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[Project] Chesapeake Unique Areas

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Terence Duff, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Terence Duff

    Terence Duff Guest

    I'm working on a list of Chesapeake Unique Locations & Blessings so that a) people can find them and explore history and b) to provide EA with a catalogue of unique areas if and when they need to replace them before UOKR.

    Here's what I have so far:

    The Suffering Stone
    Red-Yellow-Blue Headstones
    Lord Thalis' Tomb
    Highlord Krueger Memorial
    PaxLair City Blessings
    Aryslan Blessings
    Duir of Yew Blessings
    Ian Storm's KEEP [:p] Ice Island
    Galen Solstarre's Lab & Surrounding Area
    Moonglow Council House
    Moonglow Bank Tables & Chairs
    Dragar's Lair (wintersoul)
    Tower of Souls (mazrim's tower) & G'Thunk Remains
    PaxLair Orc Fort
    Meteorite (south Jungles)
    Britain Counselor's House
    Printing House
    Githmore Walled Fortress
    PaxLair Prison Isle
    Good Luck (kissing) Tree
    Dupre's Camp
    Savage Hut Near Trinsic
    Wall of Rock Arches & Flowers
    Overwhelming Peace Pond, Aryslan Area: 89,7 N - 126,29 E
    Vesper Museum Chairs and Tables
    Trinsic Bazaar (World Faire?) Table Setup

    EM's Office
    EM's Hall of History British Castle
    Britain Invasion Lizardman Statue
    Govannon Mac Lyr's RBG Shield - Mythndale
    Moonglow Black Fountain - Post Ant Invasion
    Skara Brae Community Center
    Pirate Cave




    I'll be providing CoOrdinates soon with screenshots and a section for each on the Chesapeake News Sidebar.

    Now comes the fun part! What am I missing? [​IMG]
  2. What about Moonglow and the stuff in the garden after that EM event ( think it was an Ant Invasion)

    I believe we have something differant in Minoc Tram ....let me double check first and compare other shards.

    There was an uprising with the undead before Tram came about and alot of gravestones appeared some of them were named. Was that just Chessy or all shards?

    Think everyone should think back and remember, then post here to help Sabrina on this worthy cause.
  3. TheGwy

    TheGwy Guest

    Here are a few extra's to your list

    Ian Storm's KEEP, Ice Island
    Overwhelming Peace Pond, Aryslan Area: 89,7 N - 126,29 E

    Pirate Cave: 42, 0 N - 153, 37 E

    I will add more later
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    As I recall Vesper had some tables and chairs...I think...in a street...hrm.

    Coords would def help lol
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How about the Skara Brae Community Center? (Trammel) It has a lot of unique items and deco in it (including the current Christmas display).
  6. Terence Duff

    Terence Duff Guest

    Updated! Thanks guys. I have some research to do now. Thanks for the reminder that Ian Storm's was a Keep, and also the decorative display at the Vesper Museum in Felucca.

    Keep 'em coming!
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Serpent Hold Councellor Hall fel side
    Moonglow picnic tables fel side

    Yeh I think there are tables/chairs oft for gatherings and weddings in vesper or somewhere else too.

    Justice *I can go recheck that but wasn't there a story book or suicide point there * it may be on siege too hrmm but justice has always had something special placed oft perma put right were ...folks would go under the falls or jump off to committ suicide over a lost love or such.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Oh Gosh, yes! The Shrine of Honesty in the park area, though I hate the deep violet color, I'm pretty sure that is Chesapeake Shard 'specific.' Though Moonglow is named in the Virtues as the City of "Honesty" - Truth, the primary Shrine is on Ice "Dagger" Island. It was the Ant Queen wars, which I really think were only on Chesapeake shard, which gained us a fully functional shrine of Honesty. I've run there many times for a resurection when Moonglow was later invaded by Wraiths.

    Terence, is that the Moonglow Black Fountain that you mention? I list it as a Shrine in my runebooks if that is what you are speaking of.

    Someone please check any other shard on Moonglow to see if they have a shrine over there just North of the Teleporter Park and South of the docks. I should be back on in another week or so to check out some other areas myself also.

    There is also a house in Haven with a dedication, I forget what that was for - anyone know about that?
  9. Terence Duff

    Terence Duff Guest

    Aye that's the black fountain/shrine. It is definitely unique to Chesapeake.. was part of the Ant Invasion with EM Myrina Heron.
  10. Leodin

    Leodin Guest

    ok got a few more for ya

    The marage alter in magincia with the priest

    the FoA house in britain where you have to click a certain stone to get in on the outskirt of town near the east bank Fel .

    the gypsy tent in the swamp east of brit I still want to know why a heart has a damage of 3-4

    the murdered charater in yew fel with thge knife at his side the poor guy is still chained to the table an he's just some meat an bones .

