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Princess Daffodil MacToon may be leaving

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by kingsgal, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. kingsgal

    kingsgal Guest

    I an not really sure if I "fit in" with you all here at Stratics. You are a good group of people. But I haven't made up my mind if I fit in with yal or not. You seem to be a tight knit group and every run I go on with you I feel like I mess it up. So I may not come to anymore events. Feel free to delete my toon from the few friend lists I have made it on.
  2. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    You know, I've known Steveo for almost two years now. And I really didn't get to know him til a few months ago. That didn't stop us from being in events together and eventually becoming friends. Most of my good Toontown friends have either mostly left, or have completely left the game. But i watch at our events some of the comraderie that takes place. I see some people becoming very good friends, but above all I see everyone getting along (for the most part).

    Of course, you're welcome to do whatever you want, but I ask you to think about what i said. The big idea of our group is to help each other along.
  3. I have not been on TT very long and have been a Stratics member even less but I have found that the more i talk to the members the more I enjoy their company. There has always been an open arm feeling for me from the very start of my becoming a stratics member. I also try hard to pass this friendship on to everyone I meet.

    I am sorry you don't feel you fit in but I have been on MANY event run's with you and have enjoyed battling with you.

    I would hate to see you leave our Stratics Family but I also understand and don't fault you for it.

    Like Trish said. Think about it.
  4. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Hey, Lisa - I know exactly how you feel! It took me quite a while (at least a few months) to feel like "Seasoned Veteran" with the Stratics runs. I know my first few runs, I had no clue about the 1 fog 3 ele or 2 fog 2 ele distinction, and a lot of other standardized strategies. I think I had so few sf's I could only understand 1 person per run forever. But the more times I ran, I'd make a new sf, and I'd do a couple non-scheduled runs with those people and meet more, etc. It takes some quick typing and sometimes some dinking around in the middle of the mint while everyone chats about whatever before someone says let's move on.

    I hope you give us some more time and keep asking, "Does so-and-so have room?" when you see someone you'd like to make sf's with. Don't be afraid to chat a bit between battles and while we're waiting for others to arrive. Watch the chat you CAN understand even if you're not part of the conversation, because it's a good way to gauge people's personalities too.

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents - hope it helps!
  5. Steveo

    Steveo Guest

    I agree with Trish. Think about it. I have enjoyed doing battles with you and we have been on a few. I really did not have many SF til a few months ago when I started playing more often. This is a great group of people. I have the pleasure of making top toon twice and also doing a solo vp. But I could not have done it without the help of some great friends. Example was in a Vp before I attempted to solo Trish and I done a 2 toon vp just to get a estimate of cogs. WE done that with ease. Next my friends let me do the pie round by myself just to see if I could handle that and I did. Its with these friends that i was able to accomplish my first goal which was a solo vp. Next my goal is to solo the CFO. So I hope that you decide to stay and do more battles with us. Have fun dont worry if you chose a wrong gag. It about having fun. I have made a few mistakes also so dont worry
  6. Lisa, I'm so sorry you feel this way!! It was VERY intimidating for me as well when I first started coming to Stratics runs. It wasn't because people werent nice, it was because I had so few friends and everyone else seemed to know everyone else!! I was always afraid of messing up and I know I probably did because I was so nervous!! Then I met Twinkleberry and we became good friends and she introduced me to Dane and we became good friends. I hung around with them A LOT outside of the runs. This made going to the runs easier for me. Then I would be introduced to others, become friends, and then did things with them outside the runs. Going in the factory, mint, or doing buildings with other toons is where you get to know them and I really suggest you give it time. You will start hanging with the SFs from stratics that you have, and you will be with their friends. As you play with their friends, you may end up SFing them and so on. You WILL get to know some of us well and make more friends. I think part of the problem is that there has been such an influx of new toons that everyones friends lists are so full! But as you play with these toons, they will work hard to make room. As bad as it may sound, it is hard to delete a friend from your list to make room for someone you don't know and don't know if you will even be working on the same thing. I have deleted good friends that I havent seen in a while to make room for a toon only to have that toon not play much or not at all!! I know that I have deleted most of my toons from my other accounts on Sally to make room for people.....I have to get a new code when I want to play with them and Sally!! LOL I have always said I will NEVER delete Twinkleberry's toons from my toons even though she no longer plays! The only one still on there IS Twinkleberry. She was my first Stratics friend and I am still hoping beyond hope that she will come back!! I know you are friends with Steve, Marge, my Precious and Bella, and I'm sure others. As you hang out with us, it will get better!!!

