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Proposal Passed,Tribal Council,BLT,Establishment Maps,Library of Arcane K,Additions..

Discussion in 'Ethereal Void Imperium' started by Lord Gareth, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    KAV02 Proposal Passed

    Proposal: KAV02
    Proposed by: Lord Gareth
    Affecting Township: The City of Kijustsu Anei Village
    Votes Needed: 3/3
    Date: March 8, 2010
    Time: 12:30am ET

    Brief Description
    Eliminate the RP Intendant position and reinstitute the Tribal Council​

    Detailed Description
    As we have seen before our community does not work very well by having a single RP Leadership structure. While the Intendant position has not been completely negative in the township, it has not been as successful as our previous RP government setup. ​
    The Tribal Council worked best because it gave those who were part of our community the ability to move the township forward and in Roleplay choose the path and destiny of the township. The way we had intended for the township to be setup. The Tribal council would be made up of the following guilds leaders or whoever the leader wishes to appoint. ​

    I used guild abbreviations because I’m at work and don’t wish to insult a guild by spelling its name incorrectly. Some of the small RP guilds that are run by the same people have been left off the list but have at least one guild that they run on the council. All guilds have the right to option out of being on the Tribal Council. Any guild joining the township community will be given the option to join the Tribal Council.

    So there is no confusion, the Tribal Council is the Roleplay Government for the City of Kijustsu Anei Village. The Ethereal Void Core, High Chancellor and Imperium OOC Leaders are completely separate from this governing body.​

    Voting in the Tribal Council
    Any proposal brought before the council must have a 7/10 vote to pass​

    Official Involvement with outside Imperium township storylines
    --Sending military aid to a township
    --Declaring War upon a EMRPC
    --Alliance with an EMRPC
    --Supporting an EMRPC
    --Township to Township Roleplay Alliances

    Creating a Kijustsu Anei Militia
    --Sherkan clan is invading the town all Inhabitants are hereby drafted into the Village Militia

    Creating RP Laws that fit current storylines
    --Blackrock is herby banished from being transported in Kijustsu Anei Village

    Releasing Official Kijustsu Anei statements
    --On all the above topics.

    Our job as OOCLeadership will be to provide the council with the information they will need to base their decisions on for the township and relationship status with EMRPC (Event Moderator Roleplay Characters) thus restoring the intended function of the KA OOC Leadership body. We were never meant to be the deciding factor for in-game RP with the EMs or storylines. Our role is to guide, advise, deal with OOC situations and provide for the townships.


    Blue Light Tavern

    Current and New Staff Members
    - Belladiva *New
    - Jester *New
    - Abby Normal *New
    - Tonto
    - Niva the Savage
    - Mr Clean

    Every Wednesday 10pm ET Treasure Hunts
    Every Friday Time TBA Adventure Outings to different bosses and locations
    Third Event Day and Time TBA

    The following additions have been made to the BLT, Dungeon levels, Peerless and various fighting location runebooks, Crystal Portal and Corrupted Crystal Portal. We will be adding potion and enhanced bandage vendors soon. If you have any suggestions or requests for additions please let us know.

    The City of Kijustsu Anei Village Establishment Maps


    Additions to the Library of Arcane Knowledge

    Statue of Mimic

    The Statue of Mimic was named for its ability to turn into a creature the possessor feared the most. The Statue has on rare occasion turned into a disease and weather disturbance but is not limited to physical form. It has also been known to end the lives of loved ones. At the turn of the century attempts were made to destroy the Statue but were unsuccessful. The Empress in Zento sent an army of Two-thousand men to hide the statue in a place where no man or demon would ever look. Only three men returned to Zento….

    Statue of Yanos

    Yanos was widely believed to be one of the Chaos Gods who at the peak of his power had thousands of followers throughout the realm. Through carvings and paintings of Yanos his followers would invoke his essence to bring chaos and destruction down upon unsuspecting villages, along the Isamu-Jima island coastline. When his followers began to expand their presence to the Homare-Jima Island they invoked his essence upon the people of Humaric Village on the southern coastline. It was there that Yanos’s power grew so great that he was able to breach the barrier between corporeal form and physical form in our world. During Yanos’s transformation to physical form, the people of Humaric stood together and fought back. They were successful in slaying his followers which put an end to the transformation process. The remains of Yanos soaked into land and left behind a scared and corrupted area where the village once stood.