    Sage Humbolts Grave in brit fel

    theres something the nujelim palace I think its left over from the old throw a party idea its all wintery an festive

    the building in moonglow near the telescope with the book about the metorite that crashed in the trinsic jungle theres also a small workshop in the back yard .

    Em event in the stone dungeon that you need to speak the special password to get in I beleave the password was Diffastella I have it written in my book locked in my house of special passwords .

    the arsylan statue even with no house there the statue still stands .

    the healer that weas part of aryslan I can't remember his name but he even had a few BNN stories hes on the point near the tower of souls btw he doesnt rez .

    the mushrooms in shame

    the councilors house in haven

    the nujelem gate near the cematary

    the FoA lab in the poison ele area in shame Fel

    the impossable to enter room in shame on one of the islands has something in there but I don't remember where it bought you theres 2 teleporters in there .

    the campfire clearing in fel an tram in the northern parts of the justice shirine I'll try to get cordnets for it later on

    not sure if its still there the anchor in chaos that brings you to the valley in ilsh thats unacessable with out it .

    all the em baracades prior to the brit invasion last year

    the tower from the controller senario in the courtyard of castle brit

    the teleporter in jholem with the password safehaven where the pirate was hiding

    the random Orcs that still appear in yew fel an the lizardmen in britain at certain times of day along with the lich spawn on the outside of Trinsic near the wall heading to the bridge thats been there since the trinny invasion .

    the remains of the teleoporters in trinsic where minax an Jounar were in the middle of town .

    the shattered Crystal in east britian near the Em office

    The Em's storage room in the front right tower of castle british ( click the toach on the wall to enter )

    the numbers under the chair in the lich room in covadous and on the painting in the hall leading to there .

    theres more I'am going tohave to go look around again .
  11. WOW! *blinks wide* That is alot of places and things I have never heard of!

    Thank you so much for explaining all these facts! [​IMG] I am wondering if Sabrina has ventured to find some of these points of interest yet to confirm if they are Chessy specific?
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Some of these I have heard of or seen, like the campfire in the Northern Forest North of the Shrine of Justice and the Waterfall. I placed my first house in that area and we called it "Justice Heights." I have no idea if that campfire is (shard specific,) and if it is, I would certainly like to know the story behind it...This is in Tram and I have not checked to see if it is in Felucca as well.

    This will all make some great runebook locations with books on the histories of these locations when we get more of the whole stories behind them and confirm them. But thank Terence for getting this going again. Perhaps it did not get the attention that it deserves first time around.

    Keep up the good work citizens of Chessy!
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Some more in Britain (Trammel)

    1. Scarecrows inside of Blackthorn's Castle
    2. Memorial Outside the Counselor's Guild Hall by the entrance to BT's castle
    3. Govannon's Shield in the main hall of Castle British
    4. Mouse Droppings in the main hall of Castle British
    5. Hardened Pellets on the throne dais of Castle British
    6. Moiety on column next to throne Castle British

    Hope these aren't too obvious, but we should probably list everything if we want to "cross over" to KR.
  14. Leodin

    Leodin Guest

    I could do without the scarecrows there then again if it keeps blackthorns ghost from coming back then leave them there but then again letting the crows pick on blackthorns body is a good idea .
  15. brianfreud

    brianfreud Guest

    Could we get coords for these? Might make it possible for EA (and us, for those we don't already know!) to actually find these for saving.
  16. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    Lord Escu Museum (LEM) in Luna is the game's largest vendor mall, encompassing all 4 buildings at the Luna MG x-roads. It is owned and operated by Lady Phoenix.

    Lord Escu NW (main) is the centerpiece of LEM, a massive 18x18 where most of the rares and collections are displayed. It is also home to the main body of vendors. In Luna's earliest days, this building was owned by Lord Escu, a monster hunter of some reknown. He was also a rares collector, and displayed his treasures here at his Pyramid (as the house was designed, as many of Luna's earliest inhabitants no doubt recall). After his permanent departure from these lands, he agreed to divest the spot to his neighbor and good friend, Lady Phoenix, who erected there LEM in his honor.

