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PS or armor chest (new vet reward).

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Richwarf, May 29, 2011.

  1. Richwarf

    Richwarf Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I come up with a new ideas for a vet reward, all my suggestions are along the idea of saving time, since as the goblins say, TIME IS MONEY!!!

    1. Power scroll chest/vendor [4th year, takes 3-5 parts to make]
    2. Armour chest [2nd-3rd year,any one can use it]
    3. Skill worker [4th year, any one can use it]

    Power scroll chest/vendor

    Before I start, I suggest this be more that one reward since it more of a guild item that for one person.

    This is more of a spawning guild item, since it will save the person in charge of dealing with the unwanted scrolls time.

    It will allow anyone to drop unwanted power scrolls in the box and allows them to search for ones they might need (even the public) but only the people with access are take scrolls out.

    The access levels will need to be set inside the GUI, since you will be able to set different people to do different things. The persimmons might go something like this (highest allows to do all the below):

    • Withdraw free [default house owner]
    • Deposit items (collecting a pre-set amount) [default to public, only on scrolls that have been set]
    • Withdraw at a fee [default to public, only on scrolls that have been set]
    • View and serch inside box [default to public]
    • Deposit (no gold given) [default to public]

    On the ones saying only if the set, if the house owner as not set this, it will not be for sale, or will accept the item without giving anything back for it.

    This is a mix of the new Mag stands coming in and a time saving device. It will hold, bind and sell items for a pre-set amount. But it is better that chest of scroll binders, since it can track who has given what into it and allows you to take back out a 115 if someone needed it :).

    Armour Chest
    This will allow you to put all your armour into one place and filter out what you are looking for. It might even be able to suggest parts to make a suit, so you tell it you what a suit that has over 60/60/60/60/60 and not Imbued, this will allow you to make a suit for a customer as they would like it. Gain a time saving item

    Skill worker
    This item comes from the little bit of EVE I played, this allows you to train a skill when you are not log into your account. This will help people to stop scripting to gain skill points (go look at your local bull pen for a scripter).

    I got a bad feeling you lot are going to shoot this one down...

    This will work your skill by giving you a skill point at set time from the last gain, this would be about the same speed as doing it your self, maybe faster?

    To use this, you need to gather the items you would be using to gain, so for mining it would be ~50 mining tools and ~100 ore (not ingots), taming would be ~20 animals traded to the worker, or nothing for a skill like hiding.