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Providing potion and scribe services

Discussion in 'UO Legends Trade' started by cantell, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. cantell

    cantell Guest

    Providing potion and scribe service:

    ==== Potion =======
    Price is per keg, can provide in bottles as your request. empty bottle is 30gp each. 1 keg can fill 100 bottles. You can provide bottles yourself with no extra charge.

    G Agility 4k
    G Cure 4.5K
    G Explosion 6k
    G Heal 4.5k
    G Strength 4.5k
    T Refresh 5k
    G Poison 4.5k
    D Poision 13k
    Invisibility 8.5K
    G Confusion 12k
    G Conflagration 10k

    =========== Scribe =================
    Any 3rd circle scroll: 30gp each
    Any 4th circle scroll: 35gp each
    Any 5th circle scroll: 50gp each
    Any 6th circle scroll: 60gp each
    Any 7th circle scroll: 80gp each
    Any 8th circle scroll: 90gp each

    ICQ: 62-214-567