    Lord Escu SE (Tavern on the Green) houses the Museum's resource vendors, and currently serves as Lady Phoenix's private residence (as well as for her many family members). This building was Lady Phoenix's first acquisition at the Luna MG x-roads, and served as her original vendor house in Luna's early days. Some may remember it as "The Swamp Mall", which some called it due to the preponderance of dark green swamp tiles used in the building's design (back then it was called "Tavern on the Green", after all). In any case, LEM's famed reputation as purveyor of top quality high-end goods at equally high-end prices began in this building.

    Lord Escu NE displays Lady Phoenix's collection of mini-houses, which to her is a sentimental collection as it was the x-sharding of mini-houses that financed her original acquisition of Lord Escu SE shortly after the discovery of Luna. It is also intended to one day be filled with vendors, once Lady Phoenix's decides to expand her operations.

    Lord Escu SW is the smallest building and serves mostly as a wing for vendors. It also provides personal storage space for Lady Phoenix.
  17. Terence Duff

    Terence Duff Guest


    Could we get coords for these? Might make it possible for EA (and us, for those we don't already know!) to actually find these for saving.

    [/ QUOTE ]Yup, I'm working on a list with pictures and coordinates of all locations for the stratics main page.
  18. LadyEliza

    LadyEliza Guest

    Unique Places hummmmm heres only a few i can remember off the top of my head

    Star Room - i tihnk only way in now i actually going too the lever room with three peeps now
    Under a Fire Alter in a Dungeon - well it was hard getting but
    ahh shoot wanna see a bunch of odditie places visit my Rune Library i do Believe most still allow recalling into these areas but heck i havnt tried in so long but i got places you would of never thought existed i got holes in walls rooms that dont show dark areas where nothing can be seen even with pure night sight i do believe all are legal still - except the shipwreck Room i flooded and then the GM's Totally Blocked Sorry Folks i showed that room off too much ooppss - thats what happened too the Star room as well - so many places such a lack of memory lately but thats why i made runes to them - oww cant forget the ice castle on felucia. i got peaks where if ya step anywhere ya fall down and die and so many more you would just have to see for yourself come too my old home or icq me for info on coords to my library it is 10884646
  19. TheGwy

    TheGwy Guest

    except the shipwreck Room i flooded and then the GM's Totally Blocked
    That's not True, my rune to the shipwreck underwater isnt blocked, just tried it!
  20. ZippyTwitch

    ZippyTwitch Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 5, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Could I get a location for Dupres camp please?
  21. Leodin

    Leodin Guest

    Follow the road out of the main gate of trinisc on the road that goes to Brit an you'll hit it can't miss it .
  22. TheGwy

    TheGwy Guest

    Another place to not forget to add
    Shadows of britain GH [5-16 N, 27-4 E]
    Located Inside are:
    The Guild's Book, which requires a Key to read
    a Nightchest, where several Seer Quest Items where kept

    The House is Part of East Brit Felucca, it's a static House Inside The City itself
  23. Winmere

    Winmere Guest

    There are no blessings, nor IGM placed items on The Band Isle. You listed it as "PaxLair Prison Isle", while others simply call it "Prison Isle". The only unique items existing there, are bits of housing foundations from houses that have decayed, or were demolished.
  24. pikon198

    pikon198 Guest

    so who cares if there are no igm things there, they can make one and then it will have an igm thingy or watever its called. If there redrawing a couple million uo tiles what are a few more eh? lol, i doubt it would happen anyways but hey you never know.
  25. lysarius

    lysarius Guest


    Another place to not forget to add
    Shadows of britain GH [5-16 N, 27-4 E]
    Located Inside are:
    The Guild's Book, which requires a Key to read
    a Nightchest, where several Seer Quest Items where kept

    The House is Part of East Brit Felucca, it's a static House Inside The City itself

    [/ QUOTE ]The secret entrance to this building still works. If you double click the south west corner of the outside of the building it will teleport you inside. That was how members of the Shadows got inside when the building was a locked seer's RPG dwelling.
  26. lysarius

    lysarius Guest

    A tidbit about Dragar's Lair (wintersoul). Once you say "wintersoul" to get into the entrance of the lair, you can say the numbers from the picture in covetous and it will teleport you inside to the bloody pentagram. Speaking the numbers while standing in the pentagram will telport you back to the entrance. I'm not sure it still works, but that was the only way into the lair before it was unlocked.
  27. Magdalene

    Magdalene Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 1, 2000
    Likes Received:
    Apparently the project was turned into a realization on Stratics main page.
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