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Prosecution Compliance With Defense Demands [Trial]

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    These are a list of the items requested by Cymidei Fier and her Lawyer, Pete the Count of Berg. Because I do not know Pete and do not possess his contact information; I will post this here. We can assume that I am 'delivering the relevant information to the Office of the Judge' and will contact the appropriate individuals to ensure that it is forwarded his way.

    OOC Context (Not Knowable IC; Details of Event for Pete):

    Lord Casca's Horde of Gold Plundered by Conspiritors

    The Dark Prince and the Wayward Daughter

    IC Context (Knowable IC; "Stratics Herald Paper."):

    Aldagar Morr's Gargoyle Protest Speech

    A Meeting at Nujel'm Palace

    Subponea Personem Tachem: All relationships between the Prosecution, the Defense, and the Witnesses will be rendered before the Judge and Jury in person.

    Witnesses: Proserpina, Fazhnjell the Widow, Grand Duchess Wildstar of the Kingdom of Dawn, Tawny Jessie.

    Character Witnesses (If Available): Brackus the Town Guard, Kita Talith, Brytt. We seek the testimony of an as of unnamed individual under the protection of House Tarrant and the Kingdom of Dawn.

    Blueprints of the Treasury: We'll assume that such documents are delivered to the Defense.

    Register of the Items Stolen from the Treasury:

    Hail, good citizens of Britannia,

    Upon hearing about the news of the looting of Casca’s secret horde, the officials in charge of the royal treasury performed a thorough investigation. A series of cross checks were made and old records scrutinized.

    While it may be that we never discover for certain all the items that Casca plundered, we have been able to compile a list of items likely to have been looted in the raid (besides the gold). A list is provided at bottom of this scroll. If you happen to know the whereabouts of these items, please report it to the proper authorities right away.

    1) A shield forged from pure mana and flame

    2) Scrolls pertaining to mysterious creatures of Britannia

    3) Scrolls pertaining to the legal status of Britannian merchant guilds

    4) An intricately carved horn of summoning

    5) An antique diamond bracelet marked by a strange signet

    6) Arrows crafted from phoenix feathers

    7) An intricately carved marble dagger

    Elias Ashmole​

    Evidence Exhibit 1: Ultimatum

    By Britannian Purity League

    Mend your ways, and join the movement against the gargoyles. Any who stand against, also stand against Britannia.

    We will take any actions judged necessary to secure the future of our realm.

    Show support to our cause and change the name of your house to “Keep Britannia Clean.” Failing to do so before this Friday could result in dire consequences for you and your loved ones.

    Be warned!​

    Evidence Exhibit 2: Decoded Message

    Hail, brethrens of the purity league!

    We stand at the crux of time. A grand opportunity stares down at us, if we are able to unite to grasp it!

    The recent warrant issued against Aldagar Moor should leave us with no doubt that the so-called Queen of Britannia is willing to misuse the power of the throne to crush any opposition against the integration of the Gargish demons. The power wielded by our ideological enemies is great – Make no doubt about that. I am sure that some of you may have wondered who we are to fight the combined forces of royal guards and their allies.

    The answer to this lies in a very old Britannian myth. There exists an old folktale about a mythical castle in the lost lands. Many adventurers have gone searching for this castle in the sky, but none have ever found it. I have recently discovered the truth behind this tale with the aid of the scrolls that were looted from Lord Casca’s treasure. One of these scrolls contained in them information of these scrolls about various mythical creatures of Britannia. One particular entry was of great interest to our cause,

    Orboras, the goat oracle

    Orobas is a strange creature depicting a cross between a horse, a goat, and a man. The truth of his existence is unknown but he is said to have the power to give true answers of what has been, what is, and what will be. He resides in a castle that is said to be protected by being out of sync with our reality, so that none may enter. However, every hundred years it phases into our reality somewhere in the lost lands. It is said that a particularly ambitious lich lord once managed to penetrate the castle when it phased into our reality. With Orobas under his control, the lich lord made the castle his center of power.

    Perhaps you are wondering why I am wasting your time with this trivia. Maybe I would garner your attention, if I informed you that Orobas’ castle will phase into our reality this very weekend. Imagine, having a castle outside the reach of our enemies as our headquarters? Not to mention, a mythical oracle under our power. I have all the tools needed to subdue Orobas but I will require your help in case the ceremony is interrupted by Gargoyle appeasers. Meet me behind the stables in Minoc Felucca when the clock strikes four this coming Saturday. Bring along any new recruits that can be trusted.​

    Evidence Exhibit 3: Letter Sent to Queen Dawn on January 12th

    Your Majesty,
    The investigation you ordered will turn up nothing in Ravenshire but propaganda and false leads. The stolen treasure we seek was moved from the Morr Estate long before your men arrived.

    The treasure is hidden in a secret chamber beneath the Temple of the Well of Souls in Scythe. You must act quickly.

    Your Servant,
    Nicholas Schezar Tarrant

    Evidence Exhibit 4: Plundered Gold Found on January 14th

    Almost a fortnight ago, while I was standing innocently (I swear!) on the West Britain Bank, I encountered a very frantic Widow. She grabbed my sleeve yelling that I should summon the Duchess, Wildstar, and follow her back to the Castle. She turned and ran yelling, "They're plundering the Royal Treasury!"

    I sent a message winging through the air to the Duchess of Dawn and quickly followed the old woman to the Castle and down into the Royal Coffers. The Widow was standing amidst Cymidei Fier, Aldagar Morr and another woman. The gold was gone, the Widow was wailing and yelling. One of the thieves said, "We should be going now," and then they all disappeared through the magic painting on the wall. "Oh wayward daughter," the Widow screamed, " follow them!"

    Then she shoved me through the magic painting too. (Wow! For an old lady she sure is strong!) As I stumbled out on the other side, the suspects were fleeing through a moongate. I hastily followed. I then found myself in Ravenshire at Aldagar Morr's estate. I marked a rune and returned to the Treasury.

    The Widow retold the tale of how she had stumbled upon them. I had recognized Cymidei Fier and Aldagar Morr immediately, and the Widow identified the third as Hilda, whom I did not know. Still shaken, the Widow was recounting all of the treasures that had been down there. She was relieved to find that some special Britannian archives had not been looted. She implored us for help in locating the stolen gold and treasure, and so we set out to discover what we could.

    We followed the clues (and the culprits), and well, we found it! Queen Dawn has been notified. Britannian authorities, come and pick it up!

  2. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Charges Delivered Against Cymidei Fier & Aldagar Morr:

    1. Invasion of Castle Britannia and theft of items that belong to the Crown of Britannia, Her Majesty the Queen Regnant Dawn of Yew.

    2. Inciting Fear, Hatred, and Violence against Citizens of the Kingdom of Britannia.

    3. Acts of Lese Majeste; Conspiring against Her Britannic Majesty Queen Dawn and the Throne of Britannia.

    4. Creating disturbances with the sole intent of breaking diplomatic relations between the Britannian Kingdom and the Imperium of Tel Mur.

    5. Creating disturbances and inciting violence against neighboring realms - specifically the Kingdom of Dawn - provoking tensions that could inevitably lead to another War between the two powers.