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(RP) Prologue: Shadows at midday

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by silmwarensurion, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. silmwarensurion

    silmwarensurion Journeyman

    Mar 5, 2011
    Likes Received:
    The colosal Ophidian Knight Errant slithered slowly; Along the hallway that led too the Queens chamber. Stopping briefly at a large decorative mirror; He stopped too briefly look at himself. He let out a quiet hiss; That, would be compartive too a sigh, if one was human. He tried not too fool himself with his thoughts. He knew he was far beyond his prime. He stared at his reflection and, was somewhat saddened by the condition of his heavily disfigured, scarred body. He then gathered himself and once again slithered down the hall too the queens chamber.
    Upon arriving at the Chamber; He saw two elite avengers guarded the entrance. Glancing quickly at both of them; He saw that both looked too the ground and weapons held loosely. His heart warmed that such a great honor would be so openly bestowed upon him. From the queens chamber he heard the invitation too come forward. He slithered into the chamber and was asked by the queen: "What honor have you come to give me great one?" She asked.

    "Ah my queen" he responded. Continuing he went on: "I have thoughts that can smite Your Enemies and make you richer!"

    "Ah yes! Tell me more of this" She said replied.

    The Ophidian easily noticed that her reply was laced with curiousity and excitement.

    The Knight Errant raised his head up and began too tell her of his plan...

    A few hours later...

    The terathan drone was getting tired of always having to gather food and other resources for that lazy bloated terathan Queen. Ah yes he stated to himself. "The queen needs this! and she needs that!" Go here! go there! He was tired of it! He muttered some profanity and continued on his way.
    A few moments later he stopped suddenly in his tracks. A look of fear washed over his little body. Ah yes, he knew that smell quite well. Anger washed over him as he looked too pick up the trail. Finding the forensic residue of the ophidians trail he began too follow it. He discovered that it led into House Surion. This discovery confused him. He didnt know what too do.
    "Surion Friend" he stated. "all surion friend!"
    He began too wonder if surion was in trouble.
    Deciding too check it out he continued on. Knowing of a small secret tunnel that had small holes; that ran alongside House Surion; He knew he could observe with utmost safety too himself; What was going on inside House Surion.

    Such an ignorant creature; The terathan drone. His pitiful little brain was quite limited for any kind of analytical process.

    Spying in on the chamber of greeting of House Surion; Caused him too burn with anger. He saw that the Matron of House Surion was being quite hospitable too there vile guest! Seeing that the ophidian was in the process of leaving; Frustration washed over him.
    That feeling quickly subsided when the ophidian stopped momentarily, and looked directly towards the small little peephole; Where the drone was spying.
    The Ophidian let out a silent hissing laugh and left House Surion.

    The drone quickly scampered out of the tunnel, and quickly headed back too his hive. After arriving at the terathan hive; he ran too the Avengers den and barked too them: "BETRAYED!!! House Surion has betrayed us!"

    OOC. Really struggled with the begining of this story. Trying too personify non human/elf characters is hard! So i just made em up like human characters! LOL.

    But, ive showed some people my writings and what follows seems ok.

    *berates self*

    I should have just stuck poetry!

    Or as i call it: The lazy writers joy!


    Dont think ive forgotten about you Zanthes!:sword:

    Ah yes big big plans for you!

    and that verminous infestaring chicken!:twak:

    *laughs manically*

  2. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I think you've got a great start already.

    And I really noticed how you set character quirks that would be particular for each race and individual without you having to say so. I thought it was a pretty neat touch.

    Looking forward to reading more!