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[Profile] Just like Mum used to make.

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Exmortis, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Seven years ago we wanted to start a series of profiles that introduced the people of Sonoma to each other. The Sonoma Stratics team all got together to decide on who would be the best person to start with? Of course it had to be me, right?! Well boy was I wrong and if any of you are reading this, you all suck for deciding on Queen Mum and not me.

    Anev was given the task to interview this lovely and one of the kindest people on Sonoma. Well of course Anev being the lazy sod he is fell asleep on the job and failed to finish the interview. Well now all these years later I would like to present to you the gem of Sonoma……Queen Mum.


    ~ When and where was Queen Mum born?

    Now you know it’s not nice to ask a lady her age so I will just say that Queen Mum was born many many moons ago (approximately 3,990 of them) in a place we often refer to as a Shard Fragment.

    ~ Did you always have a knack for baking cookies growing up?

    Oh yes, my grandmother was a devoted fan of the culinary arts and introduced me to the passion of Baking for Love.

    ~ What would you say is your favourite cookie to make?

    There have been several throughout the dozens of batches baked, but I do think my greatest concoction is the BLACKROCK COOKIE. It is made with pop rocks, explosive middles, and chunks of dark chocolate baked inside a double fudge batter. Draconi seemed to really like them...


    ~ You also have a great talent in designing homes…how many homes do you think you have designed and do you have a design you are most proud of?

    Oh gosh there is a difference in designing a home and decorating them. Some have pre-rebuilt designs like a castle or keep and others I have started from empty plots with a particular design in mind after talking it over with the owner as to what they would like to see. I do enjoy decorating and try to encompass a theme throughout the design. As for how many… it really is hard to say after 11 years.

    However the greatest thing that was given to home decorators came from Mr. Tact, the interior design tool!! That really makes things easier to work with as well as helping create some wonderful displays.

    We are lucky on Sonoma in having several great home builders and decorators. That is one reason why we have the Home Deco Contest several times throughout the year. And they all enjoy sharing their 'deco secrets' with the community. One design I am proud of would be the Britannian Holiday Artwork 2003 design that was featured on the UO home site.

    ~ Now you are married to the elusive Pop... People say you have a better chance of seeing a bigfoot then seeing him in public…..How did you two meet? And how did he propose to you?

    Pop is usually around but just in hiding as he likes to watch the coming and going of others plus he is very adept in stealth and thievery. We met online in a Christian chat room many years ago and after a year of getting to know each other; he said he thought it was time to make me a legitimate lady. Now that was original as proposals go, soooo we wed a few months later and from that time on we have been a 'couple'.


    ~ You like attending events and creating them… what would you say is the most favourite event you have attended? And which one did you create that you are very proud of?

    The event that sticks out most in my memory is when there was a raging battle in Moonglow. We were able to set up a first aid station due to the generosity of the home owner and the community dropping off supplies to be shared during the 4 day battle. It was wonderful to see folks coming together and defending Moonglow as well as the community spirit of ‘all for one and one for all’. Even the titans came to party with us at the first aid station.... but they didn't stay long :)


    As for an event that I helped organize and very proud of how it turned out - that is a tough one since there have been so many and none of them would have been successful without the help of many other volunteers. The most fun one was the Bunny Hop Sheep Hunt where we created a house with teleporters covered with a variety of gaza mats in different colors throughout the rooms and floors. The players had to try to get to the bags of prizes without being teleported somewhere else. At the end of the 'maze' was a rainbow built with band aids and gaza mats and it looked like you were sliding down the rainbow where more gold and prizes awaited to be grabbed.


    ~ Now Mum you have been around Sonoma Sosaria for a long time…what would you say out of all these years is the most special moment for you?

    This one is a little easier. The most special moment goes back to when the Tsunami and Katrina disasters hit. Crazy Joe had set up a way for folks to donate items and gold that could be sold and turned into real cash to donate to the Red Cross. It was called Gamers Charity and in the end the actual amount of funds raised was over $10,000.00.

    Billions worth of items and gold were donated and many long hours were spent turning it in. On Sonoma we had several vendors set up where you could by junk bods for donation prices. Also, Sosaria Live Radio (which is now Whispering Rose Radio) helped by running a three day marathon and again millions in gold was raised and we turned that over to Gamers Charity. But most special moment of all was when I organized and held Memorial Services for Katrina Victims on all our shards. Each shard was covered by at least one service and several of us were proud to step up as Clerics. This was back before there were services offered by our EM's to do weddings or other type of services.

    ~ Who is your favourite Stratics reporter of all time?

    That’s a tough one.... each reporter has had their own special way of touching us with their style of writing ... Pluffy was very lyrical (and she has gone on to be a recognized author in the real word - Joshilyn Jackson), Gypsy Keja Mimi was playful and wrote with the hope that everyone would learn something from reading her articles like the Faction Tutorial 101 series .... Vladimir excelled in the role playing style, Anev stood out with his adventures and dragons at his side ... Kimi Mori like Grond had a blend of it all .. Lady Nest stood out for her directness with a touch of humor and as for Lord Exmortis(Me :)).... hmmm.... you just never knew what angle he would take on but you knew it was going to be a fun and informative read. :p


    ~ We have lost many friends over the years Lady Sky, Ariel Joy and Gypsy Keja Mimi….Do you ever get disheartened when these tragedies happen and feel like walking away from Sosaria?

    There have been several good friends and comrades who have departed this earthly world and it does sadden me when it happens however they all enjoyed and loved our game and I know they are all watching over us and enjoying our enjoyments. Keja said it best to me when the time had come. 'Although I might not be there right beside you, I am always going to be a part of what you’re doing'.

    ~ How do you feel about the current state of Sosaria especially with the job our EM’s are doing?

    The current state of Sosaria is always growing and developing. No one can truly say they are bored if they are logged in and willing to explore the many ways of playing. Like right now we have a whole ocean to explore with pirates and their beastly friends. And if that isn't your type of cookie you can participate in the ARC events that are designed/written by UO and implemented with the help of our EM's.

    I think we have two of the best EM's available. It is hard for them to come to a 'new shard' and become one of the citizens. They have to get to know the feel of the community and the type of play style that the majority likes to do. They do try to bring something to everyone and it’s up to us to participate or not. I also think they our EM's are listening and they do try to work with us in planning their events. My hats are off to them because I do know what it is like to plan and implement events and to hopefully bring some fun memories to everyone. I don't think they get enough credit for what goes on behind the scenes but I also don't think they do it for the credit nor do they do it for their part-time pay.

    ~ So when are we going to see Mum pvp?

    Oh you can ... you just have to close your eyes ....fall asleep ... and one day you will dream about it ... because that’s the ONLY WAY you will see Mum 'do the PVP thing' :p

    ~ Before we end this interview is there a funny Sonoma story you would like to share with our readers?

    One of the funnier events that sticks out in my mine is when we were having a wedding for two Necromancers Mistress Paige and Gabriella and the plan for the reception was the PvP’rs would celebrate in bloody style fitting the union. Long into the night did these players bash and smash each other including the newly united couple! And for extra flair a few monsters were distributed in the Arena.


    Well there you go folks a very comprehensive view into the life of a staple here on Sonoma. I would like to thank Queen Mum for taking the time to do this profile. There will be more profiles to follow of the people of Sonoma and if you know anyone interesting or even if you have a story to tell yourself…send me an e-mail [email protected]