    Burning Stone Potion

    Potion is used to burn through stone to create caves or penetrate a wall made of stone.

    - 6 Sulphurous Ash
    - Half barrel of oil
    - 2 Acid from an acid sack
    - 1 Fuse
    - 3ft strand of Spider Silk

    Dip a glass bowl into the half barrel of Oil. Let the bowl sit for 30minutes and repeat this process six times. Between dips grind 6 Sulphurous Ash in a mortar and set it aside for now. Carefully grip two Acid Sacks and hold them above the glass bowl. Use a glass dagger to cut a slit into the bottom of each of the Acid Sacks allowing them to drain down into the bowl. Take the bowl outside and place it in an open area, stand about ten feet away, directly upwind from the bowl. Slowly pour the Sulphurous ash out and allow the wind to blow the ash into the glass bowl. Do not worry if all the ash makes it into the bowl. Wait about one hour for the ash to soak in and then carefully place a Bottle of Ichor into the bowl sideways. Maneuver the glass dagger into the opening of the bottle to retrieve it from the bowl and set it upwards on the ground. Pour oil into the bottle until it full and let sit until the oil has dried creating a white seal at the top. Once the seal has formed gently push a fuse into the Oil seal.

    Pouring the grinded Sulphurous ash directly into the bowl will cause a massive explosion.

    Tracking Spell

    -World Map
    -Fairy Wing Dust
    -1 Black Pearl
    -1 Blood Moss
    -1 Mandrake Root
    -Personal object

    Grind all ingredients together and sprinkle them onto a world map. Focus all your energy on the personal object and chant the words below. Where ever the person or creature you are trying to track is, will light up on the map.

    Kal Hur Ort Xen Por
    Summon Wind Magic Creature Movement

    Kal Vas Corp Grav Por Tym Uus Grav Rel Ylem
    Summon Great Death Energy Movement Time Raise Energy Change Matter

    Separation of power potion

    Potion is used to separate a mage or necromancer from their powers for a short period of time. Only able to be mixed with a mortar and pedestal that is crafted by a blind seer. Alchemist must be grandmaster with Legendary Magery skills.

    -In Vas Ort Jux - Cause Great Magic Harm
    - Hur Por Ort Grav - Wind Movement Magic Energy

    - 1 Dried Batwing
    - 2oz Demon Blood
    - 1 Daemon Bone
    - 3 Mandrake Root
    - 2 Night Shade Leafs
    - Night Shade Root
    - 3ft strand of Spider Silk

    Leave one batwing along with one Daemon Bone outside to dry for at least one full day. Do not perform any of the following until the two above ingredients have dried out. Pour 3 full vials of Demon blood into a wooden bowl and then add three feet of spider silk in a counter clockwise rotation, to the inside edge of bowl. Let the spider silk soak until red crystals cover most of the strand. Gently take the strand out of the wooden bowl and insert it into an empty potion bottle. Be sure to wrap the silk clockwise, on the inside of the bottle like a coil. Set the Demon blood aside for now and place 3 mandrake root, 2 Night Shade Leafs and 1 Night Shade Root into the Mortar crafted by a blind seer. Use the Pestle crafted by a blind seer and dried out Daemon Bone to mix, until the Daemon bone is half the length it was. Stop mixing once the Daemon bone is halfway gone. Pour remaining Demon Blood into the Mortar until filled to the rim. Carefully crumble the dried out Batwing into the potion bottle, NOT the Mortar! Twirl the bottle in your hand clockwise until the batwing fuses with the crystals on the spider silk. Let sit for ten minutes and then pour the contents of the Mortar into the bottle.

    This potion goes against the laws of Magery and Necromancy, there for you must mix certain ingredients in a Mortar crafted by a blind seer.

    Once you are ready to use the potion, shake it softly (Shaking it to hard will cause the bottle to break) Once shaken chant the following words three times, In Vas Ort Jux. Throw the bottle at your targets feet and shout Hur Por Ort Grav. The targets powers will separate from their physical being for only a few moments. Have a power storage crystal handy to collect the powers. Stealing of magical powers is punishable by death and eternal torment. Be sure to use the Incognito spell.

    The City of Kijustsu Anei Village Map