    I agree with Steve, don't worry about chosing a wrong gag. Just have fun!! I know I choose wrong a lot. We all try to choose right but it happens. My friends will kindly mention to me "you just used hynogoggles to lure one level 3" or "I thought you had drop"!!! It usually happens when I am distracted by things going on at my house or more often when I am talking too much!!! It is not a big deal!!
  7. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    okeedokee, I wanna give my 2 cents, too. I am Sandi, I don't think we have met yet, but I would like too. Please think about this some more. I am the odd one out in many of the aspects in my life, including my family. But as far as Stratics, dont worry about messing up in battles cause, sista, I do it ALL the time. That is a fact, not a joke, ask anybody! I think most people just count on me to make a bad move during battles. LOL

    I was so nervous and anxious at my first battle with the group that my hands were shaking. They were all in a circle talking to each other and I just stood in the back watching it happen as they talked in thier animal chatter. In order for me to go, someone had to give up thier slot which made me even more anxious. They were so very gracious and friendly that I started to enjoy myself after a while.

    I even have room if your looking for some sf's!! Please take care!!!!! :D
  8. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    Don't go! Believe me, I've been there. I still get nervous around certain people here on Stratics and I have no idea why. LOL! I am SF with Moonlight McBoo aka Susan on one of my toons and always end up chosing the wrong gag every time I play with her. She probably thinks I'm the most incompetant player on TT! I can almost hear her mumbling under her breath, "Why did she do that?" LOL!

    I don't care if anyone makes a mistake. Really. It's a game. Once in a while you come across someone that lives and breathes TT and hates mistakes. I couldn't care less about those types. I just play to have fun. There are many diffferent types that belong to Stratics. No matter what type each on of us falls into, we all are here to help each other and have a good time.

    I have room on my black cat Sushi that I've started taking to battles. If you have room, send me a code and I'll put you on her. Whatever you do, stick around for a few more months so we can grow on ya!:D
  9. Sorry you feel that way. I have never seen you mess up anything during a run. And if you do, nobody will be mad at you.
  10. I agree with everyone. Don't be worried about clicking the wrong button. It happens to all of us at one time or other (more than once for some of us, LOL). I'd hang around for a while. Please PM me if you're interested in an SF code!
  11. I have nt been on too see who I can delete to make room so I will just delete Thunderhead for ya. LOL. Love ya DEB.

    On a serious note. Wait! That's impossible cause I am usually NEVER serious. I love to have fun. I will make friends with you as long as I have full cooperation and a promis to not get mad at me for making jokes in front of or about ya. I only joke about those I can find fault with. Ask steveo, That freakin monkey is a safe and goon HOG AND THEIF! Or Thunderhead, She is still mad cause she dont have a tail. Stubby God bless her is so fun and sweet, I love battling with her becuase you never know whats gonna happen. (I miss you stubby, can't wait for your return) And so many others here. We have fun. If your not having fun then TT isn't the game for you.

    I am sure I can squeeze a toon off my list for you. I would be happy to induct you into my little world of TT hell.

    PM me a code so I can make room. or just pm me and I will get you a code.
  12. Voilet

    Voilet Guest

    Take this for whatever its worth but, I have been a part of stratics for only a short time. Everyone here has always been totally friendly to the point sometimes that I gagged and had to swallow (LOL) I love my stratics friends! You should reconsider leaving! I screw up ALLLLL the time and on top of it they put up with my soundless butt!! How bout that! :gee: Id love to have you as a SF so feel free to pm a code! STAY DANG IT!!!:hug:
  13. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    I'm also relatively new. For the first couple of months (I think it was that long), I could only talk to Wolfie. Now, anyone who knows, knows that's not a whole lot of talking. :lol: Sometimes, I would do complete runs without a word said in my direction. Not often, I talk too much to allow that for long. I have now made many great friends here who put up with my little eccentricities and such. I've been bringing in many outside friends to fill up groups and they all ask if I'm an sf to everyone. I don't really think it matters. We don't have room to be an 'sf' to everyone but you are all friends to me. Sappy enough? I think I need a nap. :sleep2:

    Seriously, give the group time. They grow on you. I've been told not to talk after 9 p.m. so I'll quit now :)
  14. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    oo, I forgot to mention that I also have a "thing" with doors. Just ask Joe. For some reason I can never make it thru the door with the others and it closes in front of me. O well, and the mints, welllll, lets just say that I have been left behind by randoms. I don't jump well either. But....thats another story! If I have to divulge all of my deep dark toon faults, I will. :sad3:But right now, its too painful. :lol::lol:
  15. kingsgal

    kingsgal Guest

    nevermind, I'm staying. You guys are Wonderful!
  16. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Glad to hear it Lisa!
  17. Very Glad to hear it!! It was fun last night!!:)