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Prize & Slot Machine Winner List!

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Golden Fang Casino, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Here is some fun facts of how much The Golden Fang Casino is paying out in prizes.​
    Chicken Fights: 75+ Million Gold​
    Chicken Side Bets: 100+ Million Gold​
    Raffle Gold & Prizes: 300+ Million Gold​
    Slot Machines: 150+ Million Gold​

    Well the bulletin board is full and it's time to clear it out for more winners to post.

    This is the current posts from slot machine winners on the bulletin board at The Golden Fang Casino!

    Liberty Star - 1 mil

    Sierde - 1 mil

    Marcus Junius - 1 mil & Dread Pirate hat after spending 2m...had fun though :)

    Shelly - 1 mil & 100k

    Thaspian - 2 Mil

    Xavior - 500k

    Thaspian - 1 mil winning again, and had a great sunday night on dice!

    Thaspian - and another 1m again!

    Thaspian - HAHAHA another mill on slots, I'm on a Roll! Thats 3 mil in one day.

    Sage Draven - I won 1 mil on the 100k slot after buying 4 keys. Woohoo.

    Chums - 1 mil

    Chums - 1 mil again, 2 million on the day!

    Chums - 4 mil for the day!

    Dexter - I won 5 mil gold here!

    Superdood - 1 mil

    Han Telemnar - 1 mil

    Han Telemnar - 5 mil slot!!!

    "staff" - Great Saturday Night! 10mil slot winner! 5m Slot Winner! 8 - 1mil Winners!

    Anora Knowles - 1 mil

    Selene - Won raffle drawing! 2 mil + 2nd place chicken fight and 1 mil at dice!

    Anora Knowles - 10 Million JACK POT ON THE FIRST SHOT!

    Selphie - 2.5 mil

    William Wallace - 1 mil

    Quacklebush - 1 mil & 5 mil

    Davey Havoc - Won 1 mil on the 3rd key. Awesome house!

    Davey Havoc - Also won 5m

    WhitGarov - 1.5 mil

    Daygoth - yayay i got a mil after spending 1.5

    Daygoth - won 5 mil yayayayayayayayaya

    Kelmo - 1.5m for being honest

    Sunshine - 1 mil

    Kalsey - 1 mil YES!!!!!!

    Quacklebush - 5 mil

    Quacklebush - 2.5 mil

    Cig - 1 mil

    Hope - I won 1 million! This is Great! Thanks!

    Sunwolf - Lost gold but I finally won a machine

    Xavier - Spent 300k got 1 mil thnx!

    Rupert Avery - WooHoo just won another million.

    Dark Eagle - Awesome Place---Won a Million!!!!

    Shar'Lee - 1 mil

    Merciful Fate - 1 mil

    Merciful Fate - 500k

    Bacon Mage - 1 mil

    Walas - 500k & 500k

    Bacon Mage - Just won another 1.5 million gold pieces! wOOOOOO!

    Co - Just won 1 million gold in the slots!!!!! YAY SLOTS!!!

    I'd like to thank everyone that played out slot machines and congrats to those that have won!

    See your name?
    Reply a shout out!

    "Finally an updated casino floor pic"
  2. SunWolf

    SunWolf Seasoned Veteran
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    Jun 14, 2008
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    Nice work copying that all over, must been tedious.
  3. Yes a bit, but i wanted to document them somehow before a new board goes up.