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[PS2 Stratics] Come one, come all. Twitter and E3….we do not discriminate!

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 General Discussions' started by PS2 News, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. PS2 News

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    Aug 12, 2012
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    Fantastic news!
    John Smedley has dropped a megaton of Planetside 2 info! He mentions that all Twitter and E3 keys will start going live today, yes Cirno….that means your key! Check out his spam below, all hail the spam.
    PS: He also gives some praise for Guild Wars 2, then goes on to call it out! Manly PvP!
    Drop us a comment on the forums if you got into beta! Which server will be on, faction and name….

    Smedley says:
    “I have good news – we are also letting in all the priority keys including Twitter and the ones we gave out at E3. This lets in everyone, except the people in the very large and long list who signed up for beta via our website (although some are in since they are vets)”
    “the flagging and emails *should* start around noonish PST once we unlock the servers. no you can’t download it ahead of time. if you’re in that list of people just go tohttp://www.planetside2.com/download and once you’re flagged you’re in. no need to wait for email”
    “however you must have redeemed your key code. if you haven’t we aren’t psychic.”
    “we say cheers to the GW2 team on a wonderful game! Ours is fun too!”
    “The NDA is still in place for now. We are allowing some press and fansites to stream starting tonight. Don’t ask. We’ve already selected.
    “btw for the record I hate all caps. Only losers do it. there will be no character wipe today.”
    “for all you GW2 people cheating on Planetside 2. I will be one of you at Midnight tonight. don’t worry. PS2 will be off for a few hours - that should give you plenty of time to play GW2 for a while then come back and experience manly open-world PVP!”

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