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[Profile] Kupoking for Mayor!

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Exmortis, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. There are many interesting we have met on Sonoma and many more that we have not. When I think of a unique and interesting person who has many stories to tell, Kupoking is one of the first that pop into my head. Sorelia had a chance recently to sit down with Kupoking and here is his story.


    The King of Cups in the tarot deck represents the qualities of the spirit of creativity and the balance of the unconscious with the conscious. The King of Cups does not repress his emotions and unconscious impulses but has learned to accept and deal with them in a mature and balanced manner.

    Kupoking, 'The King of Cups’, embodies these facets both personally and professionally. The history of this gentle merchant begins in his hometown of Moonglow. There he began to study inscription at the Lyceum and his trade began.

    Starting with only 100 coins he began to sell recall scrolls as a means to make a living. This would help him pay for training as an inscriber but the merchant in him did not stop there. He began to collect cotton to make fine cloth for the royalty. Hides also were a great source of income for him in capturing his dream of owning his own domicile. This, at first, was a small blue tent but if offered shelter and storage for times when Kupoking was out hunting. Shortly he was able to afford a house, of course in his home town for his priority was to continue training as a Scriber. This trade led him to his first million in gold and soon after a house was built in Britain. Interesting activities were found here as the war between Lord British and Blackthorn were developing. During this time he developed an alliance with Lord British but in his heart he was merely a merchant so a move to a quieter place was in order.

    Cove offered tranquility within walls of a sandstone home he purchased. He was away from the developing wars. After these wars abated, Kupoking's dreams again focused in building and merchantry. This is where the seeds of the Merchants of Grandeur, [MoG] guild began to flourish and the guild was founded. Kupoking is deeply invested in his guild and it has many facets.

    First to know is that [MoG] is not at all focused on war or power but rather to teach, share and help new crafters master their crafts. During the renaissance, Kupoking established "something bigger than self". He personally desires order. He states, "Order leads to organization" and he wished to share this growing empire with others so that they may experience the grandeur associated with accomplishment and character.

    Peace and order are attributes necessary for Kupoking and to do no harm. He states, "My goals cannot harm the guild and the guild cannot harm the town."

    My first encounter with him was at his settlement at the one of the crossroads to Britain. Here you will find [MoG] headquarters. The stately blue grey building, home of Kupoking, stands behind a small transportation house at the sign. There are about ten residents at this settlement. During the time Virtue Bane was attacking, these residents, along with Britain's Royal Guard defended Britain and drove back Bane's invasion. Kupo is a member of the Royal Guard and valiantly fought off Bane's armies.

    Securing the safety of the land and sea is merely one facet of this alliance of guilds. The branch securing the seas is called the Merchant Marines and they protect seafarers from harm. Currently, they are doing sailing expeditions to keep the waters safe around Jhelom. Pirates are abounding there and this hampers trade and safety.

    My tour included several settlements throughout the Sonoma shard. We went to towns where [MoG] has a presence and to settlements within the shard. All the homes were lovely and bore the sign of [MoG]. A green grass filed with some gold coins scattered on it. One of the primary missions of this guild is to help new and returning players establish themselves as crafters and merchants. There are many levels within [MoG]. New players can look forward to much help becoming crafters, traders and establishing themselves as first class players. For example, Kupoking will place a foundation and then assist the player to earn money to build their home. He gives the player opportunities to make gold by delegating jobs to them, to helping them learn to hunt.

    Protecting the seas, the land, and establishing his guild in new areas are a few of the goals of this gentle king. There are many stories from the years [MoG] has been working to improve Sonoma. I hope the readers will plan to spend some time with Kupoking.

    I want to thank him and guild mates for allowing me to sit in on this most interesting evening.

    Lady Sorelia

  2. rmsroach

    rmsroach Guest

    Ah nice to see such a name as the topic of a thread. I would definately vote Kupoking for Mayor.... I had just returned to theworld of Ultima last month, and started off fresh and with awhole new character. And luckily I had run into Kupoking, and his guild MoG at the bank in Luna. After introductions and chatting for a while, he got me on my feet and ready for the hunt. Set me up with some fine mage armor, spells, books, gold and anything else I was in need of. Gotta give props to he and Rayce, the two gents that helped a veteran newbie out when they could of looked the other way. Thank you Kupo and thank you MoG, HELP and Rayce. Good ta see friendly and supportive folks in this world. Sonoma may still be alive!...... heh that's my lil story on him and may he be elected for mayor.

    one vote from Roach -
  3. Welcome back! make sure you say hello if you see me in game.