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[Project: Gorgon Official News] Twitter Updates

Discussion in 'Project: Gorgon News' started by Project: Gorgon News Feed, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Project: Gorgon News Feed

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    Nov 14, 2012
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    Twitter Account: I’ve been tweeting about each step of the development process on the Project Gorgon twitter account, @GorgonMMO. Mostly I post minutia, but if you’re reading Twitter anyway, you could do worse.
    Facebook Sucks: By the way, I’ll probably never do much with the Facebook page, because Facebook is insane. I now have to pay to get my news into your newsfeed. If I don’t pay, only a fraction of followers get the news!
    The way the talk about paying is pretty skeezy, too. They call it “promoting” a post, which makes it sound like I’m just paying to get my news at the top of your news feed. But actually, if I don’t promote the post, they’ll intentionally keep it out of lots of your newsfeeds. Completely out. You’ll never be able to see that news unless you happen to go manually view the Project Gorgon wall page.
    Right now my posts are going to about 50% of the people who liked the page. As I understand it, the more followers I get, the fewer people will see it for free.
    Since Twitter and RSS readers are free, and I don’t yet have a big Facebook following anyway, Facebook can go **** themselves. I’m not going to spend my time building an audience there and then have to pay to talk to that audience.
    I’m kind of surprised there hasn’t been a lot more outrage over this change. If you’re wondering why your newsfeed has seemed a lot quieter over the past few months, that’s why.
    I’ll still post big announcements on Facebook, because some coverage is better than none… but I won’t bother with posting the smaller stuff.
    Anyway, just wanted to mention the Twitter account. I’ll have a more substantial blog post soon!
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