello there' me!

    In the very same second i saw a message:

    *Red is attacking you*

    Followed by a very fast dropping of my health-bar leading to
    a monochrome view of the world.
    As a ghost i just witnessed how Red rummages thrugh my
    corpse mumbling somthing about that he need to stop beeing
    friendly with people or otherwise he would end unemployed soon.

    I couldnt help but literally ROFLing at my desk and the line
    'Oh no - don't Hello me' became a famous quote in the
    PK-Szene for a while :)
  7. Barian

    Barian Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Feb 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    A friend of mine (a frequent purchaser of Recalls at my shop) was in Fel with some Reds when he realised he had run out of Recall Scrolls.

    Unable to get to Trammel with his Red, he asked his companions

    "Where do you guys buy your Recalls from?"
    "We use our Mules to get them"

    Made me chuckle..............
  8. o Kraken o

    o Kraken o Guest

    Well there has been quite a few actually. Both back in the days and in recent memory :)

    But as I see how some old pre-trammel moments are brought up, I get all nostalgic and feel like adding to that train of thought:

    Back then top notch gear was not as important as it is now, so my macer often wandered around without any armour and only armed with a quarterstaff (which were infinitly more popular back then). Still, back then most experienced players would use plate armour (mages too, since this was before the meditation skill), so I might have looked just a tad noobish in my (death)robe and my quarterstaff.

    So I pass near orc valley in Yew when a guy walks up to me and invites me into his nearby house for wine a cookies. I thank him follow him into his L-shaped house. Once there he takes me to the room on the second floor, which has a door. When he and I were inside the room his hidden mate drops an oak table and locks it down thus making it impossible to go down the stairs and effectively trapping me (this was before the avatar context menu, so you could not eject yourself from a house).

    The guy who is with me attacks me, but keeps missing and missing over and over. I did not go into combat mode. I just stood there. After 4-5 failed swings (probably due to the RNG smiling upon me) my assailant freaks out and runs out of the room yelling to his mate: "Ban him! Ban him!", which his mate quickly does.

    As I once more found myself outside, I slowly began to walk away, when my attacker came to the door and yelled after me: "And dont come back!"


    Being offered wine and cookies: 100 gp
    Risk losing an exceptional quarterstaff and some bandages to a house PK: 300 gp
    Being warned off not to return to a house PK's murder-trap by the House-Pk himself: Priceless :)


    PS: The reason why they wanted to trap and kill me inside their house in the first place was because back then you would not get a murder counter if you killed someone inside your own house (the UO Texas law, it was called :). This law fueled the breeding of the kind of PK'er called the "House-PK". "PK" stands for "Player Killer".